The 1939






Published by


Newspaper Club of the

West Park Grammar School

(Tracy, Cal.)


“In Memoriam”

Dale Myers Thomas

July 4, 1925-May 19, 1939







Mr. H. A. McCrory, Clerk

Dr. C. E. Wilent

Dr. R. L. Rudkin



Mr. Earl B. Shoesmith








Wendell R. Hoar, Principal, Seventh, Seventh Grade Arithmetic, Eighth Grade Arithmetic, Student Council, Remedial Arithmetic.


Mary Alice Frerichs, Fourth Grade.


Marion Gerhan, Five Z Home Room, Spelling, English, Social Science, Reading, Six X Classes --- Five Z Classes.


Mildred Harrison, Five X Home Room, Social Science, Spelling, English, Reading, Six Y Classes ---Five X Classes.


Thelma Leaman, Six X Home Room, Fifth Grade Music Classes, Sixth Grade Music Classes, Seventh Grade Music Classes, Eighth Grade Music Classes, Seventh and Eighth Grade Glee Clubs, Seventh and Eighth Grade Dramatics Clubs, Lower and Upper Grade Assemblies.


Lorraine Lindeberg, Physical Education ---Fifth, Sixth, Seventh & Eighth.


Alice Mitchell, Seven X Home Room, English, Blue ‘N Gold Advisor.


Della Nicholson, First Grade.


Lucile Polansky, Second Grade.


Victor Robinson, Physical Education ---Fifth, Sixth, Seventh & Eighth.


Gola Sanders, Seven Y Home Room, Social Science, Sewing, Cafeteria Manager.


Stephen Saunders, Seven Z Home Room, Literature, Librarian, Shop.


Dorathy Schwarz, Five Y Home Room, English, Social Science, Five Y & Six Z Classes.


Viola Sehrt, Six Z Home Room, Fifth & Sixth Grade Arithmetic, Eight X Literature.


Lucille Tarbell, Third Grade


Alma Wilkinson, Six Y Home Room, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh & Eighth Grade Art, Fifth Grade Library & Eight Y Literature.


Fay Paul, Secretary


Mildred Hansen, School Nurse.








Names mentioned:


Richard Kealm, leading the flag salute.

Rev. Mr. C. W. Bourne, Invocation.

Gerald Cornwell, Salutatorian

June Garrison, violin solo.

Mildred Neves, first violin

Kathryn Krause, second violin.

Girl’s Sextet;

Dorothy Bowman, Alice Souza, Aldina Escabar, Wilma Sutton, Jane Fink & Barbara Butterfield.

Eugene Bartlett, trumpet solo.

Panel Discussion;

Wallace Anderson, Alexander Perry, Beverly Allen, Helen Vegias, Harriet Warner, Wesley Thorton, Annette Kirkman, Robert Stocking, Mary Yamasaki & Betty Jane Smith.

Lee Dong Gong, Valedictorian.

Service Pin Awards;

Mr. H. A. McCroryn & Commander of James McDermott Post & Clerk of the School Board of Trustees.

Dr. C. E. Wilent, Remarks.

Mr. John R. Williams, County Superintendent of Schools.

Mr. W. W. Crow, Principal of Tracy High School.






Beverly Jean Allen

Dolores Jeannette Azevedo

Dorothy Jean Bowman

Verna Beatrice Bussey

Barbara Fern Butterfield

Margaret Eileen Cargay

Marie Cardoza

Frieda Winifred Cook

Mary Betty Davanis

Golda Doris Dickerson

Aldina Rose Escabar

Esperanza Escobar

Ethelda Jane Fink

Rose Marie Furrer

Margaret June Garrison

Frances Irene Goodrich

Nancy Grant

Annette Helen Kirkman

Helen Knight

Emily Marie Martin

LaWanda Sammie Morgan

Mildred Elanore Neves

JoAnna Marie Neilson


Clell Moon

John Theodore Vlahos

Norman Edwin Wallace

Robert Wallace Wigginton

Rosie Cruz Ortega

Betty Jane Smith

Alice Marie Souza

Wilma Elanore Sutton

Helen May Taylor

Loppie Helen Vegias

Harriet Louise Warner

Ollie Lucretia White

Mary Mariko Yamasaki

Ruby Theresa Ramirez

Wallace Eugene Anderson

Eugene Clarence Bartlett

Joseph Alexis Berch

Harold Brown

Henry Joseph Cardoza

Walter Leland Cleary

Gerald Dale Cornwell

Clarence Enos

Tony Frates Fagundes



Myrle Fenley

Junior Elvin Friend

Emil Glenn Funkhouser

John S. Gomes

Joe Gonzalez

Albert Charles Gribaldo

Rector Eugene Hedrick

Edward Harold Hettervik

John Owen Hilken

Thomas Fredrich Hunt

Carl Ithurralde

Edward Clarence Kealm

Richard William Kealm

Bobby Willis Kenner

Walter Ernest King

Gerald Lloyd Lawrence

Lee Dong Gong

Lee You Ding

Stanley DeGraff Lowery

Tony Martinez

Tommy Mastoris

James Duncan Monroe

Lauren Hugh Monroe



Hayden Morgan

Jack Gorden Nevin

Raymond Laurence Nelson

Roland Heath Noack Jr.

Joe Damasio Ortega

Manuel C. Parriera Jr.

Vernon Arthur Paris

Alexander Eugene Perry

Allan Potter

Jack Sherwood Power

Robert Rehn

Harry Edward Royner

Jack Sears

Rodney Loyz Siemiller

Frank Silveria

Clarence LeRoy Slayter

Robert Ernest Stocking

Eugene Max Synak

Dale Myers Thomas

Gale Eugene Thomas

Wesley Edward Thorton

J. Harold Van Hagen

Gordon Elwood Van Ness









June Garrison

Mildred Neves

Harold Brown

Raymon Coykendall

Joyce Keaton

Dorothy Mize

Betty Pereira

Stella Simpson

Nancy Hamilton



Evelyn Creasy

Mary Davanis

Martin Fulcher

Velma Martin

Bobby McQueen

Dorothy Pasquel

Billy Percival

Virginia Sutton


Gerald Cornwell

Jack Hilken

Freddie Hunt

Harry Royer

Kenneth Westlake



Dorothy Bowman



Eugene Bartlett

John Coykendall

Gene Hedrick

Alan Lattin

Billy Mize

Laureen Monroe


Frances Goodrich



Peggy Cargay

Jane Fink

Robert Stocking



Walter Cleary

Robert Harry



Beverly Bass

Donna Nicholson


Kathryn Krause

Harriet Warner



Lorraine Young



Helen Hansen

Sylvia Berk



Keith Willis



Doris Eliason

Jack Nevin

Alex Perry

Robert Wigginton

Mary Yamasaki






Every year the American Legion awards a Service Pin to the boy and girl graduate who has the best character traits. The pins are given in recognition of the student's service to the class and school, scholarship, promptness and good citizenship. The two people who have earned the pins this year are:

Barbara Butterfield and Gerald Cornwell.



This year the school had a new method of banking. Instead of giving the bank money to the teacher the children go to the cafeteria to deposit the money just as they would in a real bank. Some of the eights grade students act as tellers, assisting Mr. Sattler, the clerk from the bank. The students bank every Wednesday. A Bank Banner is awarded weekly to the class with the highest percentage of people banking. During the year the Eighth Grade Girls and the 7X class divided the banner between them with the 7X class keeping the banner most of the weeks.



The number of pupils enrolled in West Park School this year was approximately 565. The school awards a monthly attendance banner to the class with the highest percentage of attendance the previous month. The classes who won the banner are as follows:


First Month,

First, 5Y, 98.68%

Second, 5X, 98.20%

Third, 4th, 98.12%


Second Month,

First, 4th, 97.90%

Second, 5Y, 97.68%

Third, 6X, 97.00%


Third Month,

First, 5Y, 97.25%

Second, 7X, 97.17%

Third, 3rd, 96.90%


Fourth Month,

First, 5X, 98.30%

Second, 7X, 96.97%

Third, 4th, 96.68%


Fifth Month,

First, 7Y, 97.10%

Second, 8B, 96.04%

Third, 7Z, 95.40%


Sixth Month,

First, 6Y, 95.22%

Second, 5Y, 95.10%          (took liberty on assuming correctness)

Third, 8G, 95.00%


Seventh Month,

First, 6X, 98.00%

Second, 6Y, 96.72%

Third, 5X, 96.50%


Eighth Month,

First, 4th, 96.24%

Second, 2nd, 96.00%

Third, 6X, 96.00%


Ninth Month,

First, 7X, 97.75%

Second, 5X, 96.30%

Third, 6X, 95.00%


The Tenth Month cannot be listed as it can not be tabulated until after the last day of school.

--Helen Vegias.






The We-wo-tog group started meeting in September. The name of the group means, "we work together". There are fourteen girls in the group and some of the girls had been in the younger group last year and so were farther advanced than the new girls. A RoundUp party was held to gather all of the girls together. In October the girls had a Halloween Party. In December the girls made up a Christmas basket and delivered it to a needy family the day before Christmas. In February the Firemakers gave the rest of the group a Spaghetti Dinner. The Firemakers cooked the dinner and had complete charge of the evening. In March the group had a camp fire out at the Old River. Before the dinner the girls took a hike on the old levee and collected nature articles. In May the girls went to the Camp Fire Girls' Play Day at the College of the Pacific. Mary McDonald was the girl who brought home a blue ribbon. Donna Nicholson won a swimming ribbon for a first place. The last day of May will be the Council Fire at which time the girls will try to pass their rank.

--Irene Frates.





The Elukiwas Group started meeting in October at the American Legion Hut with the following officers: Imogene Linderman, Betty Croxton, Joyce Horskorts and Patsy Bell. During the year the group took part in the P.T.A. Program at West Park, took a hike to Castle Rock, made Christmas gifts for Mothers, gave a New Year Dinner to the adopted family, had a trail seeker's and Pot Luck Dinner, participated in Pioneer Day Parade and made gifts for Mothers on Mother's Day. A Council Fire was also held at which time the girls passed their ranks. Mrs. Young was the guardian of the group. The members were Betty Lankster, Irma Funkhouser, Barbara Baldwin, Winnie Jacobsen, Betty Lou McNair, Barbara Schmid, Ruby Blankenship, Patsy Bell, Imogene Linderman, Betty Croxton, and Joyce Horskorts.


These younger girls have done some splendid work and will all probably continue next year in the upper group.








Troop 37 consists of forty members, ten of which are in high school and the remaining thirty attend West Park. The Scoutmaster is Mr. Saunders and the two Assistant Scoutmasters are Mr. Robinson and Mr. Monroe.


During the past year many activities were carried on by the boys, some of which were the Merit Badge Show, Hikes, Camps, service to Tracy, the Camporee and the Camporall.


Three patrols just returned from the Camporee at Stockton where they received an "A" rating. These patrols will go to Yosemite Valley in October for the Camporall. Many of the scouts will attend the summer camp in the High Sierras.


Richard Kealm is most outstanding scout in the troop and is the one who has made the most progress during the year.





Troop 38 under the leadership of Scoutmaster Eugene Blank has had a very successful year.


In September the troop held a week-end trip to Muir Woods in Marin County, bordering San Francisco Bay.


Eugene Bartlett won a free week at Camp Baxter during the summer for winning the bugleing contest at the Camporee. He also won this same trip last year.


In October several of the scouts with Scoutmaster Blank attended the Nevada Camporal at Lake Tahoe. The boys experienced a snow storm and camping in the rain so all in all it was a real experience for them.


The boys of Troop 37 and Troop 38 helped decorate the streets of Tracy for Christmas.


Troop 38 won an "A" rating at the Camporee in Stockton several weeks ago.


On Memorial Day the boys of the two troops participated in services at the Tracy Cemetary.


Several week-end trips are planned for the near future to finish out the school year.









President, Gerald Cornwell

Vice-President, Roland Noack

Secretary, Mary Yamasaki

Treasurer, Betty Jane Smith

Girls' Yell Leader, Joyce Keaton

Boys' Yell Leader, Ecidore Padilla

Girls' Athletic Manager, Wilma Sutton

Boys' Athletic Manager, Gerald Lawrence

Lost and Found Director, Barbara Butterfield

Director of Property, Vernon Paris

Director of Outside Traffic, Joe Gonzales

Director of Inside Traffic, Dolores Azededo

Bank Chairman, Annette Kirkman




8X Representative, Barbara Butterfield

8Y Representative, Gene Hedrick

7X Representative, Kenneth Westlake

7Y Representative, Kathryn McCleary

7Z Representative, Betty George

6X Representative, Shirley Azevedo

6Y Representative, Evelyn Bates

6Z Representative, Dorothy Pasqual

5X Representative, Rita Ranastaio

5Y Representative, Tommy Albano

5Z Representative, Lupe Rangel



This council of the first semester gave as gifts to the school, decorations for the Christmas Tree and a new school banner.


The council of the second semester gave a California to the school.


The Student Council gets the money from auctions and from the sale of the BLUE 'N GOLD by the News Club.








President, Roland Noack

Vice-President, Lee Doan

Secretary, Alice Souza

Treasurer, Mildred Neves

Girls' Yell Leader, Lorraine Young

Boys' Yell Leader, Alexander Perry

Girls' Athletic Manager, Marie Cardoza

Boys' Athletic Manager, Lauren Monroe

Lost and Found Director, Barbara Butterfield

Director of Property, Gene Hedrick

Director of Outside Traffic, Richard Kealm

Director of Inside Traffic, Jane Fink

Bank Chairman, Annette Kirkman




8X Representative, Jack Hilken

8Y Representative, Wilma Sutton

7X Representative, Marie Vlahos

7Y Representative, Peggy Prout

7Z Representative, Geane McCaleb

6X Representative, Rose Ellen Frerichs

6Y Representative, Virginia Sutton

6Z Representative, Eddie Enos

5X Representative, Betty Lou Casow

5Y Representative, Ruby Blankenship

5Z Representative, Gus Carlo.



The Student Council which is elected by the students of West Park School is the student governing board of the school. Mr. Hoar is the faculty advisor of the council which meets on Tuesdays at three-thirty.





During the school year many clubs of West Park have been active in all kinds of work. There were the following clubs: The News Club, The Art Club, The Glee Clubs, The Dramatics Clubs, The Sewing Club, The Knitting Club, and the Shop Clubs.



The News Club prints the West Park News each week. The club meets on Mondays and the members are assigned beats to investigate and write for the paper. The beats are turned in on Tuesday and the paper is printed on Wednesday by the members of the club. Two members are selected each week to help Miss Mitchell print the paper. On Thursday the papers are delivered to each room by members of the club.


Serials written by Barbara Butterfield, Dolores Azvedo and Rodney Siemiller were printed in the paper during the school year.


On November 3 the News Club visited the Tracy Press to see how a larger paper is printed. The group enjoyed the visit very much and asked many questions.


A Christmas Party was held in December and the group spent a very interesting afternoon playing games and enjoying each other's company.


During the year the members of the club have saved tinfoil. Over fifteen pounds was turned over to the Shriner's Hospital for Crippled Children and since that time another fifteen pounds has been saved.


The BLUE 'N GOLD has been the center of interest ever since the beginning of the year. First, tickets were sold by the members of the club. Rodney Siemiller was the leading ticket-seller, having sold almost one hundred tickets.


The officers of the club were: Presidents, Roland Noack and Lee Doan; Vice-Presidents, Marie Vlahos and Keith Willis; Secretaries, Helen Vegias and Sylvia Berk.


All of the members of the club participated in working on the paper during the year and the annual was worked on by all members of the club.


Miss Mitchell was the faculty advisor of the club.

--Irene Frates






The Seventh and Eighth Grade Art Classes and Clubs seem to have really accomplished something this 1938-1939 school year.


Winning the prize of fifteen dollars at the State Fair seems to have given them (shall we say) new vim and vigor as they surely have produced some nice work this year and are hoping to win a prize again this year.


The Eighth Grade Art Club has worked vigorously on its puppets which proved to be very successful. Several assembly shows were given by the members of the club with their puppets. The puppets will be the main entry of the art department at the State Fair at Sacramento. Much credit must be given to our patient and capable teacher, Miss Wilkinson, who has put forth every effort to help the members accomplish what they have.

--Rodney Siemiller






During the School year the Dramatics Clubs have presented many plays for the school assemblies and for different programs which have been shown here at school.


Some of the leading plays have been: "A Grateful Family", "A Halloween Wish", "Left Out", "Geraldine's Inspiration", "George Washington's Fortune", "True Blue", "Let's Be Truthful", "Cattle Raising in Colorado", and the "No Rule School".


For Public School Week the members of the two clubs along with members of the school presented a pageant entitled "A Pan American Tour". The cast included Beverly Allen, Walter Cleary, Gene Hedrick, Mildred Neves, Junior Friend, Donna Blincoe, Wayne Worman, Robert Jenkins, Jean Narramore, Dale Elliot, Beverly Byers, Mary Lu Bush, Bobby Hedrick, Rosemary White and Earl Woodward.


A very nice Christmas pageant was given by the Dramatics and Glee Clubs combined. Music and story were presented by the members in beautiful costumes.


Miss Leaman was the faculty advisor of the clubs.

--Maxine Levin





The Seventh and Eighth Grade Boys who were in the Shop Clubs this year made many things. Some of these things were Photo Books, Checker Boards, Scrap Books, Autograph Books, Kites, Garden Figurines, and Door Stops. This year the boys tried something new. They burned wood and burnished it with a wire buffer.


The boy who made the most things was Bud Synak closely followed by Gerald Cornwell, Junior Friend and Rodney Siemiller. Lee Doan takes the most trouble with his work. Edward Hettervik and Robert Wigginton made the most colorful articles.


There were some new tools purchased this year. They were a Mitre Box, some new saws, hammers, framing squares and other tools needed to work.


There were twenty seventh graders in the club and twenty-four eighth graders in the clubs. Mr Saunders was the faculty advisor.

--Lee Williams






There were two Glee Clubs this year, one for the eighth graders and one for the seventh graders. Both clubs have learned such songs as Caroline, On the Road to Mandalay, My Curly Headed Bobby and O Swallow Swift.


The clubs performed on many occasions. The performances were for the P.T.A., Music Week, Christmas Pageant, School Week, Lions' Club, at Graduation and at many assemblies.


The officers of the clubs were:

Seventh Grade

Presidents: Maxine Levin and Marie Vlahos

Secretaries: Jimmie Richards and Patricia Rowland

Librarians: Jean Hoyt, Dolores Hopkins, Billie Crouch and Jim Richards


Eighth Grade

Presidents: Robert Stocking and Jack Hilken

Secretaries: Wilma Sutton and Jane Fink

Librarians: Walter Cleary and Junior Friend


Miss Leaman was the faculty advisor and the members enjoyed the singing very much.


The Glee Clubs supplied the music for the pageant "A Pan American Tour". For the pageant the group learned many songs in Spanish and of a Spanish nature.

--Marie Vlahos





There were two Sewing Clubs, composed of members of the seventh grade. One met on Mondays and the other of Tuesdays.


The officers were:

Presidents: Stella Simpson and Mary McDonald

Vice-President: Helen Hanson

Secretaries: Madeline Texeira and Joyce Keaton


The two clubs made many things during the school year. Some of the girls embroidered towels, made pillows, slips, dish towels and colorful belts. The girls have also made fish pillows. They made and stuffed dogs, cats and dolls. Some of the belts were made of ribbon with wool decorations. Other girls made pot holders, aprons, candlewick pillows and wearing apparel. Miss Sanders was the faculty advisor.

--Wilma Corbett





The Eighth Grade Girls really had a Sewing Club but mostly Knitting was done by the girls.


First, the girls knitted purses and then sweaters. Many different types of sweaters were knitted among them being barrels, slip-ons, and coat sweaters. The girls who made coat sweaters learned to crochet and to make button holes. After the girls finished their sweaters they went ahead and worked on anything that they desired. Many of the girls made skirts which were gathered at the waist with elastic. Some of these projects made by the girls will be shown at the State Fair. Other girls made outfits for the Pioneer Days here in Tracy.


The girls made a banner for the Traffic Boys, and arm bands for the corridor monitors. Just before the close of school the girls gave a fashion show for their mothers. These same girls made many of the costumes for the pageants and plays. These same girls were members of last year's Sewing Club which won the sweepstake money at the Fair with which they purchased a mirror for the sewing classes. Miss Sanders was the advisor.

--Helen Vegias






Editor, Lee Doan

Associate Editors, Mario Vlahos and Annette Kirkman

Assistant Editor, Keith Willis

Girls' Sports, Maxine Levin

Boys' Sports, Roland Noack

Glee Clubs, Marie Vlahos

Dramatics Clubs, Marie Vlahos and Betty Smith

Sewing Club, Wilma Corbett

Knitting Club, Helen Vegias


Art Club, Rodney Siemiller

News Club, Irene Frates

Camp Fire Girls, Jean Frerichs

Boy Scouts, Frank Vierra

Office News, Helen Vegias and Lee Doan

Assemblies, Sylvia Berk

Jokes, Betty Hollingshead, Lee Williams and Sylvia Berk

Finis, Marie Vlahos

Horoscope, Betty Smith and Barbara Butterfield







Eugene Barlett

Marie Cardoza

Gerald Cornwell

Doris Dickerson

Junior Friend

Glen Funkhouser

Edward Kealm

Richard Kealm

Walter King

Anna Neilsen

Jack Nevin

Vernon Paris

Alexander Perry

Allan Potter

Rodney Siemiller

Leroy Slayter

Gordon Van Ness





During the school year Assemblies were presented each Thursday. The Lower Grade Assembly, grades five and six, was at three o'clock and the Upper Grade Assembly was at three-thirty o'clock. Singing, plays and other entertainment presented by the children was the program during the year. The programs for several of the outstanding programs are given below.


Upper Assemblies:

December 22, 1939.

Chairman, Gerald Cornwell

1. Christmas Selections, West Park Orchestra

2. "Christmas at Caseys"v- A play.

Mrs. Casey: Beverly Allen

Mr. Casey: Gene Hedrick

Mary: Alice Souza

Kathleen: Harriet Warner

Jack: Robert Stocking

3. "O Holy Night" - A song sung by an Eighth Grade Group.

4. "The First Christmas" - A Pageant

Mary: Margaret Richards


Wise Men: Walter Cleary, Raymond Nelson, LeRoy Slayter


Shepards: Kenneth Westlake, Robert Stocking, Arthur Junguira


Angels: Alice Souza, Helen Hansen, Wilma Sutton, Geane McCaleb, Helen Taylor, Maxine Levin


Assisted by the Glee with the musical selections.


5. "Joy to the World" sung by the enitre assembly.


January 26, 1939 Amateur Hour

Chairman:  Joyce Keaton

1. Flag Salute

2. Star Spangled Banner"

3. "Umbrella Man"

Nicky Margaros on the accordian

Angelo Davanis with voice

4. "My Little Jacob Straus" Recitation by Helen Hansen

5. "Tap Dance" Stella Simpson

6. "Tontide" Recitation by Donna Nicholson

7. "Alice Blue Gown" Song by Patricia Rowland

8. Group Singing.



Assembly Program

March 1939

Chairman: Ollie White

1. Flag Salute

2. America

3. "Orville's Big Date" A once act comedy.

Orville: Walter Cleary

Beatrice: Peggy Cargay

Vivian: Mildred Neves

Ethyle: Alice Souza

Prompter: Beverly Allen



Lower Assembly

The plays for the Lower Assembly were worked on outside of school as there was no class for Dramatics. Some of the plays presented during the school year were:

"The Book Court"

"A Call for Volunteers"

"The Candle in the Window"

"The Spirit of the Tree"







The 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades started the fall term by playing kickball. This is just like baseball except that the ball is rolled on the ground and kicked. The games were played in the classes only as there were no tournaments.


Some of the outstanding players were: Mamie Fogli, Marie Cardoza, May Louie, Pat Hollingshead, and Rosie Rodriques.





After kickball was over we played volleyball. The 6th, 7th, and 8th grades learned to play the game. The boys and girls of the eighth grade played against each other in a mixed tournament. The 8Y were the winners. The 7th grade girls payed the 8th grade girls and the 8th grade came out on top.


The leading players were: Kathryn Krause, Tillie Allegre, and Rosie Ortega.





We had an exciting basketball season playing two games with the high school. One was played at West Park School and one at the high school gym. The high school team was the winner each time. The 7th grade played the 8th grade, and the 8th grade was the winner. The 8X played the 8Y and the 8Y won. The 6th grade learned to play nine court basketball which they liked very much.


The outstanding players were: Madeline Texiera, Peggy Prout, Alice Souza, Carolyn Copeland, and Lucille Furtado.





The West Park Play Day brought out some of the best runners and a few surprises.


In the 50 yard dash the seventh grade defeated the eighth grade with Bertie Lou Waters (7Z) coming in first, Doris Dickerson (8X) coming in second. The eighth grade came back in speedy style, and defeated the 7th grade in the 100 yard relay.


The 6th grade held it's own in the 25 yard dash and defeated the fifth grade with Marilyn Noack (6X) coming in first just a hairbreadth ahead of Romana Alvarez. They also defeated the fifth grade in the 100 yard relay. The members of the 6th grade relay team were Carolyn Copeland, Lucille Furtado, Pat Hollingshead, and Frances Rehn.


The 7th and 8th grade relay was won by the 8th grade. The winners were: Alice Souza, Mary Yamasaki, Ollie White, and Mildred Neves. The 50 yard dash was won by a seventh grader, Bertie Lou Waters. Doris Dickerson came in second.





The seventh grade defeated the eighth grade in baseball by a large score on Play Day. No other tournaments were held except during classes.


The Camp Fire Girls who are all seventh graders journeyed to Stockton and defeated the Ceres Camp Fire Girls by a score of 14-2. Donna Nicholson was captain, and Katherine McCleary pitched a fine game.


The best batters and fielders were: Esperanza Escobar, Wilma Sutton, Betty Sherwood, and Sophie Villegas.





With a big splash, swimming started on May 15, and West Park answered in good style with 81 girls going in on the first day.


This year the requirements for each swimming class were increased. However, each pupil learned how to perfect the three main strokes used in Life Saving, and how to take care of herself in the water. In addition to that all groups learned how to throw a ring buoy, and rescue a drowning person without swimming out to them. Instead of buttons being awarded as in previous years certificates were given to those passing their tests.


Some of the outstanding swimmers in the swimmer's class were: Beverly Allen, Harriet Warner, (8X); Lorraine Young (7X); Betty Sue Moon (7Z); Carolyn Copeland (6X), and Frances Rehn (6X). Ruth Marks, Barbara Baldwin, and Joyce Horstkorta (5X).


Some outstanding beginners were: Frieda Cook (8X); Bertie Lou Waters (7Y), Joyce Latimer (7X); Rosemary White (6X); Patsy Bell (5X); and Jean Garrison (5X).


Outstanding in the intermediate class were: Rose Marie Furrer (8Y); Irene Frates and Sylvia Berk (7X); Marie Carter (6X); and Ruth Venable (5X); and Shirley Pope (5Z).







This year's football season was very exciting and interestin although we lost both games to the more experienced and heavier freshman team of the high school. The scores were 24-0 and 12-0. Our team was as follows:


Left End, Vernon Paris

Left Tackle, Norman Wallace

Left Guard, Clarence Enos



Center, Junior Friend

Right Guard, Stanley Lowery

Right Tackel, Raymond Nelson

Right End, Joe Berch

Quarter Back, Roland Noack

Left Half, Gene Hedrick

Right Half, Joe Gonzalez

Full Back, Joe Ortega


There were two games played between the 8X and 8Y. The first game was won by the 8X with a beautiful pass from Joe Ortega, captain and star full back of the team, to Robert Stocking wh carried the ball over for a touch-down. The teams were:



Gerald Cornwell, Left End

Richard Kealm, Left Tackle

Wesley Thorton, Left Guard

Junior Friend, Center

Gordon VanNess, Right Guard

Glen Funkhouser, Right Tackle

LeRoy Slayter, Right End

Roland Noack, Quater Back

Robert Stocking, L. Half Back

Vernon Paris, R. Half Back

Joe Ortega, Full Back



Jack Nevin, Left End

Norman Wallace, Left Tackle

Clarence Enos, Left Guard

Stanley Lowery, Center

Frank Silveria, Right Guard

Raymond Nelson, Right Tackle

Freddie Hunt, Right End

Lauren Monroe, Quarter Back

Joe Berch, L. Half Back

Gene Hedrick, R. Half Back

Joe Gonzalez, Full Back



The second game was a very interesting and exciting game too. But, this time the 8Y won with a brilliant run by Laurie Monroe to score for the 8Y.


All in all the boys voted the foot-ball season a very exciting one and also a very interesting one. The boys learned many new plays from Mr. Robinson and also learned how to play more carefully. Playing without getting hurt is very essential and the boys tried very hard to play carefully so that there would be as few accidents as possible.





Many a thrilling game was played this past basket-ball season and Gene Hedrick was proclaimed the most outstanding player.


As usual West Park played the freshmen but the freshmen emerged victorious in all games this year.


Our team was composed of the following players:



Vernon Paris

Joe Gonzalez


Gene Hedrick

Jack Nevin

Laurie Monroe

Robert Stocking


Gerald Cornwell

Gerald Lawrence

Roland Noack

Richard Kealm





There was also a series of games played between the 8X and the 8Y and the 8Y won the series. The teams were:



Jack Nevin, Forward

Robert Stocking, Forward

Vernon Paris, Center

Gerald Cornwell, Guard

Roland Noack, Guard


Gene Hedrick, Forward

Laurie Monroe, Forward

Joe Gonzalez, Center

Gerald Lawrence, Guard

LeRoy Slayter, Guard




The 8X also played a series of games with the seventh grade and emerged victorious. The teams were:



Jack Nevin, Forward

Robert Stocking, Forward

Vernon Paris, Center

Gerald Cornwell, Guard

Roland Noack, Guard

Seventh Grade

Philip Hall, Forward

Harper Randolf, Forward

Jimmy Miller, Center

George Hamilton, Guard

Jimmy Richards, Guard




And so, the basketball season was voted a success.






This year West Park only played one game with the high school freshmen and upset all predictions by coming out on top with the score of six to five.


The West Park team was as follows:


Catcher, Gene Hedrick

Pitcher, Laurie Monroe

First Base, Joe Gonzalez and Gerald Lawrence

Second Base, Jack Nevin

Third Base, Junior Friend

Short Stop, Gerald Cornwell

Roving Short, Bud Synak

Center Field, Gale Thomas

Right Field, Wesley Thorton

Left Field, Vernon Paris



There was an attempt by the teachers and some of the boys to organize after-school baseball but it was a failure because of the lack of interest on the part of the boys.





The seemingly unconquerable Eighth Grade Relay Team of Richard Kealm, Harold Van Hagen, Raymond Nelson and Robert Wigginton was defeated by the Seventh Grade Relay Team composed of Edward Marlow, Jimmy Blair, Elias Villegas and Philip Hall.


The Eighth Grade Light Relay Team of Junior Friend, Lee Dunn, LeRoy Slayter and Gordon Van Ness was out run by the Seventh Grade Team composed of Tony Alvarez, Robert Murello, Glen Sasser and Frankie Rebiero.


There were no 100 yard runs but there was High Jumping, Broad Jumping and Shot Putting. The boys practiced very hard to make the day of field and track events very successful.


The Play Day was very successful despite the gale that was blowing that day.






We all look forward to swimming every year because we learn how to swim and dive and to be careful around the water. This spring we have learned the three main strokes, the breast, side, and overhand crawl. When we knew these three strokes perfectly we passed our intermediate swimmers' test and received certificates from the Red Cross. Many of us passed the beginners' test which was much harder this year. In the Eighth Grade Gerald Cornwell, Jack Hilken, Junior Friend, Vernon Paris, Robert Stocking, Eugene Bartlett, Lauren Monroe and Stanley Lowery expect certificates before the close of school.


In the Seventh Grade Jimmy Miller is the only one who has passed the test already but several more hope to pass before the term is over.


In the Sixth Grade Ernest Stearns, Eddie Enos, LeRoy Spangler, Clarenece Collins, Raymond Coykendall and a few more may pass before the close of school.


In the Fifth Grade Charles Stevenson, Harold Lowery and Dean Lee may all pass.


We congratulate all of these boys who have really accomplished something this swimming year. We hope that they will make good use of all of their strokes and that they will never be careless in the water.


No one will pass the Junior Life Saving Test but several will be ready to pass it after a good practice during the summer.


Roland Noack was the editor of the BOYS' SPORTS.





When the work is done

And night begins to fall,

We talk about many things,

But Autumn most of all.


Mother nature has taken a hand

In turning the leaves all gold and brown,

The birds fly about over the land,

And the leaves come softly down.


This gives you a fair idea my friend

About Autumn in our land,

And some day soon please write to me,

And tell me about your land.

--Freddie Hunt

"An original poem"





Transcribed by Sharon Marie Robinson.

© 2010 Sharon Marie Robinson.