Arcadia, California, 1919




Lieut. Colonel L. J. Mygatt




Lieut. Col. L. J. Mygatt, a veteran of the Somme, St. Mihiel and other famous engagements, is the commander of the United States Army Balloon School at Arcadia, succeeding Maj. Felix Fleischmann.


Colonel Mygatt returned from France in December, having been in charge of the Army Balloon School at Souze, department of Arronde near Bordeaux.


Colonel Mygatt had charge of the “finishing school” for balloon observers and maneuvering officers, 12 of the former and 24 of the latter being prepared for service every month. The men were given their preliminary training at the camps in this country such as Arcadia, Camp John Wise and Camp Omaha, and then sent to the school at Souze for their final training before going to the front.


During the Somme-St. Mihiel offensive Colonel Mygatt was in command of 23 observation balloons, 17 belonging to the American forces and six of which were loaned by the French war department. In the heavy fighting along the Somme and at St. Mihiel, six of the balloons were shot down by the Germans. Colonel Mygatt is proud of the record made by the American observers at the front, the men obtaining valuable information for the American artillery.


“The observers” said Colonel Mygatt, “are entitled to as much credit in those memorable offensives as the infantry, artillery or any other branch of the service.”


Although Arcadia is not so busy as Souze, Colonel Mygatt is finding plenty of work to do, having received orders to muster out all of his force with the exception of 680 men and 32 officers. That is to be the force at the camp until the War Department determines whether the Arcadia School is to be permanent.


Colonel Mygatt is strongly in favor of making the camp permanent. He regards it as an ideal spot for an observation balloon school.


Colonel Mygatt appreciates the part the people of Los Angeles, Pasadena and Monrovia have taken in providing entertainment for the men and caring for them socially and morally. He is a personal friend of Major Fleischmann and Col. W. N. Hensley, Jr., former camp commanders.




Roster of 37th BALLOON COMPANY





Mooney, Horace W., 2nd Lt. A. S. (A)

Burdick, Harry A., 2nd Lt. A. S. (A)

Collins, Russell E., Capt. A. S. (A.)


Harn, Walter A., 2nd Lt. A. S. (A)

Riley, Wm. E., 2nd Lt. A. S. (A)





M. S. E.

Bolan, Edward R.


Sergeants, 1st Class


Beeby, Charles W.

Dewald, William F.

Frankenberger, Eugene

Maloney, Frank B.

Walker, Joseph




Armour, Leon W.

Keehner, James

Ketcham, George D.

Leech, John N.

Lepla, Henry

Smith, Carl B.

Swinehart, Robert L.

Williams, John R.

Woodcock, Del R.




Cass, Edward H.

Draper, Robert F.

Freyburg, Joe V.

Hardy, Frank J.

Johnson, Charles H.

Jones, Eugene P.

Leeson, Richard A.

Lyons, Otto I.

Mayer, Martin L.

McFarland, Ralph S.

Novak, John

Weigand, Eugene P.

Weimer, Joseph J.

Weller, Henry O.


Chauffeurs, First Class


Applegate, Clarenie G.

Aukland, Martin

Auld, Clarence J.

Dunne, Daniel J.

Gibbs, William M.

Handley, Walter P.

Hornke, Bruno G.

Maguire John L.

Garrison, Elra G.

Marcello, Paul A.

Moody, Eben B.

Westby, Herman S.





Halvorsen, Philip

Mangas, Jesse E.





Berry, Ralph A.

Gagnon, Alexander

Neff, Ernest C.

Privates, First Class


Adams, Edward H.

Beach, James W.

Blazey, Stanley

Bryson, Andrew S.

Burrows, Frank J.

Coulthurst, Ralph

Crawford, Oliver A.

Duva, Nicholas A.

Gray, Cecil

Greening, Gilbert M.

Grover, Chester H.

Hanson, Clarence P.

Keller, William H.

Lindsley, Halbert

Lipke, Richard R.

Littig, Milton S.

Lonsdale, Frank H.

McCann, James E.

Margin, Sam

Nettles, Roy O.

Pernow, Henry G.

Ritti, John W.

Regan, John D.

Riley, Howard A.

Root, Carl D.

Rosselot, Lee C.

Schauerte, Henry G.

Scheu, Carl M.

Schwartz, Carl M.

Severson, John O.

Sikora, John

Smtih (sic), Charles H.

Squires, John F.

Stein, Joseph P.

Tingle, Lamar H.

Turner, Abner B.

Upton, Phillip G.

Vana, Frank

Walsh, Joseph

Weitzel, William M.

Williams, Charles M.

Williams, Lawrence E.

Woodring, Harold B.

Wunkoop, Norman

Zaiz, John F.





Baehr, Samuel H.

Berry, Thomas M.

Botsford, Lyle A.

Breeden, John D.

Brinker, Edward H.

Carlson, Lynford A.

Clark, Maurice A.

Cox, John O.

Duncan, Benjamin H.

Farrell, Marion

Fife, Wilbur D.

Fleidner, Archibald

Freer, Merrit E.

Gobbler, Joseph

Grier, David M.

Grimes, Harry

Grinslade, Jesse N.

Guertin, Ralph J.

Heather, Harry F.

Horner, Earl F.

Housdon, Elmar C.

Hunt, Ben L.

Jakeman, Leroy L.

Keirnan, Edward A. Jr.

Kingston, John A.

Landers, George F.

Lehrer, Siegmund

Lentz, Fred

Martin, Roy P.

McCarty, Michael J.

McCormack, John F.

McDonald, Morrice C.

Matson, Harry O.

McKinney, William D.

McLaughlin, Frank J.

Mitchell, Alfred F.

Montz, Claude W.

Mellin, John A.

Morgan, Charles

Muhlenhaupt, Ernest A.

Murray, Thomas J.

O'Connor, James E.

Patterson, Joseph

Phelps, Theodore G.

Preciado, Manuel

Ream, Robert K.

Recher, Vincent

Riley, Edward D.

Richardson, Clifford C.

Robideaux, Henry J.

Rogers, Omar M.

Rothenborg, Kai M.

Schenck, Chester R.

Schroeder, Henry G.

Sieber, Frank J.

Spencer, George H.

Stanford, Clarence A.

Steele, Presley

Stephenson, Thomas

Stewart, Archie

Switzer, Alexander T.

Trammell, Crayton H.

Truce, Carrol J.

Vaughn, Robert J.

Venzer, Harry N.

Voorheis, Lee A.

Walters, Raymond E.

Ward, John W.

White, Robert

Wilkinson, Arthur D.

Willingham, Ray V.

Wilson, Emil W.

Wolden, Oscar M.

Youngquist, Herbert S.

Zink, Arthur H.

Zito, Frank M.

Zlabek, Frank F.






Roster of 38th BALLOON COMPANY,

Arcadia, California






Benjamin B. Cassidy, 2nd Lieut. A.S.M.A., Commanding


Walter J VanValkenburg, 2nd Lieut. A.S.M.A.

Claude M. Campbell, 2nd Lieut. A.S.M.A.

Lawrence R. Heath, 2nd Lieut. A.S.M.A.




Currie, Charlton, E.

James J. Scannell, Jr., 2nd Lieut. A.S. (A)

Graham Trippe, 2nd Lieut. A.S. (A)




Sergeants, First Class


Bonner, Walter

Stump, Paul

Quickel, Claire F.

Jackson, John W.




Criddle, Albert B.

Potter, Harold W.

Gibson, William E.

McMullen, James T.

Huether, John T.

Kelly, Charles H.

Lane, Harry

Merrigan, Quin T.




Corcoran, William H.

McLean, James F.

Christiansen, Arthur L.

Harrington, John N.

Daly, James J., Jr.

Mitchell, Rolley S.

Womack, William F.

Christoffel, William J.

Coon, Delos D.

Masopust, Charles E.

Mitchell, Hayden A.

Burnham, Harrison M.

Gildart, George O.

Grieser, Earl A.

Strickland, George A.

Birdsall, Roger P.

Urie, Albert E.

Clawson, Leonard J.

Herzog, Carl C.


Chauffeurs, First Class


Colbert, Lewis

Dildine, Nathan H.

Johnson, Paul S.

Limbach, Alford M.

Mansfield, Frank B.

Moury, John E.

Schaiterer, Joseph M.

Sparks, Ralph D.

Spaugh, Kerner R.

Stough, Elmer K.

Witty, Samuel P.

Wright, Roy C.




Ketsdever, Henry A.

Manson, John W.

Moyer, Charles A.

Wager, Frank E.

Carter, Loyd G.

Lohmann, Ernest R.

Guilbault, Arthur H.

Michael, James P.

Privates, First Class


Beck, Rudolph J.

Beatty, Horace A.

Binder, Berhard

Boyle, Harry H.

Brennan, John J.

Brown, Miles R.

Burrell, Robert

Coe, Henry S.

Cooke, Edward E.

Coonley, George E.

Cornelius, Homer J.

Croy, Cleo

Edmondson, Carey R.

Docking, Don G.

Elliott, Harry

Fletcher, Charles A.

Floyd, Roy D.

Garis, Grant G.

Gill, Edwin S.

Hayes, James L.

Holt, Henry G.

Hook, John F.

Jeffers, William W.

Jerzynski, Vincent

Jones, Elmer E.

Koplin, Charles K.

Kinville, Norman J.

LaPiere, Mathias

Lind, Christian M.

Lowe, William

Luttrell, William A.

MacDougal, Arthur R.

Moles, John E.

Moulton, Harry J.

McFarland, Frank L.

Rittenour, William A.

Robbins, Floyd E.

Rowlett, Leon S.

Shivley, Floyd V.

Skinner, August L.

Strickland, Charles W.

Sparks, Harry L.

Tiederman, Arthur F.

Turner, John

Volkmann, Carl L.

Wingard, Lewis




Armstrong, Ralph

Baldacci, Albert

Ball, Joe R., Jr.

Barnes, Howard

Beard, Homer

Berger, Joseph E.

Berntsson, Birger

Bessette, Alexford J.

Boatwright, John T.

Boyle, Frank

Brand, James O'H

Britton, Dewey F.

Brock, Albert B.

Burlett, William L.

Burns, Daniel F.

Careless, Harvey L.

Carley, George C.

Carupenter, Christopher

Chambers, Clarence

Chesney, Everett M.

Cihlar, Peter F.

Cistare, Leonard

Clapp, Amsey R.

Cole, Harry S.

Coombs, Ferdinand W.

Copperthite, William A.

Cory, Thomas J.

Cusha, Peter F.

D'Addaire, Nicholas N.

Downs, Ernest F.

Erickson, Edwin

Ferguson, Henry S.

Fleming, George L.

Fuchs, Louis H.

Garner, John W.

Hall, Lee W.

Hanson, Edmund A.

Harris, Allen

Hicks, George

Hood, Edward A.

Johnson, Harry D.

Kaminski, Casmer

Keilly, John F.

Kempf, Leonard G.

Koval, John C.

LaFollette, Leonard C.

Lessig, Charlene D.

Lindsay, Harland R.

McCord, Mentor L.

Magner, Thomas F.

Mannion, Edward V.

Martin, DeWitt T.

Moeller, Herbert S.

Moore, Leonard W.

Morris, C. B.

Moyer, William G.

Murphy, Michael J.

Newbert, Harold M.

O'Brien, Dan J.

O'Laughlin, Thomas J.

Perkins, Merlin T.

Pearson, Maurice H.

Rice, Robert E.

Rooks, Buren L.

Rosenstrom, Enrick E.

Ryan, Thomas H.

Sanborn, George C.

Sandidge, Milton H.

Sandiforth, Thomas

Scofield, Edward S.

Sens, John L.

Spurr, Harrison

Stephens, William H.

Stinson, Alex E., Jr.

Sullivan, Daniel F.

Vitato, Charlie

Voight, Harry E.

Wall, Dolph

Waterman, Henry L.

Whiteman, Joseph W.





Roster of 64th Balloon Company

Arcadia, California




E. Paul Phillips, A.S. (A)


First Lieutenant

Philip Schneeberger, A.S.M.A.


Second Lieutenants

Blake R. McGinness, A.S.M.A.

Rollin MacFayden, A.D.A.

Arthur R. Bailie, A.S.M.A.


Master Electricians

Wheeldon, Allen E.


Sergeants, First Class

Snyder, Earl J.

Shannon, Richard H.

Vickery, Moses W.



O'Neill, Edward F.

Miller, John B.

Riggins, William T.

Scally, William A.

Parks, Robert M.

Prather, Arnold J.

Saurin, Edward W.

Swain, Frank T.



Sturdivant, Claude H.

Rosenkranz, Charles

Robinson, James H.

Ruppert, William H.

Moore, Percy M.

Rattinger, Edward

Munroe, William A.

Click, Charles C.

Maraghy, Joseph

Rasmussen, Ova

Walker, Gilbert C.

Kunz, Robert P.

Wood, Ernest T.

Brown, Olin

Carman, Clifford

Sparks, Stanley J.


Chauffeurs, First Class

Bakkene, Erick

Bechtel, Telford F.

Brant, Harry W.

Lewis, Marvin W.

Monahan, George P.

Moskowitz, Milton

Petty, Howard J.

Rasmussen, John P.

Riley, Joseph P.

Shields, Charles R.

Stack, James B.

Stepanek, Lester L.

Thompson, Samuel R.

Johnson, Charles O.


Nott, Harry T.

Russell, Myron G.


Fea, Joseph S.

Lull, Lucius W.


Privates, First Class

Adams, Charles W.

Aubin, Clarence

Bartlett, Robert

Bieglow, Irving G.

Bloemer, Charles

Brooker, Chester A.

Busby, Harold V.

Chapman, Bruce L.

Crain, Cecil J.

Collins, William C.

Davis, Harrel L.

Dees, Hugh

Duff, R. G.

Elliott, Varo

Eneau, William

Fitzgerald, Luther E.

Foster, George T.

Foreman, Albert J.

Gorny, Theodore J.

Hanley, George

Hanna, Seth Ivan

Hoyt, Lucius B.

Hutchinson, Robert K.

Johnson, Albert C.

Klima, Joseph

Lamb, Charles

Layton, James R.

Leister, J. W.

Memborg, Anthony

Myers, E. H.

Miller, Lloyd M.

Miller, Frank W.

Montgomery, Lowell

Moore, Angus R.

Nagy, Albert G.

Norton, Cleon H.

Noskey, Frank B.

Pace, John E.

Palmer, Harry L.

Schauer, William A.

Vankat, Rudolph L.

Weatherly, Fred

Wright, Istham L.



Andrews, Norman W.

Bolton, Alfred A.

Boros, Wendell

Beimler, John E.

Brandt, Leon I.

Brewster, William R.

Burch, Arthur R.

Burghardt, Winfred E.

Burnside, John

Carnell, Floyd B.

Chase, Donald B.

Cortwright, R. J.

Daltorio, Sam D.

Dennis, J. N.

Dilts, Kendrick V.

Doan, John C.

Eberle, Ralph E.

Edwards, Saul W.

Ferguson, Robert W.

Freeman, Alfred H.

Frink, H. H.

Gibson, Paul E.

Gorman, Ernest E.

Griffin, James E.

Haines, Eugene C.

Halbert, Roy D.

Hanson, Neil T.

Harvey, Alexander

Hickey, James

Holleran, William G.

Hammer, Oliver J.

Haskian, Leon P.

Hayden, Lawrence W.

Himstreet, George O.

Holt, Hughey T.

Hourihan, Timothy J.

Hughes, Jesse M.

Jensen, Anton E.

Johnston, David R.

Juline, Hugo

Kinkead, S. W.

Kovalsky, George

Large, E. E.

Lash, Harry D.

Lawrence, Homer L.

Lockwood, John H.

Lambert, Roy

Lyman, C. J.

Machijewski, Max

Malberg, Walter A.

McArthy, Homer W.

McCarthy, George A.

Michalak, Frank P.

Monahan, E. L.

McPherron, Wayne

Newman, A. A.

Ohlrich, H. F.

Perasso, Remus

Pritchard, Fay

Posadny, C.

Powell, H.

Quimby, Eugene

Richardson, H. F.

Rogers, John H.

Romani, R.

Roseboom, Burl W.

Russell, Harry C.

Sazinsky, Louis

Schurke, Carl A.

Surbur, Hobart S.

Schott, H. P.

Shea, J. P.

Smith, A. V.

Smith, I. N.

Spidel, O. C.

Taggard, Roland

Theodore, Christ

Tynan, Thomas W.

White, Thomas D.

Wood, Frank J.







Medical Corps

Major Bartholmew

Major Cogswell, Chas. A. Jr.

Captain Kelly, Edward H.

Captain Fain, Burton

1st Lt. Cook, Ernest R.

1st Lt. Parkinson, Chester B.



Post Supply Officer

2nd Lt. Marquis, L. F., Q. M. Corps



Balloon Companies - 37th

Captain Collins, Russell E., ASMA

2nd Lt. Burdick, Harry A., ASMA

2nd Lt. Mooney, Horace W., ASMA

2nd Lt. Ham, W. A., ASMA

2nd Lt. Riley, W. E., ASMA



2nd Lt. Cassidy, Benj. B., ASMA

2nd Lt. Scannell, Jas. J. Jr., ASMA, Non-Fly

2nd Lt. Trippe, Graham, ASMA

2nd Lt. Heath, Laurence R., ASMA

2nd Lt. Van Valkenbury,W. J. ASMA, Non-Fly

2nd Lt. Campbell, C. M., ASMA, Non-Fly




Captain Phillips, E. Paul, ASMA

1st Lt. Schneeberger, Philip, ASMA

2nd Lt. MacFadyen, Rollins, ASMA

2nd Lt. McGinness, Blake R., ASMA

2nd Lt. Bailie, Arthur R., ASMA


Captain, Clarke, Chas. P., AS(A)

2nd Lt. Burke, Edward R., ASMA

2nd Lt. Buckingham, Dwight W., ASMA

2nd Lt. Sullivan, Jos. I., ASMA

2nd Lt. Livermore, Wm. W., ASMA

2nd Lt. Jones, E. C., ASMA


Flying Cadet Company

2nd Lt. Cummings, Wallace C., AS(A)


Aerial Photographic Station

2nd Lt. Lloyde, Robt. B., ASMA, Non-Fly


Temporarily Assigned

Captain Christie, Jas. A., ASMA

1st Lt., Ashe, H. P., AS(A)

2nd Lt. Marshall, ASA

2nd Lt. Wood, Walter K., EC

2nd Lt. Williams



1st Lt. Novak, Andrew A. F., Non-Fly



Lt. Col. Mygatt, L. J., AS(A)

Major Bamberger, Ray S., AS(A)

Major Harris, J. M., ASMA

1st Lt. Jaques, Gordon F., AS(A)

1st Lt. Lawson, Lawrence A., AS(A)

1st Lt. Verbeck, Howard G., ASMA

1st Lt. Cameron, Don, ASMA

1st Lt. Sherman, Cecil K., ASMA

1st Lt. Burt, Byron T., ASMA

2nd Lt. Rahn, John C., ASMA

2nd Lt. Hahlveck, Harry C., ASMA

2nd Lt. Cathcart, Donald G., ASMA

2nd Lt. Clare, Wilfred M., ASMA

2nd Lt. Van Auken, Harry J., ASMA

2nd Lt. Raeder, Elmer W., ASMA

2nd Lt. Benson, Jos. W., ASMA



School of Instruction Instructors

Captian Maenner, Theo. M., ASMA

1st Lt. Whisler, Geo. H., ASMA

2nd Lt. Weeks, Harold E., ASMA

2nd Lt. Boxell, Morris L., ASMA

2nd Lt. Camiade, Xavier J., ASMA



All Except Instructors

Colonel Caldwell, R. C., AS(A)

Captain Whitney, M. C., AS(A)

Captain Pierrepont, R. S., AS(A)

Captain Grimm, Alfred, AS(A)

1st Lt. Holland, James C., AS(A)

1st Lt. Royer, Carl E., AS(A)

1st Lt. Hersey, Geo. F., AS(A)

1st Lt. Vieh, Walter M., AS(A)

1st Lt. Holmes, Beverly W., AS(A)

2nd Lt. Galentine, N. E. Jr., AS(A)

2nd Lt. Austin, Harold A., AS(A)

2nd Lt. Baer, George V., AS(A)

2nd Lt. Baldin, Marion A., AS(A)

2nd Lt. Welch, C. H., ASMA

2nd Lt. Lehr, Robert P., AS(A)

2nd Lt. Lundberg, Geo. G., AS(A)

2nd Lt. Bigelow, J. S. Jr., AS(A)

2nd Lt. Philbrook, P. E., AS(A)





Roster of 66th Balloon Company




Clark, Charles A.S. (A)



Second Lieutenants

Sullivan, Joseph I., A.S.M.A

Burke, Edward A., A.S.A

Jones, Earle C., A.S.A

Buckingham, Dwight M., A.S.A

Livermore, William W., A.S.M.A



Master Electrician

Ens, Edgar



Sergeants, First Class

Corcoran, Henry J.

Carson, Nelson G.

Wiesenborn, Otto L.

Carlson, Benjamin O.




Long, William A.

Bridge, Leonard S.

Walters, William R.

O'Connor, John L.

Sellstedt, Bernard A.

Jackson, Norman A.

Lundin, Victor

Kaminski, Fred

Groat, Frank B.



Tubbs, Harry

Buchanan, Hiram K.

Holmes, Asa A.

Baals, Edwin H.

Fee, Joe C.

Gamble, William N.

Wilson, John

Pope, John A.

Thibault, August J.

Hug, Henry A.

Olson, George

Ellis, Edward B.

Zicterman, George

Stewart, James J.

Cohen, Harris S.

Jahoda, Harold F.

Rohring, Elwood J.

Hartsell, Roland Z.


Chauffeurs, First Class

Bisbing, Ralph H.

Brainard, George R.

Carter, Ray L.

Deats, Melvin E.

Dore, Charles L.

Glafcke, Elmer H.

Hall, Edward M.

Miller, Earle A.

Moore, Ralph P.

Nellor, Earnest E.

Roth, Ralph A.

Zarrett, Alexander J.


Brown, Stewart J.

Heuring, Joseph W.

Nelson, George O.

O'Neill, Michael J.

Pickering, Walter

Pozdol, Martin

Taggart, Harry E.

Unger, Roy E.

Beaton, William A.

Rose, George A.



Elliott, Lehman A.

Hildreth, Lemuel G

Rothrock, Ewing G.

Ward, Hobart P.


Privates, First Class

Adolph, Ray E.

Akst, Joseph J.

Beck, Walter M.

Bishop, Ray E.

Bradtmiller, Elmer C.

Breakey, Dale O.

Brevda, Jacob

Briant, Robert J.

Cladwell, John S.

Carman, Kenneth D.

Carmichael, Julius B.

Chambers, Stanley J.

Collins, Joseph P.

Cudeback, Harold S.

DiGiacomo, Nicholas

Dodson, Clyde

Dullea, Cornelias J.

Dutcher, Sebastian P.

Ervin, Robert J.

Geer, Lloyd L.

Geoffroy, Ellis A.

Green baum, Daniel

Gustafson, Rudolph L.

Haffey, Harold H.

Hale, Charles G.

Harris, Martin W.

Hazelton, Dewitt C.

Herzig, Ezra A.

Hood, Troy L.

Hutchinson, ClaudeC.

Illig, Fred C.

Ingalls, Harry L.

Kretlow, Otto W.

McGraw, Wm. S.

Miller, Wm. N.

Martin, Willard E.

Orenstein, Max

Pearce, John J.

Seideman, Lewis

Shepard, Lorenzo D.

Sheppler, Leo C.

Steen, George F.

Stutzman, Ralph C.

Thomas, Dwight M.

Towle, Albert W.

UpdeGraff, Thaddeus L.

Weavers, Charles H.

Fallon, John P.



Alger, Drew

Anderson, Arthur H.

Anderson, Louis L.

Anderson, Otis

Arnold, Arthur G.

Barter, Millard S.

Bartsch, Walter E.

Beiner, Felix

Bonagura, Frank

Briley, Ralph B.

Bush, Rauth W.

Carnahan, Howard

Coffey, Claude C.

Collins, Fred

Cooke, Nelson H.

Cooley, James

Denning, James

Des Beins, Philip

Dobin, Henry A.

Dotson, Arthur

Dow, Wm. J.

Dunbar, Frank H.

Efaw, George D.

Ethington, Calvin R.

Fields, Judge M.

Flesher, Roy

Foster, Lynwood D.

Graham, George J.

Griffin, Joe W.

Hackaday, Carl H.

Haller, Julius V.

Hentzell, John E.

Lewis, Lewis N.

Hogan, Joseph M.

Holly, Wm. D.

Hoyt, Russell A.

Husted, Henry D.

Jacoby, Frank H.

James, John

Johnson, Charles S.

Johnson, Harry F.

Kendrick, George F.

Kennedy, Albert N.

Kennedy, Wm. A.

Keyes, Cecil W.

Kriss, Leo G.

Maberry, Sanford A.

Macy, George J.

Meinert, John W.

Merino, Louis A.

Meyer, George A.

Milheron, Wm. L.

Mogle, Stanly

Ranson, Perry H.

Scheidler, Lawrence

Shaffer, Guy W.

Smith, Clarence M.

Smith, Clarence W.

Smith, Fred

Smith, Hugh T.

Thompson, Edward F.

Thrailkill, Eugene C.

Vick, Isaac B.




Roster of Flying Cadet Company

U. S. Army Balloon School, Arcadia, Calif.




2nd Lieut. Wallace C. Cummings, A. S. (A), Commanding Company




Allen, Joseph

Bell, Hyman W.

Copelan, Richard G.

Crow, Robert K.

Ettinger, Adrian

Gray, Robert H.

Hassett, Joseph N.

Hiller, Robert J.

Kennard, Irving

Langton, Hubert J.

Louden, James G.

Lydiard, Harry G.

McDaniel, Roy W.

McDonald, Clarence J.

Merritt. George H., Jr.

Montham, Carl

Mosby, David C.

Nern, Edward R.

Rather, Nathaniel H.

Reed, Thomas M.

Secrist, Mark H.

Sepin, Lee T.

Southerland, Frederic J.



Roster Quartermaster Detachment



Detachment Commander


2nd Lieut. L. F. Marquis





Frank A. Hirsch

Leslie I. Harris



First-Class Sergeant

Earl D. Rieger



James Willans

William Cluck

David Schiffman

David A. Magner

Frederick J. Radigan




Fred L. Talley

Edward V. Rutherford

Michael K. Gazo


First-Class Privates


Roy Warner

Aaron Thailer

Lewis E. Buckley

Wilbur Abbott

Herbert A. Osborne




Angelo Scachitto

Hubert D. Stine

John Obinger


Roster Medical Detachment


Maj. Bartholomew, H. S.

Capt. Kelly, Edward H.

Capt. Fain, Burton

1st Lieut. Cook, Earnest

1st Lieut. Parkinson, C.


Hospital Sergeants


Stephenson, Virgil M.

Glaesman, Henry E.

Ziebell, Ezra F.

Lewis, Russell E.

Archibald, Paul

First-Class Privates

Anderson, George

Bateman, Claude E.

Beach, John C.

Brown, Glen L.

Brush, Rollo E.

Clancy, Joseph E.

French, William H.

Goldman, Julian

Harback, George C.

Hart, Jesse Jr.

Hay, Emil H.

Kelly, Daniel S.

Lyon, Harold A.

Nebo, Toni

Pere, John D.

Wert, Vern H.

Wieland, August H.

Wiza, Leo F.

Wistrom, Gustav C.

Funderburk, Ray

McCorkle, Donald W.




Arrowood, William B.

Buckley, Emil F.

Cladwell, George D.

Dirnberger, Barney F.

Holman, Harold R.

Lower, Carlton R.

Mann, Herbert

Musser, Charles

Pearson, Frank W.

Roche, Dan P.

Ruff, Fred D.

Riley, Ernest S.

Shannon, Irving H.

Spoelstra, Simon

Swanson, Arthur W.

Stum, Roy J.

Stewart, Jay T.

Tafel, Herbert






Advertisements included in the Pictorial Record and Roster United States Army Balloon School Booklet. Arcadia, Calif. 1919


Mack Sennett, Producer of Mack Sennett Commedies.


The Robert Brunton Studios,

A Perfectly Equipped Plant where Pictures May be Made by Contrast

The Most Complete Facilities for Independent Units are Obtainable,

with or without Personal Supervision.

Organize Your Company and We will make Your Picture

5341 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, Calif., Phones Holly 4080; 57004


Wm. Horsley, Film Laboratories, 6060 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, Calif. Hollywood 3693


Collins & Webb, Inc. Machinery Dealers, 412 East Third St., Los Angeles.


The School of Personality for Business Training, Sawyer School of Secretaries

410 Baker-Detwiler Building, 512 West Sixth St., Los Angeles, Calif.


Sandusky Tractor, Truck, Auto and Welding School, 1246-48 So. Los Angeles St., Los Angeles, Calif.


Superior Pound Cake Bakery, F. J. Eupperle, Vermont West 667

2013 So. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles


C. J. Kuback Company Contractors of the Arcadia Balloon School,701 to 708 Merchants National Bank Building, Los Angeles, Calif.


Christopher's, 741 South Broadway


Johnston's, Appreciative Chocolates, Chas. Rawak, Distributor


G. Gans, L. Gans, Gans Brothers Electrical Contractors and Dealers

Store No. 1 – 211 N. Main St., phone 13742; Main 1933

Store No. 2 – 812 S. Spring St., 815 S. Main St., Los Angeles, Cal.


W. L. Cleveland Co., Machinery and Supplies, 209-211 North Los Angeles Street


Stoll Bros., Importers and Wholesalers of Coffees, Teas, Spices, Extracts and Baking Powder

414-418 N San Pedro St., Los Angeles, Cal., Phone Pico 760


Tents-Covers for Rent

Downie Bros., Inc.

644 S. San Pedro St., Los Angeles, Cal.,

Phones, 64306 – Bdwy. 2169


American Art Leather Company, Los Angeles, Cal.


St. Elmo, Havana Cigars, St. Elmo Cigar Co., Los Angeles


Trojan Machine Shop, Die making – Punch Press

555 East 17th St., Los Angeles, Cal., Phone 21971

California Glass & Paint Company

500-518 Commercial St., Los Angeles, J. A. Fraters, President


California Garment Co., J. Berenzweig, D. Krauss

Jeffreis Bldg., 117-123 Winston St., Los Angeles, Cal


John Herman, Assayer & Chemist

514 S. Los Angeles St., Los Angeles, Cal.


Viavi Company, Health Talks Every Thursday, 2:30 P. M.

Dora B. Smart Ramsdell, Manager


H. M. Rudd, Copper, Brass & Sheet Metal Works

751 S. San Pedro St., Los Angeles, Cal., Home 64804


Illinois Paific Glass Company, Bottles & Bottler's Supplies

1717 Industrial St., Los Angeles, Cal.


National Poultry Company, Packers and Jobbers of Poultry and Eggs

607 East Third St., Los Angeles, Cal.


Frank Meline, Architectural Designer & Builder


Crosby Film Laboratories, Developing & Printing Motion Picture Frames

5813 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, Cal.


Huddleston Photo Co.

Arcadia Balloon School Pictures,

210-11-12 Henne Bldg.

122 West Third St., Los Angeles, Cal., Phone 64934


Standard Brick Co.

101-102 Stimson Building


Carl Entenmann Jewerry Company

444 South Broadway, Los Angeles, Cal.


Wolfer Printing Company

424-26-28 Wall St., Los Angeles, Cal.


Nettleton Boot Shop, 209 W. 5th St.


J. P. Milloglav, Jobber & Distributor Fruits and Produce

972-974 San Julian St., Los Angeles, Cal.


E. A. Hoffman Candy Company

611-615 E. 9th St., Los Angeles, Cal.


Crugar-Jenkins Company

310 Bumiller Building

Los Angeles, Cal.


Mathews Candies






Transcribed by: Jeanne Taylor from Arthur D. Wilkinson’s Collection.

Source: Pictorial Record & Roster United States Army Balloon School, Arcadia, California, 1919.

© 2013  Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.


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