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            HENRY HEIDORN. Prominent among the most substantial ranchmen of Contra Costa county is Henry Heidorn, a representative of the type of citizens which Germany has contributed to the upbuilding of the western world. Entirely through his own efforts he has acquired a position of financial importance in the county, by constant and undivided attention to his work and the exercise of thrift and economy becoming the owner of six hundred and forty acres of choice grain land in the eastern part of the county, where he is engaged in general farming operations and the raising of horses, cows, hogs, etc. He is justly considered one of the successful men of this section.

            Born in Hanover, Germany, June 20, 1841, Henry Heidorn is the son of Fred and Sophia (Theise) Heidorn. He was reared to manhood in the fatherland, receiving an education in the excellent schools of that country. He remained a citizen of Germany until 1868, in which year he decided to emigrate and cast in his lot with those who were enjoying the broader opportunities of the western world, and accordingly came to California. His first season was spent in Solano county as a ranch hand, following which, in 1869, he came to Antioch, Contra Costa county, and rented land near that town and later at Eden Plains, where he engaged in the raising of cattle. He continued in this occupation for six years, when he bought a quarter section of land from Mrs. Lewis and entered into the cultivation of grain. Later he traded property in Santa Rosa, Sonoma county, for another quarter section adjoining this land. Proceeding at once to the improvement of the place he enlarged and remodeled the buildings, and afterward purchased one hundred and sixty acres of the Darby ranch, and later one hundred and sixty adjoining this, accumulating his fine property since 1869, the year after his arrival in the state. He is now engaged in stock-raising and general farming.

            In California Mr. Heidorn married Charlotte Brockhoff, who was also a native of Hanover, Germany, and of this union were born the following children: Fred, a farmer; Louisa, who married Charles Shellenberger, a farmer near Brentwood; Emma, deceased; Kate, who married Richard Tremboth, an orchardist near Antioch; and Minnie, at home.





Transcribed by Marie Hassard 22 September 2015.

ญญญญSource: History of the State of California & Biographical Record of Coast Counties, California by Prof. J. M. Guinn, A. M., Pages 781-782. The Chapman Publishing Co., Chicago, 1904.

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