Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Henry; 171 El Dorado (Tel. 82)

Adams, Mr. and Mrs. H.E.; Magnolia, bet. Centre and Commerce

Arnold, Mr. and Mrs. Fred; cor. El Dorado and Lindsay

Arresat, Mr. and Mrs. M.S.; San Joaquin

Atherton, Mr. and Mrs. George A.; 249 Rose

Atwood, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy S.; 387 Grant

Atwood, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar; 19 Cross

Austin, Mr. and Mrs. W.B.; Flora, bet. Otter and Beaver (Tel. 206)


Baggs, Mrs. Wm. M.; cor. Magnolia and San Joaquin

Baggs, Mr. and Mrs. Harry N. (Tel. 196)

Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert; 129 Park (Tel. 204)

Baldwin, Judge and Mrs. F.T.; 393 Miner Ave.

Barber, Mr. and Mrs. Hyland E.

Beecher, Mr. and Mrs. J.L.; cor. Lindsay and El Dorado

_____ Mr. and Mrs. Charles

Belding, Mr. and Mrs. Charles; El Dorado, bet. Park and Flora (Tel. 130)

Belding, Mrs. W.J.; 543 Market

Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. C.O.; 398 Miner Ave.

Bidwell, W.E.; cor. Sutter and Lafayette

_____ Miss Lena

Blossom, Mr. and Mrs. J.L.

Bogue, Mr. and Mrs. A.R.; Sutter, bet. Market and Lafayette

Bostwick, Mr. and Mrs. I.S.; 245 Weber Ave. (Tel.191)

Bours, Mrs. B.W.; North, bet. Hunter and San Joaquin.

_____Bours, Miss Mary

Buck, Mr. and Mrs. T.B.; Magnolia and San Joaquin

_____ George F.

Buckley, Mr. and Mrs. W.D.; cor. Magnolia and San Joaquin.

Budd, Mr. and Mrs. James  H.; Channel and Ophir (Tel.92)

Budd, Judge and Mrs. Jos. H.; Sutter, bet. Channel and Miner Ave.

Budd, Mr. and Mrs. J.E.; cor. Poplar and Tule (Tel.138) (Tel.205)

Buell, Mr. and Mrs. P.A.; S.E. cor. El Dorado and Flora (Tel.194)

Bulson, Dr. and Mrs. C.H., Jr. (Tel. 369)

Bulson, Dr. and Mrs. H.R. (Tel. 127)

Bunker, Mrs. F.C.; 123 Park

Burnham, Mr. and Mrs. H.G.; Miner Ave. and San Joaquin

_____ Miss Mollie; Miss Bessie

Burton, Dr. and Mrs. Frank


Cadle, Mr. and Mrs. E.F. (Tel. 454)

Cadle, Mr. and Mrs. Frank F.

Canfort, Mr. and Mrs. A.N.; 124 Flora

Carroll, Dr. and Mrs. J.C.; 215 Lindsay

Castle, Mr. and Mrs. D.O.

Cavis, Postmaster and Mrs. Joseph W.; 287 Lindsay

Cavell, Mr. and Mrs. W.; 126 Flora

Chalmers, Mr. and Mrs. Alex; cor. Lindsay and El Dorado. (Tel. 107)

_____ Miss Anna; Miss Harriett

Chalmers, Mr. and Mrs. George; 215 Lindsay

Chestnutwood, Mr. and Mrs. George; 146 Park

Clark, Dr. and Mrs. Asa; Hunter and Park

_____ Dr. and Mrs. Fred P. (Tel. 397)

Clark, Mr. and Mrs. George C.; Hunter and Park (Tel. 330)

Clayes, Mr. and Mrs. J.R. 151 Acacia

Clayes, Mrs. J.C.; 127 Park

_____ Miss Lola; Miss Madge

Cobb, Mr. and Mrs. F.D.; Sutter, bet. Fremont and Lindsay (Tel. 488)

Corcoran, Mr. and Mrs. H.J.; 143 Flora (Tel. 352)

Colnon, Mr. and Mrs. E.L.; 421 El Dorado (Tel. 372)

Condit, Mr. and Mrs. J.H.; 277 Miner Ave.

Connoll, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. E.

Crawford, Mr. and Mrs. B.C.; 197 Flora (Tel. 198)

Creanor, Mrs. N.; Fremont, near Beaver.

_____ Miss Nan; Miss Louise

Cross, Dr. and Mrs. Harry N.; 265 Lindsay (Tel. 93)

Cross, Dr. and Mrs. L.E.; 348 Miner Ave. (Tel. 97)

Cross, Dr. and Mrs. S.N.; 109 El Dorado. (Tel. 98)

Cunningham, Mr. Thomas; Market, near Stanislaus (Tel. 120)

_____ Miss Maggie

Cutting, Mr. and Mrs. Francis; 97 Centre

Cutting, Mr. and Mrs. L.M.; 99 Centre (Tel. 177)

_____ Miss Grace; Miss Maria


Daggett, Mr. and Mrs. W.C.; 235 Miner Ave.

Davenport, Dr. and Mrs.; Centre and Acacia

Davis, Miss Maggie; cor. Ophir and Sonora

Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Frank; El Dorado and Acacia

_____ Miss Maud; Miss Ethel

Debnam, Mrs. A.J.; Flora, near El Dorado

_____ Miss Emma

Devries, Mr. and Mrs. Marion

De Vinney, Dr. and Mrs. C.L.; Hunter, bet. Acacia and Poplar (Tel. 253)

Doak, Mr. and Mrs. J.K.; S.W. cor. Hunter and Fremont

_____ John E.

Doan, Mr. and Mrs. L.E.; Flora, near Hunter

Dohrman, Mr. and Mrs. C.W.; Park and Baker. (Tel. 114)  Friday

_____ Miss Louise, Miss Marie

Dorrance, Mr. and Mrs. H.T.; Yo Semite Hotel

Dudley, Mr. and Mrs. W.L.; Flora and San Joaquin (Tel. 172)

_____ Miss Mary; W.L., Jr.

Dunham, Mr. and Mrs. Shubael; 180 El Dorado

Dunham, Mr. and Mrs. James S.; Hunter and Magnolia


Earle, G.A.; 207 San Joaquin

Easton, Mr. and Mrs. A.; Beaver, bet. Lafayette and Sonora

Eaton, Mr. and Mrs. M.D.; 326 Miner Ave.

Elliott, Mr. and Mrs. L.W.; 145 Fremont   Monday

_____ Miss Gertie; Theodore G.



Farnum, Mrs. R.G.; 206 El Dorado

Farrington, Mrs. G.G.; 400 Sutter  Thursday     Pacific Grove

_____ A.L.

Farrington, Mr. and Mrs. H.S.; 241 Flora

Ficket, Dr. and Mrs; Lindsay, near El Dorado

Flinn, Mr. and Mrs.; cor. Flora and Otter

Folger, Mrs. M.A.; cor. Centre and Acacia

_____ Miss Gussie; Miss Mattie

Foss, Warren; Flora and Centre

_____ Miss Carrie

Fox, Miss Ida; cor. Commerce and Park

Fraser, Mr. and Mrs. P.B; 162 Lafayette (Tel. 382)

_____ Miss Mary



Gage, Miss J. Marcellene; 392 California

Gall, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. G.

Garwood, Mr. and Mrs. John; 247 Fremont

Gerlach, Mr. and Mrs. Louis; 231 Flora (Tel. 148)

_____ Miss Laura

Gervin, Mr. and Mrs. Harold

Giesea, Dr. and Mrs.; cor. Sutter and Acacia

Glenn, Mr. and Mrs. J.W.

Grass, Mr. and Mrs. Ed.; 160 Park

Grattan, Dr. and Mrs. C.; cor. Sutter and Lindsay

Gray, Mr. and Mrs. George; 247 Fremont

_____ Miss Hannah

Green, Miss Lizzie; cor. Flora and Commerce

Greenwood, Mr. and Mrs. H.; 299 San Joaquin

Griffith, Mrs. H.N.; 125 Flora    Thursday.   Lathrop.

_____ Miss Clara; Inga; Howard

Gross, Mr. and Mrs. J.E.; 168 Park (Tel. 115)

_____ Miss Rose

Gross, Mr. and Mrs. Ed.; 165 Park

Grunsky, Mr. and Mrs. E.M.



Haas, Mr. and Mrs. C.; 186 Fremont

Haas, Mr. and Mrs. Charles J.; Lindsay Point

Hamilton, Capt. and Mrs. I.D.; 157 Beaver    Wednesday.   Calaveras Co.

Hammond, Mr. and Mrs. John ; 195 Hunter

Hansel, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph; 253 Aurora

Hansel, Mr. and Mrs. Louis; 247 San Joaquin

Harlow, Mr. and Mrs. E.E.

Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. W.B.

Hart, C.B.; Miner Ave. and San Joaquin

Hatch, Miss Gertrude; 286 Weber Ave.

Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. M.P.; Flora and San Joaquin. (Tel. 252)

Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. O.S.; cor. Centre and Magnolia

Henderson, Dr. and Mrs. R.W.; Sutter, bet. Weber Ave. and Channel

_____ Miss Ella

Hewlett, Mr. and Mrs. H.H.; 177 Oak  (Tel. 161)    Monday. San Rafael.

_____ Harry H.

Higgins, Mr. and Mrs. James

Hoisholt, Dr. and Mrs. A.W.; State Asylum grounds

Horton, W.; Stanislaus and Channel

Holt, Mr. and Mrs. L.B. (Tel. 299)

Hough Mr. and Mrs. J.H.; Park, near El Dorado (Tel. 90)

­­­­­_____ Miss Sarah

Hubbard, Mrs. H.F.; 149 El Dorado

_____ Miss May; Miss Lila

Hudson, Dr. and Mrs. A.S.; 199 Hunter

_____ Dr. and Mrs. A.T.

Huggins, Mrs. Emma; Weber Point

_____ Miss Mamie

Hutchinson, C.F.; 156 Park

Hyatt, Mr. and Mrs. G.C.; 329 Miner Ave. (Tel. 227)

Inglis, William; 425 El Dorado (Tel. 323)

_____ George


Johnson, Capt. and Mrs. R.H.; cor. Park and Centre

_____ Miss

Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. W.R. (Tel. 361)


Keagle, Mr. and Mrs. C.H.; Centre, bet. Rose and Magnolia

Kearns, Mr. and Mrs. John; Flora, near Hunter (Tel. 38)

Keniston, Mr. and Mrs. C.M.; 349 Weber Ave.

Kile, Mr. and Mrs. J.M.; 322 Stanislaus

Kelsey, Mrs. A.; 216 El Dorado

Ketchum, Judge and Mrs.; Sutter, near North

_____ Miss Anna

Knight, Mr. and Mrs. H.L.; 500 Aurora     Wednesday.


Ladd, Mr. and Mrs. George S.; El Dorado, bet. Poplar and Acacia

Ladd, Mr. and Mrs. Ed; Centre and Flora

Ladd, Mr. and Mrs. Walter E.

Lane, Mr. and Mrs. F.E.; 216 El Dorado (Tel. 408)

Lane, Mr. and Mrs. R.P.; El Dorado, bet. Park and Flora

Langdon, Dr. and Mrs. W.R.; Lindsay and American

Leffler, Mr. and Mrs. H.H.E.

Lehe, Col. and Mrs. Eugene; cor. Miner Ave. and Pilgrim (Tel. 464)

Levinsky, Miss Fay; 152 El Dorado

Littlehale, Mr. and Mrs. C.E.; 135 Commerce

Littlehale, S.S.; 125 El Dorado

_____ Miss Roberta

Lathrop, Mr. and Mrs. I.; 203 Sutter

Lyons, Mrs. G.; cor. El Dorado and Poplar

Lyons, Mr. and Mrs. W.H.; 6 Cross

Leitch, Mr. and Mrs. A.; cor. California and Flora

_____ Miss Ada


Matteson, Mr. and Mrs. D.C.; 373 Main

McCall, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H.

McDougald, Mr. and Mrs. J.D.; 58 Poplar (Tel. 213)

McCarty, Mr. and Mrs. J.M.; 156 California

_____ Miss Nanie

McKee, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. (Tel. 79)

McKee, Mrs. L.M.; 213 Hunter

McKenzie, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. A; 275 El Dorado

McKinnon, Mr. and Mrs. A.; 109 Commerce

Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Lyndall

Miller, W.P.; 301 Lindsay

Miller, Mr. and Mrs. W.C.; Sutter and Fremont

Minta, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley

Moore, Mrs. Sarah; 129 Flora

_____ Will H.

Moore, Mr. and Mrs. B.W.; 179 El Dorado

Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas; 183 Park

_____ Miss Stella

Moore, Mr. and Mrs. H.H.; 272 Lindsay

Morrissey, Mr. and Mrs. James A.; 525 Weber Ave.  (Tel. 109)


Newell, Mr. and Mrs. Allen H.; San Joaquin and Park  (Tel. 33)

Newell, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney W.; 233 Miner Ave.

Newell, Mr. and Mrs. T.W.; San Joaquin and Magnolia  (Tel. 370)

Noble, Mr. and Mrs. A.M.; Hunter and Flora

Noble, Mr. and Mrs. E.B.; 264 Flora

Nunan, Col. and Mrs. J.J.; cor. Aurora and Oak  (Tel. 412)

Nutter, Mr. and Mrs. W.B.; Lafayette and Ophir


Orvis, Mr. and Mrs. C.B.

Owen, Mr. and Mrs. C.E.; 83 San Joaquin     Wednesday.

Oullahan, Mr. and Mrs. Ed., 251 Fremont, San Joaquin and Sutter

Orr, Mr. and Mrs. N.M.; 133 Magnolia


Paulsell, Mr. and Mrs. J.J.

Perrin, Mr. and Mrs. Otis; cor. El Dorado and Fremont

Peters, Mr. and Mrs. J.D.; cor. El Dorado and Magnolia     Saturday.

Phelps, Mr. and Mrs. J.L.; cor. Poplar and Baker  (Tel. 80)

Phillips, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas; 157 Beaver    Wednesday.   Calaveras Co.

Pollard, Mr. and Mrs. Fred A.; San Joaquin and Acacia

Post, Mrs. S.D.; 193 Flora

_____ Miss Lucy

Post, Mr. and Mrs. W.H.; 193 Flora, cor. El Dorado

Powell, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas; New Hope


Ramsay, Mr. and Mrs. W.C.; Stockton Business College

Read, Mr. and Mrs. T.Y.; 135 Flora

_____ Dr. J.B.H.

Reid, Mr. and Mrs. J.C., 165 El Dorado  (Tel. 179)

_____ Miss Bessie

Reid, Mr. R.A.; Flora and El Dorado

Richards, W.H.

Rhodes, Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo; cor. Sutter and Sonora

_____ Miss May; Allen

Riggs, Mr. and Mrs. J.S.; 406 San Joaquin

Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. C.A.; 114 Oak

Rosenbaum, Mr. and Mrs. D.S.; 241 Fremont  (Tel. 470)

Ruggles, Dr. and Mrs. C.A.; 461 California  (Tel. 257)

Ruggles, Mr. and Mrs. C.L.; 341 Miner Ave  (Tel. 201)

Rucker, Dr. and Mrs. H.N.; State Insane Asylum


Sargent, Dr. and Mrs. C.S.; S.W. cor. Flora and San Joaquin  (Tel. 503)

Sargent, Mr. and Mrs. H.S.; 123 Park

Sargent, R.C.; cor. Stanislaus and Channel

_____ Dr. and Mrs. J.P.

_____ Miss Mattie

Schaefer, Mr. and Mrs. George P.

Schloss, Dr. and Mrs. A.

Sharp, Mr. and Mrs. H.W.; Yo Semite House

Shippee, Hon. L.U.; Yo Semite House

Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. A.W.; cor. Oak and El Dorado.  (Tel. 261)

_____ Miss Estelle; Miss Bertha

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Ansel; cor. Hunter and Acacia  (Tel. 142)

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. F.H.; Raccoon, bet. Poplar and Flora  (Tel. 272)

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. J. Jerome; N.W. cor. Hunter and Park

Smith, Capt. and Mrs. J.W.; 146 Sutter

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Russell

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. J.N.

Sparks, W.; Miner Ave and Sutter

Southworth, Mr. and Mrs. H.O.; 257 El Dorado  (Tel. 13)

_____ Miss Stella

Southworth, Mrs. Jennie; cor. Grant and Minerva Ave.

_____ Miss Maude; F.E.

Sperry, Mrs. Kate; North, near El Dorado.

Sperry, Mr. and Mrs. George B.; cor. North and El Dorado

Starr, Mr. and Mrs. L.J.

Starbird, Mr. and Mrs. W.B.; Sutter, bet. Miner Ave. and Channel

Steiny, Mr. and Mrs. Theo. J.; 400 Sutter    Thursday.    Pacific Grove.

Swain, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H.

Swinnerton, Judge and Mrs. J.G.; Acacia, bet. Beaver and Elk

Swett, Mr. and Mrs. W.C.


Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. F.R.; 201 Commerce.  (Tel. 2)

Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. J.C.; 178 Flora  (Tel. 363)

_____ Miss Allie; Ed. R.; J.C., Jr.

Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. C.V.; 416 Sutter

Thresher, Mr. and Mrs. M.S.; cor. Fremont and Sutter

Trahern, Mr. and Mrs. G.W.; 206 El Dorado

_____ Mr. Dave D.

Tully, Mr. and Mrs. R.W.; cor. Sutter and North.

_____ Miss Annie

Turner, Dr. and Mrs. P.T.; San Joaquin


Walden, Mr. and Mrs. J.; cor. Flora and Commerce

Wallace, Dr. and Mrs. W.G.; 163 El Dorado  (Tel. 395)

Weaver, Mr. and Mrs. H.W.; Poplar and Commerce

Weber, Mrs. Helen; Weber’s Point

_____ Miss Julia A.

Webster, Mr. and Mrs. J. B.; 278 Lindsay  (Tel. 14)

Weller, Mrs. Mattie; 252 Fremont

_____ Miss Ida

Welsh, Mr. and Mrs. J.M.; Poplar and El Dorado  (Tel. 133)

_____ Miss Grace

West, Mr. and Mrs. Fred M.; 156 Park  (Tel. 300)

West, Mr. and Mrs. George, El Pinal Vineyard  (Tel. 492)

_____ Miss Hattie

Westboy, Mr. and Mrs. W.W.; Merced Co.    Wednesday.

White, Mr. and Mrs. W.C.; Poplar, bet. El Dorado & Centre  (Tel. 202)

White, Mrs. John C.; Poplar and Commerce

White, Miss Nellie; Lindsay and El Dorado

Witherbee, Mrs. W.L.; 1806 H

Wilhoit, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L; 216 El Dorado  (Tel. 103)

Wilhoit, Mr. and Mrs. R.E.; Flora and Sutter  (Tel. 242)

_____Miss Alice

Wilhoit, Mr. and Mrs. George E.; cor. Channel and Stanislaus

Williams, Mr. and Mrs. C.E.; 144 Park

Williamson, Mr. and Mrs. T.P.; cor. Center and Lafayette

Wolf, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew; cor. Weber Ave. and Grant  (Tel. 270)

Woods, Mr. and Mrs. John N.; cor. Channel and Stanislaus  (Tel. 341)


Yardley, Mr. and Mrs. John; 206 Sonora

Yolland, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W.; 152 Elk

Young, Dr. and Mrs. J.D.; State Asylum Grounds







Yo Semite Club

Stockton, Cal.




J.H. Budd, President

O.H. Close, Vice-President

H.J. Corcoran

Arthur M. Noble, Secretary

W.R. Johnson

James H. Hough, Treasurer

George Goodell







Adams, Frank P.

Bell, F.P.

Bender, H.C.

Bostwick, I.S.

Budd, James H.

Buell, P.A.

Buck, G.F.

Bulson, Dr. C.H.

Butterick, Fred W.

Cobb, F.D.

Cogswell, Francis

Corcoran, H.J.

Clark, Dr. A.

Clark, Dr. F.P.

Close, O.H.

Cross, James

Cross, Dr. L.E.

Cross, Dr. S.N.

Campbell, J.C.

Cunningham, Thos.

Chalmers, Alex

Clark, W.R.

Dudley, Arey A.

Dudley, W.L., Jr.

De Vries, Marion

Earle, H.W.

Eaton, M.D.

Ferris, J.W.

Funck, L.

Goodell, Geo.

Gifford, W.M.

Gall, J.D.

Haas, C.J.

Henderson, R.W.

Henderson, W.R.

Herd, John, Jr.

Herkner, J.W.

Hewlett, H.H.

Holden, I.D.

Hough, James H.

Housken, G.E.

Inglis, Geo.

Jackson, C.M.

Johnson, W.R.

Langford, B.F.

Larson, A.J.

Levinsky, A.L.

Ladd, Geo. S.

Lane, F.E.

Littlehale, J.M.

Lane, R.P.

Morrissey, J.A.

McKee, W.H.

McKenzie, G.A.

McGougald, J.D.

McMurtry, W.S.

McNoble, H.R.

Newell, T.W.

Newell, Sidney

Newell, S.W.

Noble, A.M.

Owen, Charles E.

Paulsell, J.J.

Post, W.H.

Parker, E.F.

Peters, J.D.

Prugh, W.W.

Reid, R.A.

Shippee, L.U.

Starbird, W.B.

Sargent, R.C.

Smith, J.W.

Smith, H.C.

Smith, C.B.

Smith, R.S.

Starr, J.L.

Thompson, James

Turner, F.H.

West, F.A.

West, Geo.

Wilhoit, E.L.

Wilhoit, Geo. E.

Williams, T.H., Jr.

White, A.C.

Woods, S.D.

Walker, W.C.

Wallace, W.G.





 Pastime Tennis Club

Organized May 20, 1892

Courts, cor. Hunter and Flora Sts., Stockton





J. Jerome Smith, President







Geo. B. Sperry

John E. Doak


Miss Wilhoit, Secretary

W.H. Post, Treasurer





E.L. Wilhoit

Miss Elliott, Vice President







G.F. Buck

Chas. M. Jackson







Adams, Miss Marion

Adams, F.P.

Buck, Geo. F.

Campbell, Miss Nettie

Chalmers, Miss Anna

Clayes, Miss Madge

Doak, J.E.

Dudley, Miss Mary

Earle, Henry W.

Elliott, Miss Gertie

Elliott, Theodore

Foss, Warren A.

Foss, Miss Carrie

Folger, Miss Gussie

Folger, Miss Mattie

Fox, Miss Idah

Hart, C. Bee

Housken, Geo. E.

Hubbard, Miss May

Jackson, C.M.

Lyon, B.M.

McGraw, Miss Onie

Newell, Mr. and Mrs. A.

Post, Mr. and Mrs. W.H.

Post, Miss Lucy

Simpson, Miss Bertha

Sperry, Mr. and Mrs. G.

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. J.J.

Southworth, Miss Maud

Thompson, Miss Allie

Townsend, Irving

West, Frank A.

White, Avery C.

Wilhoit, Mr. and Mrs. E.

Wilhoit, Miss Alice

Wilhoit, Arthur

Young, Dr. and Mrs. J.D.








Club Gaiete




Frank A. West – President

Frank P. Adams – Secretary

Geo. F. McNable – Treasurer







Geo. Goodell

Geo. E. Hansken

Marion De Vries

Ed. R. Thompson

F.P. Adams

J.H. Thompson

John Perrott, Jr.

E.L. Wilhoit

Geo. E. Wilhoit

Rob. A Reid

J.M. Littlehale

T.G. Elliot

R.B. Oullahan

C.B. Hart

F.E. Southworth

W.S. Dudley, Jr.

P.T. Turner

A.L. Levinsky

Arthur Wilhoit

H.C. Bender

John E. Doak

J. Marsh Ladd

Otto Koppetz

Geo. Inglis

Geo. F. McNable

Geo. L. Wolf


Ben B. Lyons

Avery C. White

J.M. Kile

W.B. Nutter

F.P. Clark

F.D. Cobb

I.B. Ladd

C.M. Jackson

H.W. Earle

W.H. McKee

T.E. Connolly

Chas. E. Owen

L.E. Doan

Ogden Hoffman

H. Haight

Chas. J. Haas

Lyndall Miller

Henry Adams

C.F. Hutchinson

Frank E. Lane

W.H. Post

G.B. Sperry

Frank E. West

F.F. Cadle

C.W. Dohrmann

W.D. Buckley


A.M. Noble

B.C. Crawford

S.M. Newell

T.H. McCall

Geo. F. Buck

Francis Cutting

W.R. Johnson

C.W. Yolland

W.E. Ladd

J. Jerome Smith

F.A. Pollard

J.D. McDougald

W.B. Starbird

Dr J.D. Young

Dr T. Phillips

J.W. Glenn

G.A. Atherton

Harold Gerven

S.N. Cross, M.D.

Orrin Henderson

B.W. Moore

Geo. C. Clark

W.G. Wallace, D.D.S.

W.H. McMurtry, Jr.

Edward F. Haas






Allison, C.P.

Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. P.B.

Armstrong, Dr E.

Armstrong, A.

Beckwith, Byron D.

Bellows, Del

Bellows F. De Lancey

Bellows, M. Gertrude

Bentley, Dr

Cogswell, Francis

Colman, Dr

Cory, J.B.

Fiske, Ira

Gelder, M. Van

Horton, Wesley

Hudson, Mrs. F.V. M.

Langford, Mr and Mrs. B..F.

Morse, L.M.

Pearson, Miss Gussie

Shaw, Jas. P.







Transcribed by Susan Vomocil.

Source: “San Francisco Blue Book & Pacific Coast Elite Directory 1893-94”, Pages 187, 192 & 193.  Bancroft Co., San Francisco, Cal. 1894.

© 2012 Susan Vomocil.