Women As Bankers In California
By Mrs. Phoebe M. Rideout


Director of a Number of California Banks


Although banking is not an occupation for which women are especially fitted, there are of course among women, as among men, persons who either start with natural ability in financial matters, or fall heir to responsibilities which they must learn to carry, and carry successfully.Banking as a profession, it is needless to say, contains great interest and fascination.


Already women have shown themselves capable in this profession, for they are now doing good work as assistant cashiers, heads of students' departments, and the like.At present it may be doubted whether the general public would place so much confidence in woman banker as in a man; and an equal confidence is precisely what women, as bankers, must learn to deserve.There is reason to think they can do so, as they have already done in other businesses.


EDITORíS NOTE: Mrs. Rideout is a director in a number of banks in California, succeeding her late husband in the varied business interest in which he was engaged during the formative period of California's commercial and banking industries.She directs her business from her home in Washington Street, San Francisco.


Source: California's Magazine, New Call Building, San Francisco, 1915, Page 385.

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