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            Henry G. Bollman is a successful ranchman of Contra Costa county located in the Mount Diablo valley on a ranch of six hundred acres, which is now devoted to the cultivation of hay and raising of stock. Previous to the last ten years he raised grain principally, in which cultivation, by wise and judicious management, he met with success and accumulated a competency which enabled him to become the owner of his present prosperous ranch. Mr. Bollman is strictly a self-made man, having been thrown upon his own resources at an early age, and with nothing but his own energy and courage to buoy him up, has steadily advanced to his present position of influence and affluence.

            Born in Santa Clara county, Cal., August 3, 1855, Mr. Bollman was a son of Dedrick and Henrietta (Ringstruff) Bollman. The elder man brought his family to California in 1853 or ’54, locating at San Jose, Santa Clara county, where he followed farming until his death, in 1858, at the early age of forty-five years. His widow married a second time, becoming the wife of Andrew Gehringer, who afterward settled in Contra Costa county, where her death occurred in May 1903, in her eighty-second year. Henry G. Bollman grew to manhood and sought to earn his living by hiring out to neighboring farmers. By industry and economy he managed to accumulate sufficient money to admit of the purchase of one hundred and fifteen acres of his stepfather’s ranch, and began general farming and stock-raising. With the passing years his accumulated wealth was invested in adjoining land until to-day (sic) he owns six hundred acres. He has continued to add improvements in the way of buildings, fences, etc., and has set out a small fruit orchard, which is only intended to supply his family with needed fruits. In addition to his farming interests he conducts a dairy of thirty-five cows, having his own creamery upon the ranch.

            The marriage of Mr. Bollman in 1887 united him with Mattie Smith, a daughter of George Smith, who spent his last years in Contra Costa county. Mrs. Bollman was born in Iowa, but was reared and educated in California. Born of this union were six children, namely: Harold, Henrietta, Ralph, Winnie, Catherine and Marion.   




Transcribed by: Cecelia M. Setty.

­­­­Source: History of the State of California & Biographical Record of Coast Counties, California by Prof. J. M. Guinn, A. M., Pages 982-987. The Chapman Publishing Co., Chicago, 1904.

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