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Mystic Shriners


Nobles of the Mystic Shrine date from the flight of Mohammed from Mecca to Medina July 16th, A. D. 622, calling it “Anno Aggira” which they abbreviate “A. H.,” signifying “Year of flight.” The present year A. H. 1330 is obtained by subtracting 622 from the vulgar era and adding 40. Thus: 622 from 1912 equals 1290 plus 40 equals 1330. The new year 1331 will begin Wednesday, December 11, 1912, at sunset.





Aiken, T. S., Stockton

Arndt, M. S., Stockton

Bagley, Sr., Daniel, Tracy

Blodgett, J. M., Stockton

Boggs, F. S., Stockton

Brown, Philip T., Stockton

Case, C. C., Stockton

Catts, George E., Stockton

Chalmers, Alexander, Stockton

Chestnutwood, W. H., Stockton

Clark, Fred P., Stockton

Cobb, F. D., Stockton

Cross, S. N., Stockton

Crump, John E., Stockton

Dameron, J. D., Stockton

Ewing, J. W. D., Stockton

Ferguson, W. C., Stockton

Finnell, M., Stockton

Fitzgerald, W. W., Stockton

Fothergill, W. R., Tracy

Frankenheimer, L. H., Stockton

Fyfe, Joseph, Stockton

Gibson, C. F., Tracy

Goodrum, F. W., Stockton

Gross, E. E., Stockton

Henderson, J. B., Stockton

Henderson, O. S., Stockton

Hedges, E. R., Stockton

Henery, Samuel, Stockton

Hudson, Geo. F., Stockton

Hull, J. P., Stockton

Kincaid, F. L., Stockton

Kinnear, J. W., Stockton

Keagle, A. G., Stockton

Keyes, H. C., Stockton

Latta, S. E., Stockton

Leistner, G. W., Stockton

Le Moin, G. W., Lodi

Langridge, G. W., Stockton


Lorenz, W. H., Stockton

Mallett, Dr. A., Stockton

McCan, F. A., Stockton

McKain, F. J., Stockton

McNoble, G. F., Stockton

McPeek, J. W., Stockton

Meyer, H. C., Stockton

Miller, J. H., Stockton

Miller, Frank B., Stockton

Mootz, H. E., Stockton

Moore, J. W., Stockton

Neumiller, C. L., Stockton

Noble, A. M., Stockton

Norton, C. W., Stockton

Payne, D. R., Tracy

Peart, L. W., Stockton

Platt, P. E., Stockton

Perry, J. M., Stockton

Powell, B. J., Stockton

Raggo, John, Stockton (sic)

Rhoads, S. F., Stockton

Rhoads, W. J., French Camp

Ross, Arthur G., Stockton

Shroder, R. W., Stockton

Steinbeck, W. P., Stockton

Stewart, E. C., Stockton

Stokes, C. L., Stockton

Thompson, E. R., Stockton

Tatterson, G. W., Stockton

Tatterson, A. P., Stockton

Tindell, P. H., Stockton

Wallace, B. C., Stockton

Wells, T. W., Stockton

Weston, W. P., Tracy

Williams, J. R., Stockton

Woods, E. W. S., Stockton

Wilcox, W. C., Stockton

Wakefield, C. G., Stockton

Yancey, J. H., Newman





Transcribed by Sharon Marie Robinson.

© 2009 Sharon Marie Robinson.