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Commander Archie M. Closson, 112 E. Pine St., Lodi

Adjutant James K. Fisk, 117 Veterans' Bldg., San Francisco

Assistant to the Adjutant T. B. Wise, 117 Veterans' Bldg., San Francisco

Chaplain Coadjutor Archbishop John J. Mitty, 1100 Franklin St., San Francisco

Historian Walter J. Pierce, Corning

Judge Advocate Thos. J. Riordan, 582 Market St., San Francisco

Sergeant-at-Arms Claude Deal, Room 134, State Capitol, Sacramento.

National Executive Committeeman Clifton A. Hix, Bank of San Pedro Bldg., San Pedro





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Area Commanders


Area No. 1 E. M. Moore, 318 Kearny St., San Francisco

Area No. 2 C. W. W. St. John, 619 Humboldt, Richmond

Area No. 3 Dr. L. J. Kirkhoff, Jackson, Amador Co.

Area No. 4 F. Stanley Wood, 1500 Old Mill Rd., San Marino

Area No. 5 Charles H. Wood, Box 146, Indio


Vice-Commander-at-Large Marion W. Fisher, 4375 Hermosa Way, San Diego

Department Service Officers


Charles R. Farrington

Veterans' Administration Facility

Fort Miley, San Francisco



Don M. Claflin

700 Patriotic Hall, Los Angeles






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District Commanders



1. Robert Matthews, Arcata

2. William O. (Bill) Riley, French Gulch

3. Fred P. Cronemiller, Alturas

4. Frank W. Boyle, Oroville

5. Don Burbeck, Post Office, Mill Valley

6. Emmett J. Peterson, 101 State Library and Courts Bldg., Sacramento

7. Floyd F. Helmick, 766 43rd Ave., San Francisco

8. Charles Dodd, Jr., 830 Broderick St., San Francisco

9. D. M. Bradley, 3120 Barrett Ave., Richmond

10. James L. Landon, Sheriff's Office, Oakland

11. Harry W. Auten, Angels Camp

12. Andrew H. Stahl, P. O. Box 81, Sonora


13. Alfred H. Clark, Soledad

14. C. J. Anderson, 1382 Farris Ave., Fresno

15. William G. Lewis, P. O. Box 5, Fellows

16. Richard Somers Vreeland, Cambria

17. John M. Gault, 515 Union Bank Bldg., Los Angeles

18. Albert L. (Wimpy) Reddick, 2417 No. Broadway, Los Angeles

19. Lawrence M. Windle, Richfield Oil Co., Long Beach

20. J. Pearce Kane, 106 Hall of Justice, Los Angeles

21. Eph. L. Williams, 4199 Market St., Riverside

22. Phil J. Hofman, Box 415, Imperial

23. Paul Ballinger, 2471 Saturn St., Huntington Park

24. Schuyler Graves, 718 Cochran Ave., Los Angeles




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First Vice-Commanders



1. George G. Cloney, Sperry Flour Co., Eureka

2. Greg S. Malone, McCloud

3. Tom W. Birmingham, P. O. Box 783, Westwood

4. Fred Iverson, Orland

5. Henry Chas. Alden, 931 Alameda, Vallejo

6. Mrs. Katherine A. Fallon, 1030 Yale St., Sacramento

7. Whitney Merrill, 1428 24th Ave., San Francisco

8. Stuart R. Ward, P. O. Box 193, Belmont

9. J. A. Catlett, 1909 E St., Concord

10. Phil R. Davis, Veterans' Administration Facility, Livermore

11. Wm. Johnson, 434 W. Eaton Ave., Tracy

12. Paul Rivers, 223 No. L St., Madera


13. Harry N. Fredrickson, Bank of America, San Jose

14. Harold M. Phillips, Box 79, Corcoran

15. Ernest I. Bulpitt, Hillside Water Co., Bishop

16. Fred W. Buell, 386 Howard St., Ventura

17. Roy Wilbur Bordeaux, Southern California Edison Co., Los Angeles

18. Malcolm L. Packer, North Canyon Drive, Monrovia

19. John C. Dunn, 421 E. 6th St., Los Angeles

20. Lucian Fred Bautier, 10th and Yucca, Lancaster

21. Glen A. Young, County Agriculture Office, Santa Ana

22. W. A. Huggins, care of Police Dept., San Diego

23. Jess Klein, 208 E. Queen St., Inglewood

24. Chas. E. Buckmeyer, 1327 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles




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Second Vice-Commanders



1. Fred W. Nelson, 630 Macpherson St., Ft. Bragg

2. Asa L. Doty, Hat Creek

3. Loyd Dunbar Craig, P. O. Box 13, Quincy

4. Elmer Arnoldy, 1317 Maple St., Marysville

5. Ray Fairfield Moody, Middletown

6. Hugh N. McCall, P. O. Box 62, Truckee

7. Gertrude Armstrong Hutchins, 2402 California St., San Francisco

8. Charles C. Constantine, 1070 Green St., San Francisco

9. P. J. Butler, Brentwood, care of Standard Oil Co.

10. Joe W. Harris, 921 Euclid Ave., Berkeley

11. William E. Islip, R. F. D. 1, Box 260, Acampo

12. E. C. Smith, Yosemite


13. Milton J. Coghlan, 196 Broadway, Santa Cruz

14. Julius C. Galliano, Route No. 1, P. O. Box 134, Clovis

15. Roy G. Poore, 164 No. L St., Dinuba

16. Cleo Rogers, P. O. Box 214, Santa Maria

17. Iden M. Krieghbaum, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office, Los Angeles

18. Dr. Hurst Fitzgerald, 132 Gerona St., San Gabriel

19. Homer Kolb, 622 Somerset, Bellflower

20. Fred Collins, 233 W. San Fernando Blvd., Burbank

21. Donald H. McIntosh, High School, Colton

22. Wilfred M. Clare, Spreckels Theatre Bldg., San Diego

23. Wesley Dehougne, 323 E. 52nd St., Los Angeles

24. Clarence J. Petter, 649 Huntley Dr., West Hollywood




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The California Legionnaire




President Archie M. Closson, Commander

112 E. Pine St., Lodi



Secretary James K. Fisk, Adjutant

117 Veterans' Bldg., San Francisco

Ben W. Creim, 522 Lottie St., Modesto

Charles B. Taylor, 139 Main St., Salinas

Homer L. Chaillaux, War Memorial Bldg., Indianapolis

E. L. Hayes, 1705 Russ Bldg., San Francisco

James H. Heffron, 527 So. Lemon St., Anaheim

Paul O. Reimer, 738 Oak St., Colusa






Transcribed by: Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.

Source: Roster of American Legion Posts, Published by American Legion Dept of California, San Francisco, CA. 1934-1935.

2011 Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.





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