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Sacramento Daily Union

Friday, January 1, 1875




            Record of Matters and Events for 1874

 The year 1874 has been remarkable for general good health, and, with few local exceptions, abundant harvests all over the civilized world. There have been famines in India and in parts of Asiatic Turkey, and a scarcity of food in parts of one or two States and Territories of this country; but the crops in the main - grain, cotton and grapes - In Europe and America have never been better, nor prices much lower, in the great markets. The piece of the world has been disturbed but slightly. There has been a brush of war on the west coast of Africa between the English and the Ashantees, resulting in the subjection of the latter and in guarantees for the extension of the area of civilization and the curtailment of the area of slavery. There has been a short, and at one time very threatening, civil war in the Argentine Republic in South America, now probably ended; a menace of civil war in Peru, but only for a few weeks, and now quieted; and a speck of war between China and Japan, growing out of the interference of the latter empire to punish pirates in the Island of Formosa - an island upon part of which the Empire of China claims peculiar rights and privileges bordering on the sovereignty. In our own country, upon the whole, we ma say considerable progress has been made in the peace line. The Arizona Apaches have given comparatively little trouble; the Sioux and Cheyennes have quieted down on reservations, and only in the far southwest, with two or three of the wildest tribes, has there been any trouble; and now among the Indians there is peace nearly everywhere. Mobs, riots and local political conspiracies have kept several of the Southern States in a ferment, but nothing like a serious or general civil or social war has been threatened in that part of the country. Spain and Cuba have continued at war all through the year, and the condition of neither country appears to be improved at its close.

  The most noteworthy event of the year in the United States was the quiet political revolution of October and November; a revolution that in two months placed that party in the minority both in the great mass of the States separately and in the popular branch of Congress, which for fourteen years had been in an overwhelming majority, and confident of its ability to defy all opposition. This event is hailed by good and wise men as a fresh guarantee of the power of American people for self-government, and is accepted generally by the demagogues as a warning that no entrenchments are strong enough under our system of government to shield arrogant, insolent and corrupt rulers from popular rebuke and indignation. One of the good effects of this quiet political revolution is already manifest in the considerable reduction of the expenditures of the Government, by which the burden of taxation will be much lessened.

  The year has still felt the effects of the commercial and financial panic, but in a less marked degree than the previous one. The nation has been rather adjusting its accounts and squaring books than expanding into new enterprises of questionable utility. The great railway corporations have met with a check beneficial to the mass of the people. The mines have yielded enormously, especially in the last three months of the year. The effect of this upon the State of California has not yet been realized to any considerable extent outside of the city of San Francisco. But to that city it has contributed many millions of capital, which is being rapidly utilized in the erection of new and splendid buildings and in other enterprises of a local character, which have given work to thousands of laborers at remunerative wages, and a rapid increase to the city’s population.

 The Fiji Islands have been annexed to England as a colony during the year, and new and valuable steamers have been added to the fleet now conducting trade between San Francisco and Asia and Australia. For the first time in American history, a king has visited our country, albeit only the King of the Hawaiian Islands. European politics are still in fermentation. In France the Republic bargained apparently, but cannot yet be pronounced out of danger. In Germany the civil forces of the Empire have been perplexed and baffled by the interference of the Romish element, but so far the civil authorities have the mastery. The foreign immigration to the United States this year shows a heavy falling off from that of 1873, owing to the lingering effects of the panic, the suspension of railway building, and doubtless in part to the increasing difficulty of obtaining cheap and good land here as readily as in former years. Among the notable deaths of the year are those of two eminent statesmen - one in each hemisphere - Sumner, the great American Senator, and Guizot, the most eminent statesman of France, distinguished equally in the field of literature and philosophy. The remarkable astronomical event of the year was the transit of Venus across the disc of the sun, which was made the occasion by nearly all the civilized world for the taking of observations to more closely approximate the true distance of the sun from the earth, and as a corollary from this, the true distance of all the planets of the solar system from the earth.

  The usual yearly record of notable events chronicled by the Union will be found in this paper, compiled with care, and supplemented by a vast deal of statistical information of uncommon utility and interest.



            THE STATE


1-Charles MILLER committed suicide in San Francisco...Alonzo GILBERT, “Punch.,” died in San Francisco.

2-The body of John BEDFORD, mate of the steamer Salinas, washed ashore near San Francisco.

3-Isaac WEAVER hanged at Red Bluff for murder...John R. SHARPSTEIN appointed Judge of the Twelfth District Court ...Policeman CROON shot by a desperado in San Francisco.

4-Wm. CODDINGTON, a well-known capitalist, dropped dead in San Francisco...James LE MAIRE committed suicide in San Francisco.

5-Two men injured, one fatally, by a falling wall in San Francisco...James BARTON killed by falling from a window in San Francisco.

6-John BAKER, a murderer, arrested and lodged in jail at Shasta...Central Pacific Railroad office at San Leandro broken into and robbed.

7-A newsdealer’s clerk in San Francisco arrested for selling obscene books...BAMBER Bros,. expressmen in San Francisco, failed...Three men arrested for horse-stealing in Marysville...Charles BOWERS suicided at Nortonville.

8-Colonel John MIDDLETON died at San Francisco...George BIX drowned in the bay at San Francisco...John T. TYLER, son of ex-President TYLER, died in San Francisco...M. RIELLE broke his thigh bone at Vallejo.

9-Louis FAFA dead with a bullet hole through his head at Yreka.

10-Charles LAWSON discovered dead in his room at San Francisco...Annie JONES crushed to death by a truck in same city.

11-Boat races at Vallejo; one between NELSON and STEVENSON declared foul. BROWN won  the whitehall race; California Theater Club the race with the Alerts....A young man named HUSSEL committed suicide in San Francisco...John RIX drowned in San Francisco bay.

12-Three men, Annis LOTZ, Chas. MILLER and Frank BOWAN, arrested for burglary at Watsonville...Trial of Antone HUNCKLER for the murder of his mother, commenced in San Francisco...Fire Department election in Oakland; STEEN elected Chief Engineer...Mary SHACKELFORD found dead in her room at San Francisco.

13-John SCOTT and George F. KNOX assaulted E. KHREIN, in San Francisco, and robbed him...Fred. HELLING found dead in the snow near Eureka...Suit commenced at Suisun to set aside the election as to the county seat...Walter VAN DYKE took the place of L.D. LATIMER as United States District Attorney at San Francisco...Chas. WHITESIDES, formerly of Sacramento, died suddenly at Napa...Mayor OTIS gave a reception to the Duke of Genoa, in San Francisco...Lawrence BURNS dropped dead in San Francisco.

14-Mrs. Lulu TORRENCE committed suicide in San Francisco...Assembly Committee on Public Buildings paid a visit of inspection to the college buildings at Berkeley...Rev. Dr. HEMPHILL brought into court as a witness, on a bench warrant, in San Francisco...Alphonse JEROME dropped dead in Salinas City...Wm. CASEY fatally kicked by horses near Los Angeles...Fire in Arcata, loss $4,000.

15- Wheat quoted in Stockton at $2.20...MASON’s brewery, in San Francisco, seized for defrauding the revenue...Heavy storm of wind and rain reported all over Central California; great danger done.

18-Steamer Colorado arrived from China and Japan at San Francisco...W.W. SHEDD, at Santa Barbara, killed his wife, and then himself...Two shocks of earthquake felt at San Francisco.

19 - Severe earthquake in San Francisco...Snow, hail and rain at Grass Valley...The tide at Valljeo higher than ever before known...Randolph MITCHELL murdered his wife with a razor, and then killed himself, at San Francisco...Two horses killed by a freight train at Oakland, and the driver severely injured.... Louis FRANCISCO shot by one BICKFORD at Grass Valley...The levee gave way at Colusa, flooding the low lands.

20-Much damage done by a freshet in San Diego.

21-Emily A. PERRIN sent to the Insane Asylum form San Francisco...Thos. A. BROWN appointed County Judge of Contra Costa county...Wm. McHUGH arrested in San Francisco on charges of embezzlement...Heavy storm and much damage at Mendocino.

22-Fire at Los Angeles; loss, $6,500...Bakersfield declared by the Fifteenth District Court the county seat of Kern county.

23-Woman named MILLERTON burned to death in a house in San Francisco...News received of the los of the ship Panther on Salt Island...Marshal MARTIN, the murderer of Valentine EISCHLER, hanged at Martinez; the weight of the body caused the rope to entirely separate the head from the trunk...Jos. WHITMAN found dead at Dutch Flat...Wm. CARPENTER drowned at Smartsville.

24-Snow fell in the hills near San Francisco...A boy named Albert LASBACH stabbed by a Chinaman in San Francisco.

25-Chas. A. LAYNER committed suicide in San Francisco...Peter BORDEAUX found dead in his room at San Francisco.

26-Levi SHEPARD severely injured by the caving of a bank at Placerville...Benjamin COOKE shot by Chas. SWENSON at Stockton...Wm. STANTON found drowned in the bay at San Francisco.

27- The Sacramento rose eight feet in twelve hours at Colusa...John FALEM, manager of the Atlantic & Pacific Telegraph Company, died in San Francisco...The San Francisco Evening Post sued for libel by John H. SEADERS...James SHEPPARD shot by an unknown person near Colusa...A stranger died suddenly at a hotel in Merced.

28-Supervisor WANGENHEIM, of San Francisco, died.

29-A thief caught pilfering in the Occidental Hotel, San Francisco.

30-All the employees in the construction department at Mare Island suspended...Six cases of smallpox reported in San Francisco, and thirteen in the pest house...At the Lick House, in San Francisco, O.P. KEYES accidentally shot himself in the hand, the ball also striking a friend in the leg.

31-Reported that Indians in Siskiyou county are killing the cattle of settlers to save themselves from starvation...Nine printers of the San Francisco Evening Sun arrested by the DE YOUNGS for libel.


1-Frank GOODBURG, a miner, found dead near Shasta.

2-Gus DE YOUNG, shot at B.F. NAPTHALY, while the latter was in custody, in San Francisco...Fifty-five additional policemen appointed in San Francisco.

3-A. BRODERICK, steward of The Marquesas, knocked overboard near Point Arena, and drowned...Annual exhibition of The Protestant Orphan Asylum, as San Francisco.

4.-J.B.E. CAVALLIER shot at in San Francisco by a miner named John O’MABEY.

5-Heinrich NICKEN instantly killed at San Francisco by The falling of a block from the main-yard of the ship Columbus...Ex-Judge Pablo de la GUERRA died at Santa Barbara.

6-James HOWDEN, a well-known chemist in San Francisco, died.

7-John PRITCHARD jumped out of a third-story window in San Francisco, and was instantly killed.

9-A blast of 231 kegs of powder exploded in a mine at Sucker Flat...Steamship Vasco da Gama arrived at San Francisco, in nineteen days from Yokohama...The trial of WILSON and McCARTY, for murder, commenced at San Diego.

10-Wallace WILLIAMS, a prominent lawyer, died at Nevada City...Shorty HAYES and John CLARK found guilty of stage robbery, at Shasta...Heavy gale at San Francisco.

11-Michael BARNES shot by Sam ENNOT in a saloon at Modesto...Fire in the Chinese quarter, San Francisco; loss, $18,000.

12-Dwelling-house and contents destroyed by fire in Stockton...Chinaman suddenly died on the Knight’s Landing train, near Woodland.

13-Charles WILLIAMS chopped three of his fingers off to get rid of going to sea as a sailor, in San Francisco...John CLANCY carried 2,000 feet through a flume at Sucker Flat, and severely injured...Steamer Colorado sailed, carrying a large amount of flour for China.

15-Charles THOMPSON stabbed in a San Francisco dance-house...Bank incorporated at Eureka, Humboldt county...Eugene McCARTHY shot his brother-in-law, James RYAN, in San Francisco.

16-Chinese New Year commenced in San Francisco...Mrs. HEYMAN committed suicide by drowning herself in a pond, near Grass Valley...August WEINSBANK fell from a tree at Los Angeles and was killed...A boy named SC***OPKE mortally wounded while playing with a pistol at San Francisco...A man named GRAHAM was shot by one BLANCHARD, at San Luis Rey; the latter found gagged and hung to a tree the next morning.

17-Dr. Francis MURPHY, of Ohio, committed suicide at Santa Barbara, by drowning himself in a well.

18-In a row at Eureka, Jerry SULLIVAN shot Jim HERNEY.

19-Meeting of citizens in San Francisco to request Congress to grant the city a portion of the Presidio for a public park...Car and machine shop at Donahue burned; loss, $75,000...Mrs. Catherine LOWER dropped dead at Los Angeles...Margaret BRAY found dead in her room at San Francisco.

20-Thomas McCARTY, convicted at San Diego of killing J.D. GRAY, sentenced to the State Prison for ten years...Kate RAY recovered $10,000 from P. GEORGE, in a Marysville court, for breach of promise of marriage and seduction...Matt LYNCH, of the Dispatch, died in Mendocino.

21-Dr. CLEVELAND and M.J .GILKEY, in a rencontre, at Watsonville, were both instantly killed...Supreme Court decided the election of NEWMAN as State Harbor Commissioner to be invalid, and continued MATTHEWSON in office.

22-General display of flags in San Francisco in honor of Washington’s birthday.

23-A bloody shooting affray near Salinas, in which John WILSON shot a man named IRVINE, and in return was stabbed by the latter...A woman named Nellie McGRATH severely stabbed by Lewis RYAN in San Francisco.

24-Richard O’NEIL fatally shot by a boy in San Francisco...The body of Captain ALLISON, a well-known citizen, found in the river near Tehama....A man named ANDERSON found guilty of incest at San Jose...Engine-house burned in San Francisco; loss, $4,500...A fire destroyed a building occupied as a millinery store in Santa Barbara.

25-Mad dog shot in San Francisco...Felton engine-house burned at Oakland.

26-Thomas A. SPRINGER, State Printer, died in San Francisco, aged 53 years...A blast of 400 pounds of Giant powder exploded at Rincon rock, San Francisco bay.

27-Funeral of State Printer SPRINGER at San Francisco.

28-MUNTER, Justice of the Peace at Stockton, removed from office, and fined $500 for taking unlawful fees...Captain Wm. A. THOMPSON, a pioneer Californian, died at San Francisco, aged 84 years.


1-The body of Dr. George CAMPBELL found in the bay at San Francisco.

2-Willie P. SHAVER, 6 years old, poisoned to death by arsenic at Lodi...A man expired in a street car at San Francisco...St. David’s Day celebrated by The Welsh at San Francisco.

3-A coursing match for a purse of $1,000 at Modesto...ANDERSON, convicted of incest at San Jose, sentenced to ten years’ imprisonment.

4-James SHORT, age 15, instantly killed near Yreka, by his gun prematurely exploding...The noted Bank Exchange painting “Samson and Delilah,” sold at San Francisco for $10,250.

5-Geo. MASON committed suicide in San Francisco by cutting his throat.

6-Two men killed and one fatally injured by the caving of a bank near San Diego...Robt. MANING convicted of murdering a Chinaman in San Francisco, sentenced to the State Prison for life...Robt  CURRIE dropped dead in the Pioneer Woolen Mills, San Francisco.

7-Heavy snow-storms reported in the Sierras...Large meeting in Stockton to ratify the city charter amendments.

8-Thos. AMBROSE, a well-known detective, died in San Francisco.

9-Two men detected in an attempt to rob the poor-box of St. Mary’s Cathedral, in San Francisco.

10-A man supposed to be Chas. P. JONES, of Buffalo, N.Y., found dead at Santa Barbara...James RAMSEY severely injured at Somersville, near Martinez, by falling down the shaft of a coal mine.

11-Great rejoicing at Grass Valley and Nevada City over the passage of the Nevada and Colfax Railroad bill by the Assembly.

12-BLAKELY, ex-Treasurer of Santa Cruz county, on trial for robbing his own office, discharged from custody...James McPEAK shot by Joseph FERNAID, at San Francisco.

13-Rev. Father ESTRAGUES, of Mission San Jose, narrowly escaped drowning in Alameda creek...Colored citizens of San Francisco wear crape and drape their churches in mourning in memory of Charles SUMNER.

15-Store at Byrnes’ Ferry robbed by Mexican highwaymen.

16-Municipal elections at Marysville and Vallejo...Fire at Santa Barbara; loss, $40,000...Col. Oliver P. ROBIE, U.S.A., committed suicide at San Francisco by shooting himself through the head...Mary O’CONNOR, a widow, and her son stabbed seriously by a drunken man named William HANDLEY, at San Francisco...Daniel ELLIS killed by J. DOUGLAS, near Rocklin.

17-Celebration of St .Patrick’s Day general throughout the State...Chief SCANNELL assumed control of the San Francisco Fire Department.

18-Charles MEYERS shot himself at the Presidio, in San Francisco.

19-San Francisco Supervisors petitioned to prohibit the sale of liquor in corner groceries...News received of the jumping overboard from the Great Republic of Lieutenant G. ELA, U.S.N.

20-A man named HAWES drowned in the river at Eureka.

21-Arthur MASON, while in the custody of an officer at San Francisco, suddenly fell dead.

22-Mrs. Mary O’CONNELL committed suicide at San Francisco.

24-Fresno City decided to be the county seat of Fresno county...Geo STOREY, a well-known citizen, seriously wounded by a rifle ball by an unknown person, at Mission San Jose.

25-Wm. BRADY shot and killed near Marysville by George BUSHBY...John GREEN found drowned in Stockton Slough...Large railroad meetings held in Grass Valley and Nevada.

26-Graduating exercises held at the State Normal School, San Jose... John W. BUETLER, a music teacher in San Francisco, shot himself through the head.

27-Ed. NULAND, aged 19, hanged himself to a tree on Main street, Woodland...Widow of E.A. MARCHAUT sued John SAMUEL for $50,000 damages for killing her husband in San Francisco.

28-Captain BARBIER made an ascension in the French mail balloon, Le Secours, at San Francisco...Wm. FREIDERCHSON, an artist, committed suicide near the Cliff House, San Francisco.

29-Supervisor James BARRETT, of San Francisco, died, aged 36 years.

30-Six convicts escaped from the San Francisco county jail...Steamship Colima arrived at San Francisco in a disabled condition.

31-Wm. GRIFFEN held to answer for attempted rape of a girl 11 years old, in San Francisco...Shingle Springs people hanged Assemblyman GILMORE in effigy.


1. Santa Cruz stage stopped and the passengers robbed by highwaymen...Ellen REEDOINE found dead in San Francisco, in Bud Run alley...Destructive fire on the corner of Battery and Sacramento streets, San Francisco; two Assistant Engineers received sever injuries. Another on Mission street, damage, $1,000.

2-The BLACK will case, after fifteen days’ trial, concluded at San Francisco; the jury believed the testator of unsound mind...Lady Mac won the five-mile race at Oakland in 13 minutes.

3-Exciting runaway at San Jose, the team dashing into McLaughlin & Ryland’s bank and severely injuring James WILKINSON, a colored preacher...The wife of Charles A. SUMNER died suddenly at San Francisco.

4-John STEWART trotted twenty miles in 58:59 at Oakland...Two Mexican and two Irish highwaymen robbed a man of $120 near Hill’s Ferry...Edward CONDON shot and instantly killed Charles KLUGSLEY, in a photograph gallery at San Francisco, and then killed himself.

6-Bank of Hollister organized, with a capital of $200,000...An “April fool” joke at Salinas resulted in one man being killed and another badly wounded.

7-Eldridge M. HOPKINS arrested for the murder of Michael FAHEY, in San Francisco...Rev. Father POWERS convicted in San Francisco for an assault on Mrs. Bella BROWN, in St. Patrick’s Church.

8-A young man named CALDWELL found dead in his bed, shot through the head, and his room-mate, MAXEY, on the floor, mortally wounded in the side, at San Francisco...Fire in San Francisco; loss $1,000.

9-Valuable coal mine discovered near Monterey.

10-Captain LAMBERT left San Francisco for South America, with the pardon granted to Harry MEIGGS by the California Legislature.

13-San Jose elected city officers...James H. FLEMING stabbed and killed in San Francisco by John G. CORBETT.

15-One thousand Grangers had a celebration at Modesto...Dr. A.A. FARNSWORTH suicided at San Francisco.

16-G. O’HARA, Danish Consul, died at San Francisco.

17-John TILLY arrested for rape and murder at Bakersfield...John WILLIAMS drowned at Oakland.

19-A fire at Alcatraz destroyed nearly all the wooden buildings on the Island...Mass meeting at Shingle Springs, condemnatory of Assemblyman Gilmore’s course.

20-School-house near Stockton destroyed by fire...Benjamin OVERMAYER run over by a wagon near Grass Valley, and fatally injured.

21- City election in Petaluma...An incendiary fire at La Porte...William RUSSELL, a druggist, killed himself in San Francisco.

22-Colfax nearly destroyed by fire; loss, $40,000...Serious runaway at Stockton; a horse killed, and Samuel FISHER, the owner, badly injured.

23-George W. TYLER, an old merchant, died at San Francisco...Typhoid fever in the San Francisco county jail.

24-Ship James Chester stranded on the beach near San Francisco...Lady Mac won the five-mile trotting race at San Jose.

25-Fire in San Francisco; loss, $1,000.

27-Wholesale liquor dealers organized in San Francisco to defeat the woman crusade.

28-Two highwaymen robbed the Santa Cruz stage...A fire in San Francisco destroyed Eastman’s printing office, and came near burning the Bulletin and Call offices; loss, $12,000...Arthur HILT, aged 16, thrown from a horse and killed near Yreka.

29-Isaiah PIERCE and H. EDWARDS captured for robbing the Santa Cruz stage...Dr. MEARES, quarantine officer at San Francisco, removed, and Dr. H.P. HUMPHREYS appointed.

30-The San Francisco Chronicle mulcted in the sum of $3,000 for libeling a Mrs. HOWDEN...Fire in San Francisco; loss, $1,500.


1-NASH, the murderer, found guilty at Martinez, and sentenced to imprisonment for life...Child of Dr. BENTLEY, at Lodi, fell into the river and drowned.

2-Rafael POMBER shot by one GRAHAM, at Castroville.

4-City election held in Stockton and Oakland...Thirty ladies of San Francisco personally petition the Board of Supervisors to stop groceries selling liquor.

5-Donald McKAY and his Warm Springs Indians arrived at San Francisco...Town election at Grass Valley.

8-Governor BOOTH offered $8,000 for the capture of the bandit VASQUEZ alive, or $6,000 dead.

10-BURKE found guilty of murder at Santa Rosa, and sentenced to imprisonment for life.

12-Grand Encampment, I.O.O.F., met at Vallejo.

13-Fire at Bakersfield; loss, $6,000...Grand Lodge, I.O.O.F., met at Vallejo...At Hollister, little daughter of Geo. GREEN drank from a bottle containing a mixture for cleaning silver, and died after three hours of intense agony...John SHERMER committed suicide at Freeman’s ranch, near Shingle Springs.

14-Tiburcio VASQUEZ, a bandit, captured near Los Angeles.

15-Farmers’ Grange organized at Lincoln...Philip FALK, President of the Page & Panaca Mining Company, arrested at San Francisco, for embezzlement...F. CREIGHTON, mate of the steamer Whipple, crushed to death at San Francisco...Mysterious attempt to murder FERRIS, conductor of a street-car at San Francisco.

16-Ella Lewis beats California Dexter in match trotting race for $4,000, at Oakland, in three straight heats; best time, 2:27...GLEASON, of The firm of Gleason & Fell, San Francisco, convicted of getting up a lottery by offering prizes in connection with the sale of dry goods...Local option elections at Santa Clara and Mountain View; prohibitionists beaten...Chinaman murdered at San Francisco by an Italian, without provocation...William LAMPE drowned in Alameda creek, 35 miles east of San Jose.

17-George W. and Henry W., sons of W.W. YORK of Marysville, drowned in a slough near that place...John ROBINSON, of Kennebec Hill, Nevada county, committed suicide by hanging.

18-Frederick KNOTTMEYER committed suicide at San Francisco...Large eight-hour demonstration at San Francisco, addressed by Professor CARR...Man named OVEREND, his wife and four children, found murdered in their house as San Decona, twenty-six miles from San Diego.

19-Large fire at Vaca Station...Man named James A. QUINN drowned in a slough near Merced.

24-Earthquake at San Francisco...Gus DE YOUNG, of San Francisco, arrested at Visalia for misdemeanor.

25-James THOMPSON dangerously injured in a mine near Calistoga.

26-The bandit VASQUES arrived at San Francisco in charge of officers.

27-A merchant murdered and his store robbed and burned at Happy Camp, Del Norte county.

28-Vasquez landed in jail at Salinas City.

29-A ten-year-old boy committed to the Insane Asylum from San Francisco...George NORRIS fell dead at Woodland...Mary Davis defeated California Dexter at Agricultural Park, San Francisco.

31-Two young men drowned by the capsizing of a boat at San Francisco.


1-Body of Andrew NELSON found near Colusa, in the river...Victoria C. WOODHULL addressed 2,000 people at San Francisco.

2-People of Klamath county annexed a portion of their territory to Siskiyou...Annual meeting of the University Regents at Berkeley...Andrew VANDEWERFF caved on by a bank at Columbia, and killed...George BUSHBY acquitted at Marysville of the murder of BRADY...S. HELM, owner of Sam Purdy, The trotter, died suddenly on the boat between Vallejo and San Francisco.

3-A reservoir at Campo Seco broke away, carrying off a portion of the town...Hotel burned at Livermore; loss, $1,000.

5-D’Alva MOSSE, a well-known stationer of San Francisco, shot and killed himself...John PERRY, once one of the proprietors at The Calaveras Big Trees, died at Murphy’s, aged 57.

7-Woolen mils of Los Gatos, near San Jose, burned; loss, $20,000.

8-Oroville won the county seat election in Butte county...Five indictments found against VASQUES for murder and robbery.

9-Mrs. BRADY of San Francisco suddenly dropped dead in the depot at San Rafael...Gabriel MENDAROY murdered at Los Angeles by one FANTANO.

10-Two shocks of earthquake felt at Mission San Jose...Fire in San Francisco, loss, $10,000...Steamer Ellen sunk at Hathaway’s wharf, San Francisco.

11-Judge James H. HARDY died in San Francisco...First wheat of the season arrived at San Francisco from Hill’s Ferry...San Francisco had two shocks of earthquake...Railroad office at Dixon broken open and the safe robbed.

12-R.C. HALL, a San Francisco architect, awarded a premium of $500 for the best plan for the Folsom Branch State Prison...San Francisco forwarded $5,000 to The Louisiana sufferers.

14-Steamer Prince Alfred ran ashore and sunk six miles north of San Francisco Heads.

15-A boy threw a stone in San Francisco and killed a girl named Petra SANDEZ.

17-Tannery burned near San Francisco, loss, $15,000.

18-Residence of H.H. WHALEY, in San Bernardino, burned...A.P. RIVERSON, a pioneer, committed suicide near Vallejo.

23-James KNAPP, aged 19, drowned or Oroville, while bathing.

24-Ex-Policeman R.W. M. STONE shot himself through the heart in San Francisco.

25-Over 15,000 persons attended the Sunday-school picnic at San Francisco.

28-Residence of John WOLFING, at Sonora, destroyed by fire; loss, $1,500...Governor BOOTH and party received with enthusiasm by the people of Yosemite Valley.

29-Two men gagged and bound the Collector of the port of San Diego, and robbed his safe of $3,000.

30-Wm. S. HOOVER, of Gilroy, committed suicide at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in San Francisco.


1- John STEWART drowned himself at Timbuctoo...James DOUGLAS, Governor of British Columbia, arrived at San Francisco...A five-year-old boy named THOMPSON drowned in a ditch near Georgetown, and the body carried by the water over two miles.

2-Bartolo SEPULVEDA convicted at Oakland of the murder of Otto LUDIVICO, and sentenced to life imprisonment...Fire at San Francisco; loss, $2,500.

3-Wm. COOPER, of the Sacramento Light Artillery, had his right arm taken off while firing a salute at Marysville...A dwelling-house in Petaluma burned; loss, $1,000.

4-The Fourth celebrated throughout the State...Three fires at Oakland; loss, $2,000.

5-Dr. Julius ECKMAN, The first Jewish rabbi who came to California, died in San Francisco.

6-The body of J.B. KNAPP found in the river near Oroville.

7-New savings bank opened in Los Angeles.

8-With the thermometer at 115 in the shade a large crowd assembled at Merced and laid the corner-stone of the new court-house...John WELCH, last of the Death Valley party of 1848, died at Los Angeles.

9-An Indian admitted to citizenship at Los Angeles.

10-Fire on California and Front streets, San Francisco; loss over $100,000...Henry BALCOM, confined in jail at San Francisco, died suddenly.

11-Mrs. D.J. WILEY died at Calistoga from the effects of a stage accident.

12-Aliso Mills, Los Angeles, burned; loss, $50,000...A destructive fire occurred on Brannan street, San Francisco; loss, $20,000.

13-Mrs. Julia ARMSTRONG, a widow, committed suicide in San Francisco by hanging herself...The boiler of a steam thresher burst at Chico, seriously injuring four men.

14-Near Stockton, George JAHLER killed by being dragged into a thresher while the cylinder was in motion...A paper called the China News issued in San Francisco and printed in Chinese, under the auspices of the six companies.

17-P.R. RODGERS attacked by a bloodhound in San Francisco and horribly mangled...Grand Central Market, in San Francisco opened for the first time.

19-P. McCORMICK, a noted detective, died in San Francisco.

20-James P. HOBART caved on in a claim at Gold Flat, Nevada, and killed...British ship Warrior Queen went ashore near Point Reyes, and was a total loss; captain and crew saved...VASQUEZ brought before the court at Salinas for preliminary examination.

22-Western Union telegraph line completed to San Luis Obispo.

23-George HODGES killed by his brother-in-law at Copperopolis...Wiley McKAIR sent to the State Prison for 14 years for rape, from Los Angeles.

24-W.B. BOURNE, a prominent stock broker, committed suicide in San Francisco...LINCOLN, assistant lighthouse–keeper at Point Reyes, drowned at the wreck of the Warrior Queen.

26-A balloon race took place from San Francisco, between Prof. MARTIN and BULSLAY; the latter’s balloon won...A woman killed a rattlesnake of 16 rattles at St, Helena, by placing her foot upon its head.

27-California Woman Suffrage Convention opened in San Francisco.

29-James RAMSEY, attache of Queen’s circus stoned to death by hoodlums in San Francisco.

30-Judge J.S. STARK dropped dead near Calistoga...Fire at Visalia; loss, $5,000.

31-L. WHITTLE shot and killed by Wm. WEST, near Shasta...Fire at Oakland; loss, $5,000.


2-An old man named WOODS, at Stockton, thrown form his horse and killed...Thos. VINTER, aged 15, accidentally shot and killed himself at San Jose.

4-Oue STUART killed by his brother-in-law, Geo. COX, near San Luis Obispo...Leland STANFORD elected President of the Bay District Association, at San Francisco.

6-Charles STRECKLER, a pioneer merchant, rendered insane by a hurt on the head, at Jackson...C.P.R.R. declared a dividend of $5 a share.

7-Catholic church at Sonora, Tuolumne county, burned...Charles E. PICKETT sent to jail in default of $500 for disturbing the Supreme Court of San Francisco.

9-Wheat in the Stockton market quoted at $1 45@ 1 52...Patrick MURPHY, aged 12, killed at Stockton by falling from a tree.

10-Mountains back of Los Angeles reported to be on fire.

11-Stage from Salinas to Monterey robbed by highwaymen...Professor CARL dismissed from is professorship in the State University.

13-Steamship Colorado delayed at San Francisco by a strike of the crew; she took 400 passengers, 900 tons of freight and $338,000 in treasure for China.

14-Railroad completed between Visalia and Stockton.

17-M. MILES awarded two sections of the work at constructing the Branch State Prison at Folsom...John A. McGLYNN, a prominent citizen, died in San Francisco.

18-Mechanics’ Institute Fair opened in San Francisco.

24- Earthquake felt in Humboldt county.

25-Eastman & McIntyre’s printing and book-binding establishment in San Francisco burned...Work commenced on the Los Angeles and Anaheim Railroad...British ship Thomas arrived at San Francisco, in 45 days from Melbourne.

26-John E. BAKER, for murdering George CLINE, and Charles CROUCH, who killed Mrs. Antonia RADLER, hanged at Shasta...Three persons badly injured at Petaluma in a runaway accident.

28-Wilson, found guilty of murder at San Diego, sentenced to State Prison for life.

29-Pacific Transportation Company’s stage attacked by robbers near San Bernardino.

30-Fire at San Francisco; loss, $35,000.

31-C.D. ANDERSON suicided at San Francisco...United States Supreme Judge FIELD decided that service of summons by newspaper publication, in cases where property was under jurisdiction of the court, would not hold good.


1-ALEXANDER declared not guilty of the murder of Mrs. STRONG, at Santa Rosa...Los Angeles and Coast Railroad Company organized.

3-Sam FOWLER tried to shoot his father at Santa Rosa, and then fatally wounded a brother who interfered...General John E. ADDISON committed suicide at San Francisco...Heavy storm at San Francisco of thunder, lightening and rain.

4-Mokelumne Hill almost entirely destroyed by fire; loss, $175,000.

7-BUCKLEY, License Collector, removed from office by the San Francisco Supervisors.

8-GEIGER, sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Mrs. STRONG, at Santa Rosa...A. DELANO, a pioneer, died at Grass Valley.

9-Admission Day celebrated at San Francisco...Carl LUTHER killed at San Fernandino by the bite of a tarantula.

11-Don Abel STEARNS’ mill at Los Angeles, built in 1855, burned; loss, $40,000.

15-Slight earthquake felt at San Francisco...J.B. McQUILLAN, a well-known newspaper man, died near Chico.

16-Mexicans celebrated their national anniversary in several towns...Three houses burned at San Juan South

18-FREEMAN & Co’s store, at Woodland, burglarized ...Several buildings burned at Bodega Corners.

21-Six buildings burned at Davisville, by incendiaries.

22-A runaway team killed a young man near Martinez...Investigation commenced into the affairs of the San Francisco Coroner’s office.

23-John B. FELTON recovered judgement for $23,611 against San Francisco for legal services in one case...The Petaluma fruit-drying establishment burned; loss, $2,000.

24-State University opened at Berkeley.

27-Several houses destroyed by fire in Oakland.

28-Local option declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, at San Francisco...Three Deputy Assessors arrested in San Francisco for forging poll-tax receipts.

29-Agricultural Fair at Stockton opened...R.W. VAN SYCKLE, a well-known citizen, committed suicide at Oakland...A $100,000 fire at Chico.

30-Severe shock of earthquake felt at Calistoga...Fire at San Francisco; loss, $2,000.


1. A Miss YOKUM attempted to murder Dr. C.F. BUCKLEY, in San Francisco...First rain of the season at Shasta.

5-Santa Clara Valley Fair opened...Body of Samuel B. REED found floating in the bay at San Francisco.

8-J.M. ECKFELDT, of the San Francisco Mint, committed suicide at Oakland...Grand Lodge of Good Templars in session at Vallejo.

12-Ex-Governor DOWNEY painfully injured by having one of the bones of his cheek broken.

13-The First National Gold Bank of Petaluma authorized, with a capital of $200,000.

15-Dr. BENTLEY, of San Francisco, elected Superintendent of the Napa Insane Asylum.

17-Major Harry LARKYNS, of San Francisco, shot and killed near Calistoga, by Edward MUYBRIDGE, The noted photographer...Joseph BOSTON, a prominent citizen of Santa Clara, suicided by taking poison.

19-E.E. MORGAN’s Sons, San Francisco agents of The Grangers, failed for a large amount...James A. FARRELL, an old resident, committed suicided at Grass Valley.

20-A boy named ROBERTS run over by a wagon at Modesto, and killed.

21-Ex-Governor LOW, for German bondholders, commenced suit in the United States District Court to adjudge the California Pacific Railroad bankrupt.

23-Six thousand people attended The Mecanic’s Institute carnival ball at San Francisco.

24-Several buildings burned by incendiaries in Oakland, in different parts of the city.

25-Heavy rain storm reported throughout the State

27- County Judge STANLY, of San Francisco, resigned his office...Steamer Costa Rica broke her shaft off San Diego....Grand Division of the Sons of Temperance opened at San Francisco.

29-William H. LEE shot and killed his wife at Santa Rosa.

30-Hugh, brother of Don Juan FORSTER, fell dead in the street at Los Angeles...The celebrated trotting horse Gloster died at San Francisco...Alex. MARTIN appointed melter and refiner of the San Francisco Mint.

31-Occident beat Judge Fullerton in a race at San Francisco, in 2:10, 2:18 and 2:22 3/4.


1 - A negro named Louis BERRY killed his father with a hatchet, in San Francisco, while in bed asleep; deceased was over 70.

2-The trial of Coroner RICE commenced in San Francisco...Many people left Los Angeles for The Panamint mines.

4-Los Angeles Herald sued for $25,000 by the Water Company of that city, for saying the water furnished was impure...Panamint reported to be in great excitement over rich discoveries...Ramon MAGLI shot at Modesto by Under Sheriff AULL.

5-O.H. LA GRANGE took formal charge of the new mint at San Francisco.

6-E.L. BROWN suicided by taking poison at Davisville...Joseph McARDIE, second mate of the ship Undaunted, sentenced to pay $250, and be imprisoned in the State Prison for two years, for beating a seaman, at San Francisco...Joseph FISHER fell dead in the streets at Chico.

7-Alvinza HAYWARD returned from Japan.

8-Edward McGUIRE shot and killed his wife with a shotgun at San Francisco.

10-At Lompoc, Santa Barbara county, 1,572 acres of land sold in lots at $70 an acre.

11-Steamer Sacramento burned at San Francisco; loss, $20,000.

12-Democrats held an immense jollification meeting at San Francisco...Fire at Chico; loss, $2,500...Fire at San Francisco; loss, $25,000...California State Grange commenced its annual session.

13-Thirty tons of ore shipped from Panamint to England.

14-Katie Pense won the great four-mile race at San Francisco, in two straight heats; time, 7:43 ½ and 7:36 1/4...Governor BOOTH issued a thanksgiving proclamation for November 26th.

15-Several street-preachers arrested in San Francisco for obstructing sidewalks.

16-A nephew of James LICK brought suit against the estate for $40,000, at San Jose.

17- A watch and clock factory started in San Francisco, giving work to over 400 boys and girls... Paul K. HUBBS died at Vallejo, aged 70...The Lick House sold at auction, in San Francisco, for $920,000.

18-State Temperance Alliance began its session at San Francisco...Rain reported all over the central part of the State.

19-A daughter of William SHARON presented at her wedding, by her father, with a gift of $1,000,000, in San Francisco.

20-Coroner RICE, of San Francisco, removed from office by the Judge of the Twelfth District court.

21-Wells, Fargo & Co.’s treasure-box robbed of $2,000 near Reading...Fullerton defeated Occident and Sam Purdy at San Francisco, in three straight heats, in the fastest time to wagon ever made - 2:20 1/8, 2:22 1/4 and 2:21 1/4.

23-A storm in San Francisco damaged property in basements to the extent of $30,000.

24-FRINK, editor of the Truckee Republican, shot and killed...Travel interrupted by the storm on the Vallejo railroad.

25-Much damage done and one life lost at Marysville by the breaking of a levee...Body found at Oakland with the legs and arms cut off.

26-The Sacramento river reported over its banks at Colusa, doing some damage to grain in sacks... Joseph FRANCIS shot and killed by Matt BARKER at Georgetown.

27-In Kern county five Mexicans abducted a Mrs. PAYTON from home, frightfully outraged her and left her to get back as best she might; she was found nearly dead next morning...W.F. HENDRICKS, of Santa Barbara, found dead in his bed at the Morton House, San Francisco.

29-KALAKAUA, Hawaiian King, arrived in San Francisco, and was received with all the honors...Mrs. BROWN, aged 70 run over by a train at Oakland and fatally mangled...Dwelling-house of G.W. WALRAVEN burned at Chico; loss, $2,000.


1-Six Granges organized in San Diego county.

9-McDONALD, the wife-murderer, found guilty at Los Angeles, and sentenced to imprisonment for life...The United States steamer Benicia took the Hawaiian King to Mare Island.

4-King KALAKAUA reviewed the Second Regiment at San Francisco...J.M. SMALLEY, United States detective from Burlington, Vt., dropped dead at Los Angeles.

7-Edward MADDEN shot and killed at Merced by Henry GRANICE...Two men, with masks on, stopped and robbed Ben HITCHCOCK near Salinas...Municipal election at Los Angeles; 1,551 votes polled.

8-Terrible accident on the Central Pacific Railroad near Boca, by which many were injured and two killed.

9-Twice as much ground prepared for planting about Los Angeles as ever before.

10-A body of armed men seized the Los Prietos quicksilver mines, near Santa Barbara...Three “three-card” monte sharps arrested at Stockton and held to answer before the grand jury.

11-Mrs. Leo WATKINS, at San Leandro, shot and killed in the street by her husband, who then shot himself...Twelve wagons loaded with lumber left San Diego for Panamint...In a pacing race, to wagon, at San Francisco, Longfellow won in three straight heats in 2:19 ½ - 2:22 - 2:20 3/4.

13-Ex-Senator CHAPPELL, wife and two daughters, in a pleasure excursion on a hand-car at Reading, badly injured by being thrown from the car...HEWLETT’s hardware store, at Stockton, burglarized and then fired by the thieves.

14-Rich cinnabar discovery reported near Murphy’s in Calaveras county...Castroville narrowly escaped destruction by fire...The hall used by The Grangers, at Collegeville, near Stockton, burned, with all the books, papers, etc., of the grange.

15-Thomas BRADLEY, Principal of the San Francisco High School, removed by that body from his position...Earthquake felt at Oakland...Martin BULGER, Chief Engineer of the new Mint, at San Francisco, had his foot crushed by a heavy piece of metal falling upon it...The San Francisco grand jury found true bills of indictment against MORGAN, ECKSTEIN, and CASEY, ex-Poll Collectors, as follows: Morgan, 27 for forgery and 1 for felony; Casey and Eckstein, The same.

16-M. CASTERA, wife and family, murdered by Muddy river Indians in San Bernardino county...John MURPHY, foreman of The C.P.R.R. repair shops, at San Francisco, fell between two cars while in motion and was fearfully mangled and killed...E.A. VEAZLE, Mayor of San Diego, died of heard disease.

17-J.D. CUSHEOU, Paymaster of the Third Regiment, N.G.C., a well-known business man of San Francisco, died...John C.F. WUSTER, an old citizen of Stockton, died.

18-Judge HOFFMAN, at San Francisco, rendered a decision favoring the position of German bondholders to throw the California Pacific Railroad into bankruptcy...Frost and ice at Los Angeles...The Great Republic arrived at San Francisco from Hongkong, with 532 passengers and 2,200 tons of freight, and brought news that on November 17th a fire had destroyed 1,100 housed at Yodo.

19-Counterfeiters arrested at San Jose by U.S. Detective FINNEGASS, with their working materials, etc...The various Posts of the Grand Army of the Republic in San Francisco consolidated into one...Samuel T. PERKINS, aged 70, dropped dead in San Francisco.

20-At an inquest held in Nevada county over the Boca railroad accident the jury severely censured the railroad company for mismanagement.

21-Tobacco crop destroyed at Los Angeles by the frost; longest cold term ever known there...Body of John D. BURNS found floating in the bay at San Francisco...Directors of the State Insane Asylum returned to the State Treasury $13,513.71, surplus of an appropriation for extending the Asylum buildings.

22-Rumored that six men had been killed in a row at Panamint...Fire at San Luis Obispo; loss, $50,000.

23- General M.G. COBB shot in the street at San Francisco by a woman named Hannah SMYTHE, and dangerously wounded.

24-DONOHOUGH, proprietor of the Fioto Hotel at La Grange, shot and killed by a gambler...Captain Robert HALEY, a well-known steamboat man of this coast, died.

25-Christmas observed universally in California...B. LOUIS, a grain-dealer, shot and killed himself in San Francisco...A young man killed himself by cutting his throat with a razor on the sidewalk on Beale street in the same city.



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