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JOHN F. BURCH.  Classed among the progressive and enterprising farmers of Contra Costa county, John F. Burch occupies a position won by many years of industrious and painstaking effort.  He is a self-made man in the best sense implied by the term, and has not only made a success financially, but has gained the respect and esteem of all who have come to know him.  Born in New York City December 25, 1837, he was the son of Henry Burch, and in that location he was reared to young manhood.  At the breaking out of the Civil war he was among the first to offer his services, becoming a member of Company F., Fifty-sixth New York volunteer Infantry, in 1861.  Following his enlistment he served two years and ten months, at which time he was honorably discharged for disability.  At the battle of Gettysburg he served as corporal.  On his return to civic duties he took up surveying and civil engineering, and spent two winters in South Carolina and ten years in the state of Nebraska.  In 1876 he came to California and located at Visalia, Tulare county, where he assisted in building the overland Southern Pacific Railroad, and acted for the company as land appraiser.  He remained in that location until 1898, when he bought ninety-four and seventy-five one-hundredths acres of the Playter estate in Contra Costa county, and also thirty-three and one-third acres from Henry Icey.  In addition to these two pieces of land he purchased a small fruit orchard and a vineyard of six acres.  The ranch is devoted to the cultivation of grain and hay, in which he has been very successful.  He has made many improvements on his property and greatly enhanced its value.  The land of this ranch is peculiarly adapted to the production of corn, a farm product which is exceedingly rare throughout the state. 


In 1870, in Sullivan county, N.Y., Mr. Burch married Harriet A. Pierson, also a native of that county, and of this union were born two children, namely:  Alfred P. and Bertha G.  The daughter married William De Bois, and they are the parents of one daughter, Grace M.




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1925 Jun 17, Oakland Tribune, P15, Oakland, California

Estate of Crash Victim is $12,000

Martinez, June 17 – John F. Burch,  Concord pioneer, killed June 12 when his automobile was struck by a San Francisco-Sacramento railroad train at Concord, left an estate valued at $12,000, according to a petition for probate of his will filed in superior court today.  A bequest of more than $5000 is made to a son, Alfred Burch, and bequest of of[sic] $1000 each are made to Oliver C. Scott, petitioner in the estate, and Philip Scott.  Jay and Robert Clare are left $500 each, while farm implements and the residue of the estate are left to Elmer and John Dubois, with whom Burch made his home.





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ญญญญSource: History of the State of California & Biographical Record of Coast Counties, California by Prof. J. M. Guinn, A. M., Page 988. The Chapman Publishing Co., Chicago, 1904.

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