Petition Of Citizens Of San Francisco For The Repeal Of The Mortgage Tax Law. 1870 (2 of 2)




To the Honorable the Senate and Assembly of the State of California:


The petition of the undersigned, citizens of San Francisco, respectfully represents to your honorable body the great hardship which they suffer by having to pay tax on money borrowed by them on the mortgage of their properties.  It is their well considered opinion that the borrower should not be obliged to pay tax to the bank, after having paid the legal interest on the money, besides paying the city, county and State taxes, to the Tax Collector.  Petitioners pray that the tax be remitted, and that the money collected by the bankers, for said tax, be refunded to their rightful owners.  Respectfully,


Rouse & Laws,

Sam' l Foster,

Chas. E. A. Baxter,

Wason and Morris,

Geo. W. Stewart,

Thos. Sullivan,

Wm. Erggraber,

N. Goitzen,

W. L. Bottle,

Ch. Henry Vollmer,

John Vollmer,

Thos. C. Moorcroft,

A. H. Todd,

T. J. Chadborne,

E. G. Mathews & Co.,

H. Wellbrock,

Edw. McDevitt,

G. W. McNear,

D. S. Bryant,

Jno. A. Robertson,

Geo. H. Reynolds,

G. Humphrey,

George Crosby,

F. M. Rocke,

D. Beadle,

B. F. Lee,

Robert Barry,

A. B. Smith,

Phil. Gallway,

Edwd. Commins,

Harrison & Damon,

Messrs. Harrison & Co.,

Forsaith, Tyler & Shaw,

Wm. T. Reynolds & Co.,

John Flanagan & Co.,

F. H. McCann,

L. A. Sanderson,

S. B.Stoddard,

Church & Clark,

W. W. Dodge & Co.,

Rossiter & McMullin,

Coghill, Lyons & Co.,

Kelly, Henderson and Gilchrist,

John Carroll & Co.,

P. Jacob,

Collins, Wheaton & Luhrs,

Goldstein and Sellen & Co.,

Castle Brothers,

R. Hochkofeer,

Geo. W. Danney,

John Maguire,

Ira W. Felt,

Taylor in Cranna,

Treadwell & Co.,

W. T. Glassell,

H. Heckmann,

Wm. G. Scholfield,

W. H. Taylor,

John Bamber,

R. L. Taylor,

R. B. Farmar,

I. P. Davis,

A. S. Chandler,

David McKay,

C. Hanson,

Samuel McHenry,

J. Barnap,

F. Shirley,

C. Barchard,

J. P. Sweeney,

Thos. Tennent,

M. L. Connell,

Stephen H. Little,

Sam. Voltt,

John Schweitzer,

N. Matticevietto,

W. J. Lowery,

James Wightman,

Robt. Howe,

Ferdinand Lang,

T. A. Smith,

G. Babcock & Co., 315 Davis Street.

Silas McClure,

A. C. Rand,

Reynolds, Howell & Ford,

Geo. W. Hayes,

S. Hemingway,

James Gillespie,

W. Piguet,

O. Schelter,

E. E. Walcott,

J. C. Johnson & Co.,

Chas. H. Daly,

B. F. Hobart,

Edwd. H. Parker,

L. S. Ellsworth,

James F. Hough,

George F. Bragg & Co.,

H. Cordes,

Lyon & Co.,

F. S. Hutchinson,

Cutting & Co.,

Henry Brickwedel & Co.

Wilmerding & Kellogg,,

Evan E. Janes,

J. A. C. Nibbe,

Geo. H. Sanderson,

A. F. C. Engert,

Chas. Gibson,

Chas. Sudentoff,

N.H. Brown,

Wm. E. Emery,

T. J. O'Connor,

James Barrett,

Frederick Geils,

Charles Sturm,

Maurice Rosenthal,

Thos. Flannigan,

Thos. R. Gibson,

Stephen Girot,

V. Lebert,

J. P. Wason,

Jas. Canavan,

W. S. Cartz,

J. M. Grady,

G. Lierenberg,

Robert Calverley,

James Boyle,

Maurice Sheehan,

John Jones,

K. Veleck,

M. E. Gup,

M. W. Higgins,

B. F. Keenan,

W. H. Ranek,

E. E. Harvey,

James C. Burke,

Henry Gansz,

George B. Ferguson,

Edward Supple,

John Wood,

Thos Tiernay,

Dennis Dullen,

Edward Gilligan,

William Gaffeney,

John Kelleher,

Wm. Becon,

James Deery,

Robert Dilworth,

John Commings,

Wm. Malone,

Peter Lowler,

John Ratigan,

John Conless,

Michael Carrigan,

James Nedson,

Robert H. Hawkins,

Henry Sinott,

Thomas Dowlin,

P. McDermott,

Timothy Leary,

Patrick Conroy,

P. Maxwell,

M. Blake,

John Petersen,

J. A. Folger & Co.,

James Irvine,

M. L. Citran,

M. Mayblum,

D. L. Phillips,

Jacob S. Taber,

E. A. Fargo,

T. H. Hatch & Co.,

C. S. Swasey,

J. R. Skelly,

E H. Baxter,

Chas. Clayton,

J. DeForest,

J. W. Jordan,

John M. Peck,

H. H. Beach,

T. L. Barker,

C. B. Tilley,

H. L. Dodge,

J. B. Moore,

D. V. B. Hearie,

C. I. Newcomb,

Poot &  Bailey,

E. V. Starr,

C. A. Brigham,

Chas. E. Foye,

F. Daven & Co.,

Emil Loeven,

Miers F. Truett,

Chas. H. Mead,

James Duncan,

Loewe Bray,

J. B. Nye,

W. J. Jones & Co.,

Jno.  C. Morrison, Jr.,

M. L. Decker,

John Powers,

A.W. Jackson,

A. G. Chauche,

Leopold Kahn,

Hunter, Wand & Co.,

Christy & Wise,

S. Buckley,

William J. Wright,

John Hewston, Jr.,

John M. Duncan,

Shea, Hussey & Co.,

F. & P J. Cassin,

Bradley & Cockrill,

James L. Horner,

H. E. Brooks,

Joseph Tuttle,

F. B. Belcher,

James Irwin,


John Manning,

John Donnelly,

William Cradock,

Patrick Flynn,

Michael Walsh,

M. S. Griffin,

William Ryan,

Jacob E. Bailey,

J. Hurley,

Underhill Boynton,

George B. Wood,

Chas. Lehmann,

William Gray,

F. H. Page,

Chas. F. Monroe,

John Flood,

A.N. Osgood,

J. B. Bowen,

C. H. Warren,

A.R. Potter,

Theophilus Taylor,

John Gardner,

Hermann Dascher ,

Johann Meyn,

Thos. Foster,

Henry C. Lott,

James F. Cunningham,

John H. McNee,

Phillip Kennedy,

Jas. O'Keeffe,

Davis & Driscoll,

John R. Tischbeck,

John Duer,

Edward Dillon,

M. Getz,

Thomas Bareiller,

M. McGann,

M. J. Gavan,

Thos. J. Barry,

Thomas Miller,

R. Hopkins,

S. Laro,

S. Wolf,

Dennis Cullinan,

James Malone,

G. Blanchard,

James E. Bryant,

J. B. Owens,

J. B. McMahon,

Wm. L. Nelson,

Sanders, Byrne & Co.,

A. Shives,

W. H. Kime,

A. Davidson

     And many others.

Source: Appendix to Journals of Senate and Assembly, of the Eighteenth Session of the Legislature of the State of California. Vol. III 1870.

© 2002 Nancy Pratt Melton