1001 Pine Street, Corner Taylor

[San Francisco, CA. 1899]




Mrs. W. M. Denver, Proprietress

Reception Days, Mondays and Thursdays

Telephone Main 583





Beach, Mrs. Horace

Blanchard, Mr. Herbert P.

Blatchley, Mr. and Mrs. Harry B.

Boise, Dr. W.

Boise, Mr. H.

Briggs, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R.

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. J. Q. Jr.

Bunker, Mr. and Mrs. William M.

Bush, Mr. Walter N.

Caduc, Mrs. Mary C.

Cammack, Mrs.

Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. E. B.

Clapp, Mrs. L.

Clapp, Mr. Henry L.

Clark, Mrs. Wellington

Clement, Mr. Lyman H.

Cline, Mr. Walter H.

Cline, Mr. Wilfred M.

Collier, Mr. and Mrs. W. B.

Cortes, Mme. M.

Cropper, Mr. and Mrs. L. W.

Cutrell, Mr. Henry D.

Deane, Dr. Louis C.

De Lamare, Mr. and Mrs. A. J.

Donney, Major.

Dunbar, Mr. Aubrey T.

Ellicott, Mr. and Mrs. H. W.

Fairchilds, Miss H.

Folsom, Mr. and Mrs. George T.

Foye, Mrs. A. J.

French, Mr. John S.

Gardner, Mr. Frank A.

Gepphart, Miss N.

Gifford, Mrs. Ernestine C.

Gifford, Miss Ernestine.

Gillig, Mr. and Mrs. John

Green, Mrs. Duff.

Green, Miss Floride.

Gummer, Mrs. C. V.

Hardistry, Mr. and Mrs. M.

Hatch, Dr. and Mrs. James H.

Hickman, Mr. and Mrs. H.

Hickman, Mrs. W. S.

Hickman, Miss.

Hoffman, Miss.

Hooper, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph B.

Huntington, Mrs. W. M. and Miss.

Johnson, Mrs. Sidney M.

Lansing, Mrs. T. S.

La Rue, Mr. John R.

Leonard, Mrs. M. L.

Macondary, Miss M. L.

Mayer, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D.

McCracken, Mrs. A.

McDonald, Mrs. D. L.

McDonald, Miss Laura.

McDonald, Miss Blythe.

McDonald, De Witt

McGaughry, Miss M.

McKenty, Mrs. Lita.

McPherson, Mrs.

McPherson, Mr. William

Mead, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis R.

Messer, Mr. and Mrs. Nat. T.

Messer, Miss Marie.

Messer, Mr. Nat. T. Jr.

Messersmith, Mr. E. T.

Milton, Mrs. J. B.

Morse, Miss G. C.

O’Laughlin, Miss Nellie

Page, Mr. and Mrs. Charles

Park, Dr. E. Everett.

Raymond, Dr. J. N.

Ritchie, Miss M.

Spencer, Mr. and Mrs. George W.

Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin

Suydam, Mr. James N.

Thompson, Miss E. A.

Tripler, Mrs. E. A.

Wall, Miss Bessie.

Watson, Mrs. M. A.

Watson, Miss.

Weller, Mrs. C. L.

Williams, Mr. W. R.



Transcribed by Elaine Sturdevant.

Source: Hoag, Charles C., Our Society Blue Book, Page 317.  Charles Hoag Publishing, San Francisco, CA. 1899.

© 2006 Elaine Sturdevant.




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