Alameda District. Organized November 17th, 1893. Meets Friday P.M. at Club House, Stockton, San Joaquin Co. Election 4th Friday in May.



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Miss LOTTIE W. RUGGLES, Stockton. President

Mrs. R.C. MINOR, Stockton. 1st Vice-President

Mrs. J.M. PERRY, Stockton. ino2nd Vice President

Mrs. C.W. MORTON, Stockton. 3rd Vice President

Miss ROSE GNEKOW, Stockton. Recording Secretary

Mrs. EDGAR WOODRUFF, Stockton. Corresponding Secretary

Mrs. E.S. LEE, Stockton. Financial Secretary

Mrs. E.L. GIBBENS, 222 E. Flora, Stockton, San Joaquin Co. Treasurer

Mrs. HARRY McCABE, Stockton. Librarian.







ADAMS, Mrs. EGBERT, Stockton.

ADAMS, Mrs. HENRY, Stockton.

AHRENS, Mrs., Stockton.

AKERLY, Mrs. A.B., Stockton.

ALBERTI, Miss B., Stockton.

ARTHUR, Mrs. E.A., Stockton.

ASHLEY, Mrs. A.H., Stockton.

ASHLEY, Mrs. GEORGE, Stockton.

ATHERTON, Mrs. GEORGE, Stockton.

BACKUS, Mrs. W.J., Stockton.

BALDWIN, Mrs. HERBERT, Stockton.

BARRETT, Mrs. J.W., Stockton.

BERTHOLF, Mrs. C.F., Stockton.

BIXLER, Miss ELEANOR, Stockton.


BRUECK, Mrs. K.C., Stockton.

BARNETT, Mrs. HAL, Stockton.

BEEVER, Mrs. H.C., Stockton.

BILLWILLER, Mrs. E.O., Stockton.

BOGGS, Mrs. F.S., Stockton.

BRACK, Mrs. HENRY, Stockton.

BRADY, Mrs. J.L., Stockton.

BRANDT, Mrs. R.C., Stockton.

BUELL, Mrs. P.A., Stockton.

BURTON, Mrs. G.M., Stockton.

BURTON, Mrs. FRANK, Stockton.

CAMPBELL, Mrs. J.D., Stockton.

CARSON, Mrs. O.D., Stockton.

CASTLE, Mrs. J.U., Stockton.

CARY, Mrs. FRED, Lodi, Cal.

CHESTNUTWOOD, Mrs. W.H., Stockton.

CLARK, Mrs. ASA, Stockton.

CLARK, Mrs. FRED P., Stockton.

CLARKE, Mrs. F.R., Stockton.

CONDY, Mrs. E.B., Stockton.

CONNELLY, Mrs. T.F., Stockton.

CORY, Mrs. J.B., Acampo, Cal.

CRAIG, Mrs. J.H., Stockton.

CROSS, Mrs. HARRY, Stockton.

CURREY, Mrs. J.T., Stockton.

CASTLE, Mrs. D.O., Stockton.

CASTLE, Miss MARGARET, Stockton.

CATTS, Mrs. G.E., Stockton.

COHEN, Miss BERTHA, Stockton.

COHN, Miss BYRDE, Stockton.

COOK, Mrs. A.H., Stockton.

COOK, Mrs. C.C., Stockton.

CRANE, Mrs. G.E., Stockton.

CUNNINGHAM, Miss M., Stockton.

CURETON, Mrs. EDWARD, Stockton.

DAMERON, Mrs. J.D., Stockton.

DANFORD, Mrs. V., Stockton.

DERR, Mrs. J.O., Stockton.

DICKINSON, Mrs. E.C., Stockton.

DODGE, Miss EMILY, Stockton.

DOLL, Miss HELEN, Stockton.

DIETRICH, Mrs. Joseph, Stockton.

DOOLITTLE, Mrs. W.W., Stockton.

DUNBAR, Mrs. T., Stockton.

DAVISON, Mrs. J.T., Stockton.

DODGE, Miss A.L., Stockton.

DODGE, Mrs. H.W., Stockton.

DRAGOMANOVICH, Mrs. N., Stockton.

ECKSTROM, Mrs. F., Stockton.

ECCLESTON, Mrs. O.H., Stockton.

ELLIS, Mrs. F.E., Stockton.

ELSOM, Mrs. ABBIE, Stockton.

ENGLISH, Mrs. C.F., Stockton.

FAGAN, Mrs. D., Jr., Stockton.

FANNING, Miss JANE D., Stockton.

FERGUSON, Mrs. M.A., Stockton.

FISH, Mrs. J.D., Stockton.

FISHER, Mrs. W.R., Stockton.

FOLTZ, Mrs. E.P., Stockton.

FOWLER, Mrs. W.M., Stockton.

FRANKENHEIMER, Mrs. L., Stockton.


FRASER, Mrs. P.B., Stockton.

FRIEDBERGER. Mrs. M., Stockton.

FREITAS, Mrs. L.T., Stockton.

FERGUSON, Miss RUTH, Stockton.

FLANAGAN, Mrs. A.F., Stockton.

FYFE, Mrs. J., Stockton.

GALL, Mrs. C.G., Stockton.

GIBBENS, Mrs. EDWARD L., Stockton.

GILLIS, Mrs. SARAH, Stockton.

GNEKOW, Mrs. E.L., Stockton.

GNEKOW, Miss ROSE, Stockton.

GOODELL, Mrs. FRANK, Stockton.

GOODMAN, Miss ROSE. Stockton.

GRAHAM, Mrs. EUGENE, Stockton.

GRAVEM. Mrs. M.L., Stockton.

GIANELLI, Miss E., Stockton.

GILMORE, Mrs. D.N., Stockton.

GUMMER, Mrs. F.A., Stockton.

GUERNSEY, Mrs. D.A., Stockton.

HAIGHT, Mrs. L.M., Stockton.

HALEY, Mrs. R.B., Stockton.

HALL, Mrs. J.W., Stockton.

HAMILTON, Mrs. G.B., Stockton.

HEFFERMAN, Mrs. J., Stockton.

HENDERSON, Miss ELLA, Stockton.

HESS, Mrs. EDWIN, Stockton.

HICKINBOTHAM, Mrs. S.M., Stockton.

HILKE, Miss EMMA, Stockton.


HOLLEY, Mrs. F.S., Stockton.

HOLT, Mrs. BENJAMIN, Stockton.

HORNAGE, Mrs. GEORGE, Stockton.

HORNBEAK, Mrs. M.A., Stockton.

HOUSKEN, Mrs. G.E., Stockton.

HUBBARD, Mrs. F.B., Stockton.

HUBBARD, Mrs. M.S., Stockton.

HUSKINS, Mrs. W.B., Stockton.

HALL, Mrs. LYNWOOD, Stockton.

HALLOWELL, Mrs. G.W., Stockton.

HAMMOND, Mrs. R.R., Stockton.

HARRIS, Mrs. E.F., Stockton.

HARROLD, Mrs. C.H., Stockton.

HARRY, Mrs. C.R., Stockton.

HEWITT, Mrs. W.T., Stockton.

HEWLETT, Mrs. H.H., Stockton.

HEWLETT, Miss MARY, Stockton.

HIGBY, Mrs. E.H., Stockton.

HIGGINBOTHAM, Mrs. H.T., Stockton.

HOBIN, Mrs. W.H., Stockton.

HODGKINS, Mrs. S.N., Stockton.

HOWELL, Miss M.U., Stockton.

ISRAEL, Mrs. F.S., Stockton.

JACKSON, Mrs. C.M., Stockton.

JAHANT, Miss ELLA, Stockton.

JAHANT, Miss FANNIE, Stockton.

JOHNSON, Mrs. J.F., Stockton.

KAPP, Mrs. FRANCES, Stockton.

KAPPENBURG, Mrs. A., Stockton.

KEAGLE, Mrs. A.G., Stockton.

KENYON, Mrs. PERCY, Stockton.

KETCHAM, Mrs. CHAS. H., Stockton.

KINNEY, Miss MAY, Stockton.

KOCH, Mrs. J.R., Stockton.

KNIGHT, Mrs. R.B., Stockton.

LADD, Mrs. GEORGE S., Stockton.

LAUXEN, Mrs. R., Stockton.

LEE, Mrs. EUGENE, Stockton.

LEFFLER, Mrs. W.H.E., Stockton.

LEITCH, Mrs. THOMAS, Stockton.

LEVY, Mrs. M., Stockton.

LEWIS, Mrs. KATHERINE, Stockton.

LONG, Miss NONIE, Stockton.

LUND, Mrs. ANDREW, Stockton.

LUNDY, Mrs. J.W., Stockton.

LANG, Mrs. A.B., Stockton.

LATTA, Mrs. S.E., Stockton.

LAWSON, Mrs. W.E., Stockton.

LEISTNER, Mrs. G.W., Stockton.

LITTLEHALE, Mrs. C.E., Stockton.

LOUTTIT, Mrs. T.S., Stockton.

LUBOSCH, Mrs. M.E., Stockton.

MANTHEY, Mrs. H.M., Stockton.

MARKHEIM, Mrs. M., Stockton.

MARSH, Mrs. ORPHA, Stockton.

MARTIN, Mrs. IRVING, Stockton.

McCABE, Mrs. HARRY, Stockton.

McCAN, Mrs. F.A., Stockton.

McDOUGALD, Mrs. J.D., Stockton.

McKAIN, Mrs. FRED, Stockton.

McLEOD, Mrs. GEO., Stockton.

McNOBLE, Mrs. H.R., Stockton.

MEIGS, Mrs. J.J., Stockton.

MEYERS, Mrs. FRANK, Stockton.

MINAHEN, Mrs. GEORGE E., Stockton.


MILLER, Mrs. LYNDALL, Stockton.

MINOR, Mrs. R.C., Stockton.

MINTA, Mrs. MAY, Stockton.

MITCHELL, Miss BELLE, Stockton.

MITCHELL, Mrs. E.J., Stockton.

MOORE, Mrs. J. WILLIAM, Stockton.

MOORE, Mrs. JOHN W., Stockton.

MOORE, Mrs. ROY T., Stockton.

MELONE, Mrs. G.S., Stockton.

MEYER, Mrs. H.C., Stockton.

MILLER, Mrs. W.B., Stockton.

MOOREHEAD, Mrs. C.E., Stockton.

MOREING, Mrs. CHAS., Stockton.

MORTON, Mrs. R.M., Stockton.

MURPHY, Mrs. M., Stockton.

MacDONALD, Mrs. BEN, Stockton.

McCORMICK, Mrs. ANDREW, Stockton.

NELSON, Mrs. T.A., Stockton.

NEUMILLER, Mrs. W.C., Stockton.

NOBLE, Mrs. A.M., Stockton.

NUNAN, Mrs. J.J., Stockton.

NUTTER, Mrs. W.B., Stockton.

NICOLES, Mrs. K.M., Stockton.

NORTON, Miss LILLIAN, Stockton.

NOYES, Mrs. M.T., Stockton.

O'HIGGINS, Mrs. P.J., Stockton.

PARKER, Mrs. ALBERT, Stockton.

PARKER, Miss MARY, Stockton.

PARKINSON, Mrs. O.B., Stockton.

PARSONS, Mrs. E.T., Stockton.

PERRY, Miss S.E., Stockton.

PERRY, Mrs. J.M., Stockton.

PETERS, Mrs. JOSEPH, Stockton.

PLUMMER, Mrs. J.H., Stockton.

POWELL, Mrs. B.J., Stockton.

PROLE, Mrs. H.A., Stockton.

POWELL, Mrs. ROBERT, Stockton.

PRYOR, Mrs. A.C., Stockton.

RAGGIO, Mrs. JOHN, Stockton.

RAY, Miss GRACE, Stockton.

READ, Mrs. T.Y., Stockton.

REIBENSTEIN, Mrs. R.R., Stockton.

REID, Mrs. R.A., Stockton.


RICE, Mrs. JAMES E., Stockton.

RICE, Mrs. REUBEN, Stockton.

ROBERTS, Mrs. A.F., Stockton.


ROBINSON, M iss MARIE, Stockton.

ROSS, Mrs. ARTHUR, Stockton.

ROSS, Mrs. D., Stockton.

ROTHENBUSH, Mrs. F.W., Stockton.

RUFF, Mrs. S.F., Stockton.

RUGGLES, Mrs. C.A., Stockton.

RUGGLES, Miss LOTTIE, Stockton.

RIECKS, Mrs. W.H., Stockton.

ROBERTS, Miss M.A., Stockton.

ROSS, Mrs. NEIL, Stockton.

SAFFERHILL, Mrs. S.S., Stockton.

SANDERSON, Mrs. H.E., Stockton.

SANFORD, Mrs. J.A., Stockton.

SARGENT, Mrs. C.S., Stockton.

SINGLE, Mrs. ANNA, Stockton.

SIX, Mrs. C.L., Stockton.

SMALLFIELD, Mrs. A.A., Stockton.

SMITH, Miss NELL. A., Stockton.

SMITH, Miss NELLIE C., Stockton.

SMITH, Mrs. R.R., Stockton.

STEIN, Mrs. M.P., Stockton.

STEINBECK, Mrs. W.M., Stockton.

STEINHART, Mrs. CARL, Stockton.

STEWART, Mrs. J.A., Stockton.

STEWART, Mrs. E.C., Stockton.

STITT, Mrs. P.H., Stockton.

STOWE, Mrs. E.B., Stockton.

SWAIN, Mrs. GEORGE, Stockton.

SALA, Miss MARY, Stockton.

SARGENT, Mrs. J.P., Stockton.

SHEETS, Mrs. W.H., Stockton.

SMALLPAGE, Mrs. C.N., Stockton.

SMITH, Mrs. C.B., Stockton.

SMITH, Mrs. M.F., Stockton.

SPRAGUE, Mrs. STANLEY, Stockton.

STONE, Mrs. LOUIS, Stockton.

STONE, Mrs. R.T., Stockton.

STROUP, Mrs. T.U., Stockton.

TAYLOR, Mrs. E.D., Stockton.

TENNYSON, Mrs. C.B., Lodi, Cal.

THOMPSON, Mrs. J.C., Stockton.

THRESHER, Mrs. W.R., Stockton.

THOMAS, Mrs. W.B., Stockton.

TREDWAY, Mrs. A.L., Stockton.

TREMPER, Mrs. H.N., Stockton.

TUGGLE, Mrs. DOLPH, Stockton.

TUMELTY, Mrs. R.C., Stockton.

UREN, Mrs. T.H., Stockton.

VIEBROCK, Mrs. F.J., Stockton.

VIZELICH, Miss NELLIE, Stockton.

WAGNER, Mrs. A.L., Stockton.

WALSH, Mrs. THOMAS, Stockton.

WARD, Mrs. J.E., Stockton.

WALDENMEIER, Mrs. A., Stockton.

WEBSTER, Mrs. P.S., Stockton.

WHITE, Miss ETTA, Stockton.

WILHOIT, Mrs. G.E., Stockton.

WILLARD, Mrs. G.A., Stockton.

WILLIAMS, Mrs. JOHN R., Stockton.

WILLIAMSON, Mrs. H., Stockton.

WILLIAMSON, Mrs. R.W., Stockton.

WOODHULL, Mrs. BENJ., Stockton.

WOODRUFF, Mrs. C., Stockton.

WOODS, Mrs. E.W.S., Stockton.

WRIGHT, Mrs. A.H., Stockton.

WURSTER, Mrs. F.W., Stockton.

WAKEFIELD, Mrs. C.G., Stockton.

WAKEFIELD, Mrs. L.D., Stockton.

WALKER, Mrs. G.W., Stockton.

WALLACE, Miss MAY, Stockton.

WARREN, Mrs. FRANK, Stockton.

WEBB, Mrs. EMMA, Stockton.

WEBER, Miss JULIA, Stockton.

WILCOX, Mrs. R.E., Stockton.

WILLIAMS, Mrs. C.E., Stockton.

WILSON, Mrs. J.A., Stockton.

WOLF, Mrs. ANDREW, Stockton.

WOLF, Mrs. FRANKLIN, Stockton.

YOUNG, Mrs. W.J., Stockton.

ZEIMER, Mrs. IRVING, Stockton.













Alameda District. Organized February, 1902. Federated, May, 1907. Meets at 2:30

each Monday at homes of members at Stockton, San Joaquin county, Cal. Election 1st

Monday in May.


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Mrs. D.J., MATTHEWS, Stockton, President

Mrs. T.P. BONNEY, Stockton, Treasurer

Mrs. A.W. KEITLE, Stockton, Corresponding Secretary

Mrs. MIRIAM EASTON, Stockton, Parliamentarian

Mrs. MARGARET ABBOTT, Stockton, Director

Mrs. J.W. WILLY, Stockton, Director

Mrs. GENEVA ALLEN, Stockton, Director







ABBOTT, Mrs. MARGARET, Stockton.

ALLEN, Mrs. GENEVA, Stockton.

BACHELLER, Mrs. R.M., Stockton.

BARNES, Mrs. JOHN E., Stockton.

BARNEY, Mrs. L.H., Stockton.

BEECHER, Mrs. JOHN, Stockton.

BLACKMUN, Mrs. E.L., Stockton.

BLAIN, Mrs. A.W., Stockton.

BONNEY, Mrs. T.P., Stockton.

BROADHURST, Mrs. Geo. W., Stockton.

BUCKALEW, Mrs. F.R., Stockton.

BURKETT, Mrs. J.J., Stockton.

BURNETT, Mrs. M.M., Stockton.

COOLEY, Mrs. E.D., Stockton.

COLT, Mrs. W.P., Stockton.

DAVIS, Mrs. B.S., Stockton.

DAVIS, Mrs. E.C., Stockton.

DORLAND, Mrs. S.A., Stockton.

DROWN, Mrs.IRWIN, Stockton.

EASTON, Mrs. MIRIAM, Stockton.

FINKBOHNER, Mrs. GEO., Stockton.

FRENCH, Mrs. W.A., Stockton.

FRENCH, Mrs. W.E., Stockton.

GRIMM, Mrs. MAX, Stockton.

GRUPE, Mrs. GEORGE, Stockton.

GRUPE, Mrs. HENRY, Stockton.

HARRIS, Mrs. JOHN W., Stockton.

HORNAGE, Mrs. GEORGE, Stockton.

JONES, Mrs. AMOS, Stockton.

KEITLE, Mrs. A.W., Stockton.

KING, Mrs. T.A., Stockton.

MARCEN, Mrs. E.C., Stockton.

MAXEY, Mrs. JOHN D., Stockton.

MURRAY, Mrs. WM. H., Stockton.

OWENS, Mrs. T.A., Stockton.

PARKER, Mrs. E.C., Stockton.

RAMSEY, Mrs. E.C., Stockton.

SINGLE, Mrs. M.J., Stockton.

SNOW, Mrs. WILLIAM, Stockton.

SMITH, Mrs. STARK B., Stockton.

SPOONER, Mrs. JOHN P., Stockton.

STEINEY, Mrs. THEO J., Stockton.


STOWE, Mrs. E.B., Stockton.

TRASK, Mrs. EDWARD, Stockton.

TREMPER, Mrs. H.N., Stockton.

UTT, Mrs. J.H., Stockton.

WARD, Mrs. JOSIAH E., Stockton.

WEAVER, Mrs. F.A., Stockton.

WELLS, Mrs. THOMAS W., Stockton.

WHALE, Mrs. FRANK, Stockton.

WHEELER, Mrs. N.A., Stockton.

WHITE, Mrs. M.B., Stockton.

WILLIAMS, Mrs. J.E., Stockton.

WILLIAMS, Mrs. J.M., Stockton.

WILLY, Mrs. J.W., Stockton.

WOODWARD, Mrs. M.G., Stockton.


ABEEL, Mrs. JAMES M., Stockton.

FERGUSON, Mrs. W.W., Stockton.






Transcribed by Sharon Marie Robinson.

Source: Hoag, Charles C., San Francisco Blue Book, Pages 551, 552 & 562.  Charles Hoag Pub., San Francisco, CA. 1916.

2010 Sharon Marie Robinson.