End of 1873

Notable Events





The Union

Sacramento, Cal.

Thursday Morning, January 1, 1874



            THE STATE


1-Emancipation Day celebrated by colored people in the usual manner...Boat race at Vallejo, won by the Alerts over the Farraguts.

2-Geo. E. CANE, San Francisco stock broker, just married, absconded with $20,000.

3-Mary HINKLEY, washerwoman in San Francisco, 102 years old, robbed of $1,250.

4-Large meeting in San Francisco against Goat Island bill; speeches by Governor BOOTH and others.

5-Heavy shock of earthquake at Mariposa.

7-John MANUEL killed by a cave in a mine at Iowa Hill.

8-Man named JORDAN shot his wife and a man named HICKMAN, some 20 miles from Red Bluff; cause, jealousy.

9-Asa GOULD fell off his wagon and had his neck broken at Union Mills, Yuba county.

10-Champion old woman found at Los Miltos, Los Angeles county; 131 years old.

12- A man named *EVER, near Los Angeles county, pulled his gun out of a wagon by the muzzle; he died.

            (Transcriber’s note - the first letter of name is not legible)

14-Peter JOHNSON cut his throat with a pen knife, at Olema, Marin county, and died...Charles A. RUSSELL found guilty of murder of James CROTTY, in San Francisco.

15-First Congregational Church of Chicago burned; loss, $125,000...Greenville, Ohio, nearly burned up.

16-Malignant typhoid or jail fever in the City Prison at San Francisco...Leopidas HASKALL died at Washington of paralysis.

17-Fight between 400 United States troops and the Modoc Indians, in which ten soldiers were killed and thirty wounded.

18-Demitrius MITCHELL died at San Francisco from injuries from falling off a horse....Wm. SCANLON fell from his cart and had his neck broken in the same city...Four-in-hand race at San Francisco won by Jim McCUE’s team...Jack COUGHLAN shot by John McCORMACK, car conductor, and died next day...Wm. LOGAN drowned in a spring at Mountain Pass, Tuolumne county.

19-At a balloon ascension in San Francisco a woman named STACY fell from it a short distance from the ground and sustained severe injuries.

20-Four sudden deaths in San Francisco in one day, T.J. CHUBBS, John FORBES, L.L. ROURKE, and an unknown man...Clipper ship arrived at San Francisco, 90 days from Liverpool; quickest run ever made...James MURPHY fell from steamer Dover in the river, 20 miles down Sacramento river, and was drowned.

21-Gambling house in San Francisco, on Market street, near Fourth, raided upon by officers, and wight gamblers arrested.

22-Troops sent from Camp Helleck to reinforce the soldiers in the Modoc country...A man named SPENCER shot his wife from behind, in Gold Hill, Nev., inflicting a fatal wound.

23-Northern District Medical Society of California organized at Marysville...Judge Oscar L. SUALTER died at Florence Italy.

25-Thad Stevens won best 3 in 5 race at San Francisco ; time - 1:50 ½, 1:542 1/4; 1:24, ½.

27-Ekin SMITH shot with a Henry rifle and killed by Absolum STUART, in a quarrel about land.

28-Seventy miners struck work at Sutter creek, and, endeavoring to make other miners strike work, were resisted with firearms, and several wounded.

28-John TUERA shot at one HOWARD, at San Francisco, hitting DOWLING, and fatally wounding him...Dominique BAYHOUT shot a Chinaman and then killed himself, at Los Angeles, about money matters.


1-The Overland Telegraph Companies reduced rates of messages fifty per cent...Mrs. J.R. JOHNSON drowned in San Louis Obispo county, while crossing a creek.

2-Slight shocks of earthquake at San Francisco.

3-Shock of earthquake felt in Santa Clara valley.

4-Entire Board of Aldermen of Placerville resigns to checkmate a writ of mandamus.

5-Fire at Point Arenas; loss, $22,000.

6-Republican primary election at San Francisco; Railroad section win.

9-Train on Oregon railroad run into a wash-out, throwing it from the track, near Redding, and injuring several persons.

10-Fire in San Francisco in a coal oil warehouse, on Battery near Vallejo street. Loss, heavy.

11-Edward McGLYNN fell down the Gwin mine, at Camp Seco, 500 feet, and was killed.

16-James LICK presented to San Francisco Academy of Sciences a lot of land on Market street, to be followed by other donations of great value.

18-Barge Eclipse, loaded with wheat, sunk in Steamboat Slough; cargo a total loss - $30,000.

19-Work on Northern Pacific Railroad commenced.

21-WATKINSON, ex-Marshal of Vallejo, shot and killed a man named ROBINSON at that place...Residence of CLARK, on the corner of Stockton and Sutter streets, San Francisco, burned loss; $65,000...Charles GILMORE, brakeman on the Central Pacific passenger train, fell from his car and was instantly killed, near Clipper Gap.

22-Residence of C.O. BRIGHAM, Oakland, burned; loss $12,000.

20-Fire in Stockton at corner of Weber avenue and Stockton street, several buildings burned; loss heavy.

24-Mrs. WARD and Mrs. MILNE drowned on Coleman creek, near Julian mines...A man named WOOLEY shot and killed by Frederick TARDIFF, near Volcano.

25-William BURKE shot and killed his brother-in-law, John OWEN, near Ukiah; family difficulties the cause.

25-Bold robbery of a store on Firebaugh’s Ferry by a party of Spaniards, who tied up four men.

28-British ship Patrician wrecked on bar outside Heads, San Francisco...St. David’s Day celebrated by Welsh residents of San Francisco with appropriate ceremonies...Charles BRUGAND killed by an Indian, by chopping his head open, near Martinez.


1-Two Spaniards robbed a store, near Redding at the same time, killing a Chinaman and wounding a clerk.

2-George MARTIN shot and killed by George HARGRAND, near San Buenaventura, while disputing about land matter; Hargrand hanged by vigilantes.

3-Gold Note bank, with $100,000 capital, organized at Santa Barbara.

4-Dr. LELAND, of San Francisco, presented to State University Toland Medical College, valued at $75,000.

5-Brigadier-General Cary H. FRY, U.S.A., died at San Francisco.

6-Stockton gold note bank organized, with $300,000 capital.

7-Nevada State Senate killed the railway transportation bill; incorporation victory...Beacon & Pettis’ store at Newville, Colusa county, burned; loss, $17,000.

8-An old man named COATES, while searching for his lost daughter, died from exposure.

9-William CARR, 16 years old, drowned while hunting near Santa Cruz.

10-David ROBERTS choked to death while eating dinner, by a piece of meat lodging in his throat, at Oroville.

12-J.D. **GE shot his wife in the neck and then killed himself at Vallejo; cause, domestic troubles.

14-Matt TARPEY shot and killed Mrs. NICHOLSON; Tarpey was hung next day by vigilantes...John A. WRIGHT hung at Yuba City for the murder of Edward FANN.

24-George KILGORE stabbed Conlin SMITH so that he died at Bur****ton Hill, Nevada county; cause, rum...Alexander H. *ENWICK, under sentence to be hanged on the 2*th instant, for the murder of Charles WILSON, at San Diego, took poison and died.

25-LIND, a mining Superintendent, murdered at North Bloomfield by Frances BLAIR.

16-The Chinese portion of Georgetown, El Dorado county, burned...J.P.D. WILKINS, City Collector of Stockton, knocked down and robbed; had his skull fractured.

2*-The body of Miss COATES, who disappeared on the 8th, and whose father died while in search of her, found in a shaft in Placer county; apparently thrown there...DEVINE, “The Chicken,” sentenced to be hanged at San Francisco on the 9th of May, for murder of August KAMP.

29-An old man named HALIDAY burned to death in his cabin at Long Bar.

30-Slight shock of earthquake at San Francisco ...BENNETT, BIGGS and J.P. STILLELL shot and killed by one McCRAE, on South Fork of Kern river, Tulare county; cause not give.


1-Matthew MANUEL caved on by a bank in his mine and killed, at Iowa Hill.

2-John HOUSTON, engineer at the Julian Mill, caught in machinery and crushed to death.

3-Thunder and hail-storm at Bantas. A frame house struck by lightning and set on fire and inmates knocked insensible; no lives lost.

4-Manuel F. ESCUDERO shot and killed by Buenaventura CINEGA, in a quarrel...Barn belonging to J. WOODS, near Pajaro railroad depot, burned; loss, $20,000.

6-Thomas BURNS, brakeman at the Eureka mine, Grass Valley, fell 600 feet in a shaft and was killed...Two little children named DAY burned to death in the burning of a dwelling at San Francisco.

8-Female Suffrage Convention met at San Francisco.

9-Farmers’ State Union met at San Francisco.

10-Heavy shock of earthquake at Mission San Jose...John SAMUELS of Contra Costa shot and instantly killed E.A. MARCHANT, in San Francisco.

11-General CANBY and Peace Commissioner THOMAS treacherously slain by Captain JACK and other Modocs, at a conference to settle terms of a treaty with the Indians...John KENNEDY, at San Francisco, attacked his wife and daughter with an axe and wounded them badly ,and then tied a rope around his neck and hung himself.

12-Three shocks of earthquake felt at San Francisco...Trotting race at Oakland between Elmo and Ajax; win by former in three straight heats; time - 2:30 ½, 2:31, 2:31, ½.

14-Seventeen buildings burned at Weaverville; loss, $10,000...John EAGAN was knocked down by a runaway horse, at Vallejo, and killed; and two more were thrown from the buggy to which the horse was attached, and badly hurt.

15-Battle between the Modocs and troops; the latter victorious. Loss on part of troops, 16 killed and wounded...Ten buildings burned at San Andreas; loss, $8000.

16-Battle with the Modocs at the lava beds continued without a decided result...A Miss COLLINS, in San Francisco, reported as having a (not legible)...Ambrosia CATERO killed a widow named M. Loretta GARCIA, at Ole**, Marin county, and then killed himself...Commodore WATSON, U.S.N., died at Mare Island Navy Yard.

18-M.J. DONAHUE hanged at Red Bluff for murder...Funeral of Dr. THOMAS, Peace Commissioner, murdered by the Modocs, at San Francisco...Lieutenant E.A. DENNISON, U.S.N., blew out his brains at San Francisco.

20-Destructive fire at Chico; loss, $100,000...A. heavy rain storm prevailed over most of the State...Kate HESS, in shooting at Bell B**LER, at Nevada, hit and mortally wounded Harry ROBERTS...One DENNIS killed a man named PRATT about a sheep-range, as Paston’s, Colusa county.

21- Ground broken at San Diego for the San Diego and Texas Pacific Railroad, with appropriate ceremonies.

23-Louis PRICE fell in front of a saw in a mill near Truckee, and was cut in two by the saw, and died...A.K. HALL, brakeman on C.P.R.R., knocked from a train near Cisco, and instantly killed.

25-John J. MURPHY hanged at Stockton for murder of his brother-in-law Patrick MURRAY.

26-Battle between United States troops and Modocs; troops badly whipped; loss, 24 killed and 16 wounded; Capt. THOMAS among the killed.

30-Three boys badly burned by explosion of oxy-hydrogen at San Francisco.


1-Ground broken at Benicia for the narrow gauge railroad from that place to the Upper Sacramento Valley.

5-Thomas SPICER killed his son, Joseph SPICER, near Copperopolis.

6-Block of buildings at Truckee burned; loss heavy...Henry COALTER, old resident of Mariposa county, committed suicide by stabbing himself with a butcher-knife.

8-Miner named James JOB killed by a cave near Downieville...Judge A.R. WEAVER cut his throat and died at Colusa...Wm. GRAY threw himself in front of a train on the Western Pacific Railroad at Livermore and was killed.

10-Another fight occurred between the Modocs and troops; latter victorious, driving the Indians off the field; loss, 6 killed and several wounded...Miss HOLSON of San Francisco run over by locomotive at Alameda, and instantly killed.

12-Remains of General CANBY arrive at San Francisco from Portland, Oregon...Meeting of Grand Lodge of I.O.O.F., at San Francisco.

13-Henry FAIRBANKS murdered at Point Arenas by some party unknown.

14-General CANBY’s Funeral took place at San Francisco, with imposing ceremonies.

16-BOGART’s trial before naval court-martial at Mare Island concluded, and prisoner found guilty of embezzlement.

18-The Modocs driven out of the lava beds, and take position on Snow Mountain, closely followed by the troops.

19-John HOWARD killed by J.W. SMITH, near Bakersfield, in a dispute about land matters.

23-Albert PAGE was killed while digging a well, by a rock falling on his head, near the mouth of Putah canyon.

24-Charles STROBEL brutally murdered in his store at Michigan Bluffs, by unknown parties, who robbed the store.

25-John VOIGHT shot and killed at San Francisco, by a man named Sabas RUVIO.

30-Edward CONGAN, Deputy Sheriff at Vallejo, while arresting a deserter, was set upon by two men and killed one in self-defense.

31-Two-mile and repeat trotting race at Oakland, between Elmo and Jerome, and won by forner in two straight heats. Time, 4:58 ½ and 4:59.


1-Captain Jack surrendered to Major PERRY, ending the Modoc war.

2-Fire on Third street, San Francisco, burning many houses and doing much damage...Fire at Hornitos; several buildings burned; loss, $14,000.

5-Joseph LEWIS, brakeman on the San Jose Railroad, fell under cars near Belmont and was killed...Elmo beat May Howard in three straight heats at San Francisco. Time, 2:27, 2:27, 2:29 3/4.

7-Pacing race, three in five, at Oakland Park. Won by Defiance. Time, 2:22 3/4, 2:21 1/2, 2:29, 2:19...Eben ALLEN fell in a flume at French Hill, El Dorado county, was carried some distance and drowned.

8-Printer’s co-operative office at San Francisco damaged by fire; loss, $12,000.

11-John EVEREST fell 200 feet in the Amador shaft at Sutter Creek, and was killed. ...John CARIBERNER, old soldier, hanged himself at Salinas; cause, insanity.

14-Thomas CREMIN, while trying to extinguish flames made by a lamp explosion, burned so badly he died, at Marysville.

15-Thomas JACKSON of Grass Valley drowned while swimming in North Bloomfield reservoir.

17-Reunion of old Tuolumne residents at Badger’s Park, Oakland.

18-Curly-headed Jack, Modoc, shot himself in prison at headquarters at the lava beds...Charles HOFFNER shot and killed Valentine SCHEINER, fellow-clerk in a store at Fulton Station, Santa Rosa, under the impression that Scheiner was a robber...At Oakland Park mile heat race between Nell Flaherty and Abi, won by former in two heats. Time - 1:45 3/4 - 1:56 3/4 ...Two-mile heat race between Thad Stevens and Ben Wade won by former in 3:36 1/4 and 2:37 1/4.

19-Fire on Clay street, San Francisco; loss, $10,000.

23-Fire at corner of Mason and Eddy streets, San Francisco, burned property to the amount of $10,000...American Hotel and other buildings at Petaluma burned; loss, $175,000.

24-The Downieville and Oregon stage stopped by highwaymen and robbed of $2,800.

28-Boy named NEWTON, 13 years old, accidentally killed near Batavia, on Vallejo Railroad.

30-Between 2,000 and 3,000 boards of wood burned at Prosser, on Central Pacific Railroad.


2-Hiram L. WHITING crushed to death by his horse falling on him, near Roseville, Placer county...Robert McDONALD, while shooting at another man, killed John McCARTHY, near Vaca station.

4-At the Master Mariners’ regatta at San Francisco, the champion flags were awarded to the schooner N.L. Drew, the scow Columbia, and the sloop Gazelle. There were thirty-one entries for the race...At the boat race at Vallejo, the Riverside Club of Sacramento took the prize...More than usual number of accidents this day, in all parts of the State.

5-The military commission for the trial of Modocs convened at Fort Klamath.

10-Republican primary election at San Francisco carried by the railroad ring....Jacob SHERMAN, on a ranch on Calaveras river, near Cherokee Lane, while fixing a fork-derrick, fell on the fork, one of the prongs passing through his body, killing him...General Thomas N. CAZNEAU died at San Francisco.

11-In making an unsuccessful attempt to rob Jewett & Co.’s bank at Marysville, James COLLINS was killed; his accomplices escaped.

12-George HOOZENFELDT, while engaged in catching fish by killing them with giant powder, had a cartridge of the powder explode in his hand, literally blowing him to pieces.

15-Thatcher HOLMES caved on in a claim at Sucker Flat, and killed, several others wounded...Robt. MORRIS shot and killed a Chinaman at Folsom, whom he caught robbing his sluice.

16-Baby show opened at San Francisco.

17-Minnie HARRIS and Mary GRANIELL, attempting to kindle a fire with kerosene, received injuries from bursting of same from which they died two days afterward.

18-In races at Agricultural Park, San Francisco, Mell Flaherty won 1 ½ miles dash, and Prussian Mad the pacing race. Nell’s time, 2:14 1/4.

19-Blackley’s wagonshop and other buildings in Sierra Valley, burned; loss, $6,000...Five thousand dollar match race at San Francisco, between Sam Purdy and Ella Lewis, won by former... the latter distanced in first heat; pacing race same day won by Jim Brown.

20-At corner of Mason and Clay streets, San Francisco, a rock fell on two men, killing John CALLAHAN and fatally wounding the other.

22-Thunder storm, raging from Stanislaus to Siskiyou...Great Council improved Order of Red Men met at Vallejo.

24-City Marshall CLACK, of Healdsburg, shot while attempting to make an arrest in that place, and badly wounded.

26-Trotting race, 3 in 5, at Agricultural Park, San Francisco, won by Dexter, beating May Howard, Black Swan and Jerome; best time, 2:32 1/4.

25-Sam Purdy beat May Howard and St. James three straight heats at Agricultural Park, San Francisco. Time, 2:38 ½-2:29-2:30.

28-Matthew COOPER shot and killed on EDGERTON, while driving through a field owned by the former...Twenty Chinese women sold at auction at San Francisco, bringing from $4.50 to $100...Grass Valley stage stopped by a highwayman between that place and Colfax, and the treasure box taken; loss, about $18,000.

29-S.D. FREEMAN, of Merced, found dead sitting in a chair at the Chicago Hotel, San Francisco, with his two little boys playing in bed unconscious of his condition....James A. GRAY brutally murdered on his ranch near Jullen, San Diego county, by John McCARTY, and Charles WILSON.

30-Desperate fight in Guatay Valley, San Diego county, between twenty Mexicans and thirty Indians; the former defeated...Republican County Convention at San Francisco nominated a full legislative ticket...Bragg & Fulsom’s sawmill, at Camp 18, near Truckee, and much cut lumber, burned; loss, $50,000...Coleman & Bros. stables, at Colusa, burned; loss, $12,500.


1-Martin GERSBACH murdered by a man named Wm. NASH, supposed to have been aided by Gerbach’s wife...Charles A. RUSSEL hanged at San Francisco for the murder of CROTTY.

2-San Joaquin People’s Convention met and nominated a full county ticket.

7-People’s Union of San Francisco nominated a full legislative ticket, headed by BARTLETT and HALILDIE...Robert IRWIN instantly killed at Lakeville by hay-press upsetting upon him...Fire at Clipper Gap, burning 1,900 cords of wood.

10-George MUTH killed by Henry PLOEGER at San Pablo, about a dispute on business matters.

11-Thomas CURTIN shot and killed William JOHNSON at San Francisco for seducing his daughter.

12-Dominio BIGNATI, trying to blow up a stump, by a premature explosion was killed...Mrs. Watkins PROSSER, of Deer Valley, Contra Costa county, fell from her horse while riding and was instantly killed...Democratic party of San Francisco divided into two factions on the railroad question; afterwards came together and nominated a full ticket...Grand ratification meeting of the Independents of San Francisco; addressed by Governor BOOTH.

18-Mokelumne Hill stage stopped by highwaymen near Mokelumne Hill and robbed, and express matter destroyed.

19-Charles BURROUGHS fell down stairs in Congress Hall, San Francisco, and was killed.

20-Great fire raging in Trinity Mountains, burning great extent of country...Weilhelmers & Brothers’ store at Mountain View, Santa Clara county, burned; loss, $19,500.

25-A gang of desperadoes led by Tiburcio VASQUES committed robbery and murder at Tres Pinos; L. DAVIDSON, George REDFORD and another...State billiard tournament commenced at San Francisco...Out-buildings of Benicia Brewery, Benicia, burned; loss, $8,000.

29-Shocks of earthquake at San Jose and San Francisco.


3-State election for Harbor Commissioner and members of Senate and Assembly and county officers; an Independent victory generally...John GALLAGHER shot and killed at San Francisco by F. JONES.

5-Twelve men suffocated by foul air in the Lincoln mines at Sutter Creek...Andy DAGATE shot and killed by Jack WHITE at Truckee, and White died next day from effects of wounds received in same fight...Billy DWYER stabbed and killed by Jack HARRINGTON, at San Francisco.

6-Fight between Sheriff ADAMS’ party and ASQUEZ’s gang at Canyon Pass, San Bernardino county; robbers dispersed, 21 boxes and much other stolen property recovered.

7-William GRUNDY stabbed and killed John EDWARDS at the Shawmut mine, near Sonora.

8-Northern District Fair commenced at Marysville.

11-Fire at Redding, burning several homes; loss, $75,000.

19-Auburn and Forest Hill stage robbed by highwaymen and express box taken. Ovation to Governor BOOTH at San Francisco.

13-State Board of Equalization fixed rate of State taxation at fifty cents on the $100...Napa and Solano Fair closed.

15-L.H. FOULKS killed by Thos. HAWORTH at Oregon House, Yuba County, in a quarrel about a wagon.

16-The Republican State Judicial Convention met in Sacramento, and nominated Judge Samuel H. DWINELLE, of San Francisco, and Anson BRONSON, of Los Angeles, for Supreme Court...H. FREDERICKS, at Buckeye, Yolo county, lost two houses by fire with their contents; loss, $9,000.

17-Fire at Oroville; loss, $10,000. At San Jacinto, Colusa county; loss, $25,000. At Spring Valley; loss, $6,000.

18-The Honolulu streamer Costa Rica was wrecked three miles from Fort Point, San Francisco Bay, by running on a rock as she was coming into the harbor.

20-The State Fair closed. Receipts of entire Fair (six days), $21,590.40, against $21,352.50 received last year...McCLURE’s Military Academy at Oakland burned.

21-Wm. PACKER and Hinnan FRANKS drowned in San Francisco Bay while going to wreck of Costa Rica in a boat.

23-An old man named Harvey OULTON shot and killed by John GLENN in a quarrel about a postmark on an envelope.

23-The Upper Sacramento District Fair opened at Chico, and the San Joaquin Valley Fair at Stockton, both under favorable prospects.

24-Steamer Costa Rica hauled off rocks at San Francisco and taken to dry dock.

25-Samuel J. BOOKSTAVER, ex-Market Inspector of San Francisco, committed suicide by shooting himself.

27-Ship Sunrise arrived from New York, Captain and first mate afterwards arrested, tried and convicted for excessive cruelty to seamen.


1-The Siskiyou County Agricultural Society opened its annual Fair.

3-E.P. WELCH killed Frank MOORE, in a quarrel about $2, at Bishop Creek, Inyo county...On Paine’s Creek, 12 miles from Red Bluff, one DODGE shot and killed two brothers named John and Lee ALBERTY; cause, dispute about land...Annual Conference of Church of Christ met near Stockton...Captain Jack, Schonchin, Boston Charley and Black Jim, Modocs, hanged at Fort Klamath.

7-Annual Conference of M.E. Church South met at Colusa, Bishop DOGGETT presiding.

10-Stage stopped near Buckeye, Colusa county, by highwaymen, and express and passengers robbed of nearly $4,000.

11-Jim Brown won 2 in 5 pacing race at Oakland; best time, 2:17 ½...Jules DANIEL pulled his gun toward him in taking it out of a wagon, near Mayfield. He died.

12-Unknown Spaniard at San Enrigdio mill, Kern county, killed Caspar STILLMAN, and stabbed Fred. STILLMAN and one McDONALD; he intended to rob. Mexican escaped, but was overtaken and killed...The Modocs left Fort Klamath under an escort of two companies, for their future home in Wyoming Territory.

14-Ship Topgallant arrived at Francisco with crew down with scurvy...State Grange met at San Jose.

15-Judicial election; McKINSTRY, Independent, elected Judge of the Supreme Court...Lloyd BED killed Oren GILLEN by chopping off his head with an ax at San Francisco...A baronche collided with horse-car at Oakland, and a man named DALEY was thrown under the car and killed...San Francisco Baptist Association met at Stockton...John RICHARDS and Ned RUSSELL killed in a quarry at Penryn, Placer county, by explosion of a blast.

16-Neil Flaherty defeated Thornhill and Osceola in a three-in-five running race at Oakland; each of the defeated won two heats, and Neil won her third in 1:45 3/4...Grand Lodge F. and A.M. in session at San Francisco.

17-Governor BOOTH addressed State Grange...At Sageland Precinct, Kern county, in an affray between Larry WATSON and Moses GILMAN, the former struck the latter on the head with a revolver, killing him; Robert PEPPARD, in trying to arrest Watson, was fatally stabbed, but before he died he killed Watson.

18-Thad STEVENS won the four mile and repeat race, beating Joe Daniels; time, 7:42 1/4, 7:30, 7:43 ½...Visalia stage robbed by highwaymen of $650.

20-Frank CALLAHAN killed one ROSENBAUM, without any assignable reason at Watsonville.

22-Dan BUCKLEY shot and killed Cora LEE, a cyprian, at Tehama ...A.J. FLINT & Bro.’s barn at Antelope Neck, Sierra Valley, burned; loss, $8,000.

23-Ezra CARR killed at Oakland by being caught between two cars.


1-Ned ALLEN killed in his saloon at San Francisco.

2-John T. BARTON shot and killed by his brother, Joshua BARTON, near Hawk’s Corners, San Joaquin county, about some trifling matter.

4-Fire at Dutch Flat, destroying all of Chinatown; loss heavy.

7- In attempting to obtain possession of a ranch near Pescadero, H.H. GREEN was killed by the attacking party.

8-Bridge on North Pacific Railroad, five miles form Saucelito, fell, carrying four men with it, all of whom were badly hurt...Henry TAHLOC, watchman on the railroad, run over by cars and killed at Rocklin.

11-A sheep-herder was murdered near New Idria, Fresno county, by two men of the Vasquez gang of highwaymen. CHAVIS, one of the murderers, escaped, but the other was caught and hanged by the people.

12-Patrick BARR killed at Pacific Mail dock, San Francisco, being caught under a coal cage.

13-Thomas TIBBATS, baggage-master on Copperopolis Railroad, killed by being knocked off of car.

18-Great $20,000 race at San Francisco, four-mile heats, between Thad. Stevens, Joe Daniels and True Blue, won by Stevens - each of the others making a heat...At San Francisco Charles DODGE died suddenly and his friend Joseph FARRADAY, committed suicide, thinking he might be suspected of causing Dodge’s death; the latter died from natural causes.

19-Earthquake at San Francisco.

20-Rev. K.F. PARSHALL convicted at Oakland by a congregation of Baptist ministers of immoral conduct, and degraded.

22-An earthquake occurred about 9 o’clock P.M., which was felt at San Francisco and Sacramento lightly, and from Shasta to the Caliapoola Mountains, in Oregon, severely, and lightly as far north as Corvallis and Eugene City, in the Willamette Valley. At Jacksonville and Canonville, in southern Oregon, it was felt with greatest severity and lasted twenty seconds...KLOTZ’s sash factory, near Redding, burned; loss, $100,000.

21-Barney RICE, celebrated horse jockey, died...Returning home from a picnic near St. Helena, a carriage was upset and all the occupants (7 in number) badly hurt.

25-Haney & Co.’s furniture store and Bancroft’s book establishment in San Francisco damaged by fire; loss, $60,000.

26-Election in Solano county to decide county seat question between Fairfield and Vallejo; the latter place chosen.

27-Destructive fire at Rocklin, burning railroad company’s round-house, several cars and 11 locomotives...Regatta at San Francisco won by South End Club of that city, beating the Riversides of Sacramento...National and State Thanksgiving day...Colonel Robert MORRIS, U.S.N., shot himself to death at San Francisco.

28-MARTIN, the Contra Costa murderer, sentenced in the Fifteenth District Court to be hanged January 23d, 1874.

30-The ship Cultivator from New York towed into San Francisco by revenue cutter, with entire crew and the captain ‘s wife down with scurvy...Barn of Thos. REA, at Gilroy, burned; loss, $7,000.


1-California Legislature met at Sacramento...Atlantic Hotel, on Pacific Street, San Francisco, burned, and one man perished in flames; loss, $15,000.

3-Sharp shock of earthquake felt in Santa Clara; also in adjacent country...Rain and snow-storm, extending over a wide extent of country - the snow falling in localities where it had not been for many years. In Sacramento snow fell to a depth of five or six inches - heaviest fall ever experienced in town.

5-Both houses of the Legislature organized and Governor Booth’ message sent in.

11-Warm Spring Stables, near the Old Mission San Jose, burned; loss, $20,000...John S. COSGROVE, old resident of San Mateo, was thrown from a buggy under the cars and killed at that place.

14-Wm. F. EASTHAM and a Chinaman killed at Lake county mine by a cable.

16-At the special election for County Judge of Solano, GREGORY defeated POWERS...Boiler at Independent mine, near Antioch, burst, killing John HAYS and John DALY, and wounding several more.

20-Newton BOOTH elected United States Senator.

25-Joe DANIELS won the mine and a half dash for $2,000 at Ocean View Park, San Francisco. No time given, and track in bad condition.

26-A band of twenty-five mounted Mexicans and a few others entered the town of Kingston, Fresno county, and, after tying about twenty men, proceeded to rob two stores and the captives. They got $1,000 out of safes, took jewelry out of the stores and off their prisoners, and then made their escape.

29-In the Black Diamond coal mine there was an explosion of coal dust, and nine men were badly burned...Fire at Visalia; loss, $3,000, Insured...At Livermore a conductor named John W. PINCH was run over by four or five cars, and dragged along until death ensued.

30-Barge Tehama sunk on the Sacramento river, near the Beehive, with 4,000 sacks of wheat.

29-San Joaquin county commenced suit against the Central Pacific Railroad Company to compel it to surrender 9,500 shares of stock subscribed for by that county.


Transcribed Betty Loose.



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