Stockton Illustrated 1894


Crockwell & Williams



J. Pitcher Spooner.





00/J Pitcher Spooner logo (not in souvenir album)


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01/Text-exterior hardcover/Souvenir of Stockton Cal   

02/Text/Stockton Illustrated in Photo-gravure, photographer (J Pitcher Spooner), Copyright (1894) publishing info

03/Text: Introduction to album/Description of Stockton and its founding

04/Photo/Charles M Weber     

05/Photos (array of 3 on page)/Residence of Captain Weber, 1850; Stockton Harbor in 1849; Stockton Harbor, 1849

06/Photo/Stockton, looking north from Court House

07/Photo/Stockton, looking south from Court House

08/Photos (array of 2 on page)/McLeod’s Lake; Steamer J. D. Peters

09/Photo/State Insane Asylum - Male Department

10/Photos (array of 3 on page)/State Insane Asylum - Female Department; Pacific Hospital - Asa Clark & Sons, Proprs.; Public Library Building

11/Photo/Stockton Harbor

12/Photos (array of 3 on page)/Southern Pacific R. R. Depot; Wharf of Cal. Navigation & Improvement Co.;Wharf of Union Transportation Co.

13/Photo/Commercial Hotel

14/Photos (array of 3 on page)/Grand Central Hotel; Southern Hotel; Yosemite Hotel

15/Photo/Residence of J. M. Welch

16/Photos (array of 2 on page)/Residence of J. H. Hoskins; Residence of W. D. Buckley

17/Photos (array of 2 on page)/Residence of J. L. Phelps; Residence of C. L. Ruggles

18/Photos (array of 2 on page)/Residence of Dr. C. L. De Vinney, 132 Hunter; Residence of R. E. Wilhoit

19/Photos (array of 3 on page)/Residences of S.W. Newell & C. E. Owen; Residences of H.H. Moore & P. A. Buell; Residence of George Sperry

20/Photos (array of 3 on page)/Union Flour Mill; Crown Flour Mill; Sperry Flour Mill and Office

21/Photos (array of 2 on page)/ P. A. Buell & Co. -  Office and Mill; P. A. Buell & Co. - Lumber Yard           

22/Photos (array of 2 on page)/ Stockton Woolen Mills; California Paper Mills

23/Photos (array of 2 on page)/ The Holt Mfg. Co.; Houser & Haines Mfg. Co.

24/Photos (array of 2 on page)/ Shippee Manufacturing Co.; Matteson & Williamson Mfg. Co.

25/Photos (array of 2 on page)/ Wm. P. Miller, Carriage Factory;  Henderson & Son, Carriage Factory

26/Photos (array of 2 on page)/ Pacific Tannery; Stockton Planing Mill

27/Photos (array of 2 on page)/ El Pinal Winery - Geo. West, Prop.; El Dorado Brewery

28/Photos (array of 2 on page)/ Weber Gas Well Baths; Stockton Terra Cotta Co.

29/Photos (array of 4 on page)/ Stockton Harbor looking east; Steam Dredger “Thor”, built at Stockton; Traction Engine Wheat Train - 65 Tons; Stockton Natural Gas Wells

30/Photos (array of 3 on page)/ Jackson Baths, R. C. Pearson, Propr.; The High Dive- Jackson Baths; A Quiet Corner-Jackson Baths

31/Photo/Central M. E. ((Methodist)) Church

32/Photo/St. John’s Episcopal Church and Guild Hall

33/Photos (array of 7 on page)/ First Congregational Church; Baptist Church; First Presbyterian Church; M. E. ((Methodist) Church (South);  German Evangelical Lutheran Church; St. Mary’s Catholic Church;  Jewish Synagogue

34/Photo/Fremont School

35/Photos (array of 7 on page)/ Washington School; St. Agnes Academy; Lafayette School; Weber School; Jefferson School; Stockton Business College, W C Ramsey, Prop; South School

36/Photo/San Joaquin County Pavilion

37/Photo/Yosemite Building

38/Photos (array of 3 on page)/ Masonic Building; Odd Fellows’ Building;  McKee Block

39/Photos (array of 4 on page)/ McMillen Block; Pioneer Hall; Grangers’ Union; Avon Theatre

40/Photos (array of 5 on page)/ Gale Block; Salz Block; Hook and Wilhoit Block; Newell Block; Mozart Hall

41/Photos (array of 5 on page)/ Hansel’s Building; Gnekow Block; Union Block; Mansion and Thetheway Block; “IXL” Bldg

42/Photo/County Court House

43/Photo/County Jail


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