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January 1, 1859





January 7, Wife of a Enoch Jacobs, of a daughter.

January 11, Wife of James W. Nolan, of a daughter.

January 22, Wife of D. Barney, of the son.

January 25, Wife of John A. Carroll, of a daughter.

January 26, Wife of R. C. Downs, of a daughter.

January 27, Wife of Daniel H. Whepley, of a daughter.

January 29, Wife of John C. Tracy, of a daughter.

January 30, Wife of W. F. Knox, of the son.

February 3, Wife of Frank F. Taylor, of the son.

February 13, Wife of W. P. Lindley, of the son.

February 13, Wife of Charles Rippon, of a daughter.

February 15, Wife of Charles D. Hossack, of a daughter.

February 22, Wife of P. H. Russell, of a daughter.

February 23, Wife of James Gamble, of a daughter.

February 26, Wife of John Barenkamp, of a daughter.

March 1, Wife of J. A. Bowdoin, of a daughter.

March 2, Wife of Charles H. Bailey, of the son.

March 2, Wife of _____ Kavenagh, of a son.

March 3, Wife of Peter Shaver, of the son.

March 5,Wife of N.A. Kidder, of the son.

March 5, Wife of A. G. Richardson, of the son.

March 7, Wife of Wm. McComb, of a daughter.

March 7, Wife of Edward Hicklin, of a son.

March 19, Wife of D. H. Norris, of the son.

March 20, Wife of N. B. Simmons, of a son.

April 3, Wife of late Martin Stincen, of a daughter.

April 11, Wife of John V. Lewis, of a daughter.

April 16, Wife of J. H. Warwick, of a daughter.

April 20, Wife of H. H. O'Callaghan, of a daughter.

April 29, Wife of Jos. C. Wylie, of the son.

April 29, Wife of Francis M. Hilby, of a daughter.

May 2, Wife of George W. Prescott, of a daughter.

May 3, Wife of J. C. Spencer, of a daughter.

May 6, Wife of J. H. Housman, of a daughter.

May 7, Wife of James E. Smith, of a daughter.

May 11, Wife of Marshall R. Rose, of the daughter.

May 14, Wife of J. S. Kanien, of the son.

May 19, Wife of H. W. Bragg, of the son.

May 22, Wife of John A. Read, of the son.

May 23, Wife of Alex. M. Hayden, of a daughter.

May 24, Wife of Geo. Cooper, of the son.

May 28, Wife of Saml. Deal, of the son.

May 28, Wife of S. Greenwald, of the son.

June 1, Wife of A. A. Durfee, of the son.

June 2, Wife of John McComb, of a daughter.

June 2, Wife of M. Littleton, of the son.

June 11, Wife of P. L. Edwards, of the son.

June 14, Wife of virtual M. Hugnes, of a son.

June 17, Wife of Amos A. Gove, of a daughter.

June 18, Wife of E. J. Sanders, of the son.

June 21, Wife of William Coats, of the son.

June 24, Wife of Howard Havens, of the son.

June 24, Wife of Henry Lewis, of the son.

June 26, Wife of L. Sloss, of a son.

June 28, Wife of John B. Weller, of the son.

July 10, Wife of William Y. Head, of the son.

July 11, Wife of Patrick O'Riley, of the son.

July 12, Wife of Robert Mellan, of a daughter.

July 12, Wife of Jacob Ernst, of a daughter.

July 14, Wife of William Reynolds, of the son.

July 16, Wife of John Gillig, of the son.

July 17, Wife of S. Roth, of a daughter.

July 19, Wife of John Muller, of a daughter.

July 19, Wife of M. Dorn, of a daughter.

July 20, Wife of Arthur Blood, of a daughter.

July 23, Wife of George A. Young, of the son.

July 25, Wife of John G. Parker, of the son.

July 26, Wife of James Grey, of a daughter.

July 29, Wife of John Wright, of a daughter.

July 30, Wife of George H. Baker, of the daughter.

August 2, Wife of William Stevenson, of a daughter.

August 2, Wife of Stephen Harrington, of a daughter.

August 6, Wife of John J. Hutchinson, of the son.

August 10, Wife of W. Bidwell, of a daughter.

August 15, Wife of Henry Starr, of the son.

August 16, Wife of John G. Hatch, of the daughter.

August 18, Wife of Isaac Lohmann, of the daughter.

August 18, Wife of F. W. Clute, of the son.

August 20, Wife of T. G. Salisbury, of a daughter.

August 22, Wife of Henry Pearse, of the son.

August 23, Wife of J. Ogden, of the daughter.

August 25, Wife of Albert T. Sloper, of the son.

August 25, Wife of _____ Kimsey, of a daughter.

August 26, Wife of Eben Owen, of a daughter.

August 26, Wife of A.D. Rightmire, of the son.

August 28, Wife of Daniel Gardner, of a daughter.

August 29, Wife of David Cross, of the son.

August 31, Wife of Philip Meyer, of the son.

September 1, Wife of Timothy Gallup, of a son.

September 1, Wife of John McGibbins, of a daughter.

September 2, Wife of M. Marks, of the son.

September 4, Wife of John H. Carroll, of the son.

September 5, Wife of David Brown, of the son.

September 6, Wife of G. W. Proctor, of the son.

September 6, Wife of P. H. Winneger, of twins sons.

September 6, Wife of Vincent Tortell, of a daughter.

September 6, Wife of Jacob Doughty, of the son.

September 8, Wife of Louis Ladekens, of a son.

September 9, Wife of J. Newbauer, of a daughter.

September 13, Wife of B. B. Redding, of the son.

September 13, Wife of Wm. Mara, of a son.

September 14, Wife of T. M. Lindley, of a daughter.

September 14, Wife of Frederick Cox, of a daughter.

September 15, Wife of George Day, of a daughter.

September 18, Wife of J. H. Bidleman, of a daughter.

September 18, Wife of George Filedner, of a daughter.

September 23, Wife of A.W. Hall, of a daughter.

September 24, Wife of Jacob Korn, of the daughter.

September 24, Wife of J.P. Dyer, of the son.

September 24, Wife of David Strickland, of the son.

September 29, Wife of W. P. Fuller, of a daughter.

October 1, Wife of D. D. Williams, of a daughter.

October 6, Wife of Wm. Ackley, of a daughter.

October 7, Wife of Henry Whitman, of a daughter.

October 7, Wife of Bartholomew Hayes, of a daughter.

October 12, Wife of J. J. Hall, of the son.

October 12, Wife of John Curry, of the son.

October 13, Wife of L. C. Shaw, of a daughter.

October 14, Wife of George W. Coons, of a daughter.

October 15, Wife of Wm. Pritchard, of the son.

October 17, Wife of John Doyle, of the daughter.

October 18, Wife of H. A. Scofield, of the son.

October 18, Wife of Charles Robin, of the son.

October 22, Wife of James Rowan, of the daughter.

October 24, Wife of S. H. Huntington, of the son.

October 27, Wife of J. W. Lehman, of a daughter.

October 27, Wife of M. Cook, of a daughter.

October 27, Wife of Louis Shawl, of a daughter.

October 29, Wife of C. Weil, of a daughter.

November 1, Wife of Thomas Sunderland, of the son.

November 2, Wife of D. L. McDonald, of the son.

November 2, Wife of J. B. Blanchard, of a daughter.

November 3, Wife of John Fritson, of a son.

November 3, Wife of G. O. A. Otto, of the daughter.

November 8, Wife of N. Crist, twins--son and daughter.

November 9, Wife of Wm. H. Hoyt, of the son.

November 11, Wife of H. F. Kellum, of a daughter.

November 14, Wife of John Johnsen, of the son.

November 14, Wife of Wm. H. Rattenberry, of a son.

November 16, Wife of Owen Geraty, of a son.

November 16, Wife of D. B. Hartsough, twins--son and daughter.

November 18, Wife of John Timmins, of a daughter.

November 18, Wife of Thomas Hansbrow, of a daughter.

November 19, Wife of Wm. Stewart, of the son.

November 20, Wife of John M. Selden, of the son.

November 23, Wife of John Isaac, of a daughter.

November 24, Wife of Rev. Mr. Gober, of the son.

November 25, Wife of E. C. Kemble, of a son.

November 27, Wife of James Bithell, of a daughter.

November 29, Wife of C. M. Folger, of a son.

November 29, Wife of John G. Taylor, of a daughter.

December 1, Wife of Henry C. Kibbe, of a daughter.

December 2, Wife of Harrison Eastman, of a daughter.

December 2, Wife of A. C. Hunter, of a daughter.

December 3, Wife of John Smith, of a daughter.

December 3, Wife of James B. St. John, of the son.

December 3, Wife of Daniel J. Casner, of the daughter.

December 5, Wife of B. C. Newcomb, of a son area

December 7, Wife of Roland H. Shea, of the son.

December 7, Wife of J. M. Wappel, of a daughter.

December 9, Wife of Samuel Rippon, of the son.

December 10, Wife of W. M. Stoddard, of the son.

December 12, Wife of Andrew Hathaway, of a son.

December 13, Wife of Jacob Stanton, of a daughter.

December 13, Wife of T. J. Askin, of the daughter.

December 15, Wife of Chas. J. Cole, of the son.

December 15, Wife of J. H. Seymour, of a son.

December 16, Wife of A. J. F. Phelan, of the son.

December 20, Wife of James Maddux, of a son.

December 22, Wife of Wm. F. Tripp, of the son.

December 23, Wife of Wm. M. Harron, of the son.

December 24, Wife of Rev. J. C. Herron, of the son.

December 25, Wife of C. F. Juilliard, of a son.



Sacramento County Register of Births cont.

Date of Birth Surname Given Name Sex/Color Father Mother Parent's Birthplaces Child's Birthplace
Sept 2 Stumph Julia Francis
f wh
Thomas J. Florella Tennessee & Ohio Sacramento City

Sept 28 Mandlebaum Fiasco
m wh
Francis Louisa Bohemia & Bohemia Sacramento City

Sept 19 Kendall Ella Ida
f wh
Philip Catherine Mary Germany & New York City Sacramento City

Nov 23 Beckley  
m wh
P. R. S. C. Delaware & Delaware Franklin Twp Sacramento Co.
Nov 26 Littlefield     Thos. P. Henrietta Massachusetts & Louisiana Sacramento City

Dec 15 Ryan C. B.
m wh
E. B. Mary L. Kentucky Sacramento City

April 25 Roth     S. William St. Louis MO & New Orleans Louisiana Sacramento City






Source: "Sacramento Daily Union" microfilm located at California State Library.

Submitted by: Lois Dove, Historian for Genealogical and Historical Council of the Sacramento Valley.



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