Incidents of Early Elections-Poll List of 1852


      At the first County election held in San Joaquin, on the 1st day of April, 1850 there was no poll list kept; voting was conducted with great irregularity at this election. In the Isbel district, on the Calaveras, the hat of A.W. Brush was the ballot-box, and the owner of the hat was judge of election; Fred. Staples being clerk. Mr. Brush says, "everything voted," and the count at night disclosed fifteen votes. In the afternoon Mr. Staples concluded that he wanted to attend a rodeo, and consequently left Brush to make out the returns, count the votes, etc., signing them when he returned from the rodeo ground.

      It would seem that matters did not improve much for several years, for, at the election precinct called the Blue Tent, in 1852, it was found that two tickets had been folded together, and deposited as one vote. When the count was made after the polls had closed, the tickets were discovered in the condition they had been voted; whereupon a division of sentiment arose, as to the right to count both tickets, and a proposition was made for the judge and inspector to play a game of "seven up," to decide the question; the game proceeded, the judge defeated the inspector, and the two votes were counted.

      Until after the second city election in Stockton there had been no excessive irregularities; but, at a special election held that year, to fill vacancies, caused by the resignation of Aldermen Gillingham, Shurtleff, Boors and Colt, and City Attorney, H. A. Crabb, things were decidedly mixed. These gentlemen had resigned because of a feeling created in the city by a tax of $2 per ton on merchandise, levied by the council. On the evening of the election (none of the parties having resigned being candidates for re-election), upon counting the vote, everyone was astonished to find that the old officers were re-elected by a large majority, and no one was more surprised at the result than the persons elected. It seems that some ward politicians from eastern cities had selected Stockton as their abiding place, and, as a "lark," to show the Stocktonians how it was done in some other places, had stuffed the ballot-box, having no other object in doing so than to have some fun at the expense of the public.

      The election was declared void, and a new one called for the 17th of October, 1852; at which time a regular poll list was kept, which we found among some waste papers in the Court-House loft, from which it appears that the vote was as follows:

      FOR ALDERMEN-Jesse W. Smith, 264; Jos. C. Morris, 295; W. H. Fairchilds 270; B. W. Owens, 275; P. E. Jordan, 263; Jno. McNish, 228; Jas. W. O'Neil, 217; Walter Heyer, 204; Chas. Wallace, 164; scattering, 3. FOR CITY ATTORNEY-E. Endicott, 244; Wm. A. Root, 2. The returns are signed by J. E. Nuttman, Inspector; Jas. S. McCrery and T. A. Malloy, Judges; A. H. Brooks and C. J. Buffman, clerks. The following are the names of the four hundred and seven voters at the second election as given in the poll list. The * opposite the name indicating that the man is now residing in the County; a † is placed after the names of those who are still in California, but not in the County, and this character § indicates that the person is dead.


Wm. A. Atlee

F. C. Andrew§

G. W. Aylesworth§

H. Amyx*

Wm. M. Adee§

L. Allen

Jno. Adams

R. P. Ashe§

Jos. Adams*

Martin W. Adams

John Ayer

C. Ames

J. H. Allen

Jno. Andrews§

Geo. Armstrong

D. Y. Bailey§

W. Bush§

A. N. Blake*

E. F. Bell

C. J. Buffman

W. Bell

J. Bates

James Buck

Wm. Barker

D. M. Bartlett

J. M. Buffington†

T. H. Blount

B. H. Brown*

J. S. Belcher§

P. M. Bowen†

A. H. Brooks

R. L. Burr

T. R. Bours*

W. H. Brown

A. G. Bradford†

E. B. Bateman†

F. Browning

Jacob Brock*

H. Ben

Jno. Browning

John Bell

J. Bosnall§

Geo. Buck

H. M. Bodfish

B. E. Boggs

Rasey Biven§

Daniel R. Brower

Henry Burdick

H. Toler Booream

D. E. Brown

E. H. Butler

B.  Brooking

Wm. A. Brown

S. C. Bunker

R. K. Brown

Richard Brothers

T. Baxter

J. M. Birdsall§

G. H. Blake§

J. Bagermond

Jno. Blackwell

John Bell

H. N. Brown§

M. Bancroft

T. H. Beales

S. Bartlett

W. H. Cobb

J. T. Carter§

Z. Curry

E. Chamberlin†

Edward Carson

J. Canavan*

Henry A. Crabb§

Jesse Crank

Jospeh Churchill

Geo. Campbell*

J. H. Carlisle

Alex Campbell

W. H. Coburn§

Geo. W. Cannon§

Jno. Campbell

Geo. Chase

H. J. Chase

G. B. Claiborne*

Jno. P. Conner

E. D. Chafman

M. Conly

P. Campbell

G. W. Colter

F. W. Chase

D. S. Clark§

F. C. Corcoran

H. T. Compton*

J. G. Candee§

A. M. Church

Geo. Caldwell

Wm. Clarkson

Wm. Clift

E. H. Comstock§

R. Congden

E. Cassidy

E. G. Crump

Jerry Crabb

F. T. Colbin

Jno. R. Corey*

Jno. Chapman

W. M. CollinsF

C. Detten*

B. Delphine

J. Van Dyke

Jas. Degant

C. Dallas†

J. A. Donaldson

Geo. H. Davis

Wm. Durfee

Wm. Dominston

L. Day

H. C. Day

J. Dansett

R. Driscoll

J. Devolf

R. Davis

R. G. Donnelly

A. Daily

S. Dean

A. C. Emory

R. K. Eastman§

White Elliott†

J. L. Eyea

E. A. Everett*

M. Endicott

J. S. Evans

J. A. Ellison*

W. W. Easton

R. W. Edmons

J. C. Edwards†

T. B. Edmunson

A. Fredonia

Ingle Friend

R. Fowler§

Henry Fisher

W. H. Fairchild*

S. Frank

I. S. Freborn

John Fairbanks

Jno. A. Ferris§

J. Ferguson

Richard S. Freeman

Chas. E. Foster

E. H. Felder

H. Forsman

N. D. Fairbanks

Thos. A. Faulkland

De Forest Field

Rev. C. Gridley

Wm. A. Gibbons

Wm. Garkitt

E. C. Gilley

L. W. Gillet

Geo. Grayson

John Groves

B. Gallup*

Wm. Garvin*

Ira Griffin

L. Goodwin

H. W. Gillingham*

H. Guild

J. E. Grover

C. Grattan*

E. Gove*

N. B. Gay

Wm. Gravatt*

E. A. Griswold

David Glowner

J. P. Goodman

M. H. Gabell

Samuel Gray

J. F. Harrison*

John Herron

Reuben Hatch

W. H. H. Holderman

G. W. Hamilton

J. Havens

S. B. Hart

Sampson Hitchcock§

Geo. Horton

Edward Hickman*

F. B. Holmes

Walter Hyer

A. Hatch

W. P. Hazelton

Geo. D. Holt

W. Hall

S. Hall

James M. Hill

A. Huston

H. F. Hubbard*

S. Howsington

H. Hicks

T. G. Humphrey*

John Hitchcock

N. M. Hicks

C. Herron†

N. W. Hammond

P. Hoover

L. Howard*

N. Hazington

A. W. Herrick

Geo. Huntley

E. M. Howison§

Walter Herron

A. H. Hoerchner§

C. C. Hall

A. Hickman

J. B. Hall*

J. W. Hunt

J. F. Henry

T. B. Hill

Thos. Ireland

J. Ivory§

G. W. Irving

F. L. Jeter

W. J. Jackson

W. Judson

J. H. Jenkins

Jno. Jassa

Jno. B. Johnson

W. R. Jeffrey

James Kelly

B. P. Kooser§

A. M. King

W. F. Keeley

Samuel Knight§

R. W. Kelty*

M. B. Kenny

Job Kiervan

F. M. Kennedy*

J. Keeler*

Henry Korn

J. B. Kanivan

Oliver Knapp

E. E. Kinney

Jno. Kritzner

Thos. E. Kemble

W. M. Keith

Thos. E. Ketchum*

Andrew Lester§

Ambrose Lyth

Dr. Saml. Langdon*

J. Leonard

J. Luthivan

D. W. Lams

C. Lennan

L. Lithearn

James Lynch

B. R. Lippincott

G. P. Lane

J. F. Lamdin

Jas. Lenmore

J. C. Lawrence

H. Minors

J. A. Middleton†

J. C. Morris

M. E. Mozingo

J. Mansfield§

Wm. P. Miller*

A. H. Miles

J. T. Manley

J. Morrison

F. Morton§

W. H. Mitchell

H. Morand

J. Mosher

R. F. May

Edward Miller

L. Mann

Wm. Markham

J. Mabit

J. S. Meekly

J. C. Morang

R. W. Moore

Thos. S. Moffat

J. Murphy§

D. Mulford

E. H. Myers

C. E. Morton

Jacob Meyers*

A. Myers*

S. H. Morse

H. Martin

J. H. Millmore

H. Morse

Isaac Moore

H. Mitchell§

W. F. McKee§

James McNabb

A. McCloud*

Benj. McLavin

E. R. McLeland

Jno. McNish

Nicholas McDonald

S. M. McLean†

Jas. P. McKee

J. McKenty

Thos. Neall

S. Naull

H. S. Norton§

W. H. Noel

J. E. Nuttmn§

John B. Nye*

Jesse Nance

Wm. F. Nye

Eli Osbourn

John S. Owens

T. C. Osborne§

Augelo Oliva§

W. H. Owen

B. W. Owens†

O.G. Oliver

E. Palache

J. Phelps

W. W. Pierce

R. B. Parker*

C. L. Peck

D. W. Perley§

V. M. Peyton*

D. H. Pearson

Robt. Park

J. R. Phillips

S. H. Pritchett

Samuel Purdy

C. L. Peck

Geo. W. Pray

C. B. Phelps†

R. K. Reid, M.D.*

L. H. Reynolds

Albert Rodgers

F. A. Ramsay

Abram Riker

J. Robinson*

O. J. Ringrose

M. T. Robinson

M. A. Robinson*

J. R. Reynolds

E. Rodgers

D. E. Rider

J. E. Ruggles

W. F. Robbins

G. C. Reynolds*

C. S. Roach§

Chas. H. Ross

John Reddy

P. Rothenbush*

O. R. Reid

A. F. Rudler

J. J. Rogers

S. Ramsey*

Jno. Renford

Wm. A. Root§

W. M. Ryer, M.D.†

G. A. Shurtleff*

D. Shaw§

F. Shafer§

A. Sperry†

H. Smith

O. K. Smith§

J. W. Smith

T. L. Sturgis

E. H. Sampson

J. Selleck

J. M. Smith

E. Swift§

Jas. Shields

A. W. Simpson*

W. H. Smith

Geo. F. Smith*

Jas. Smith

Wm. B. Shaw†

Jas. Shannon

J. K. Shafer§

S. F. Shaw

T. S. Strout

R. E. Smith

M. Simsebo

Edward Skinner

R. Savage

J. F. Stephens

E. R. Stockwell*

L. D. Stevens

J. S. Sills

J. H. Stearns

Geo. H. Sanderson†

C. D. Sharps

E. J. Sanders

W. Soehlman

J. H. Stratton

Jas. Smith

H. Smith

Jack W. Smith

R. L. Stewart

E. A. Thompson

Thos. H. Town

O. B. Taylor

B. J. Taylor

J. G. Thomas

T. L. Thomas

F. Tall

W. W. Trembly

S. Thomas

Wilson Teaslate

J. M. Thompson§

J. Taber

J. C. Treadway

Geo. W. Trimbly

D. Trembly

J. S. Titcomb

E. L. Towser

J. W. Underhill

P. Umlauff§

Wm. Underwood

John Vancott

A. F. Vaughn

S. Visher*

B. F. Whittier

A. Wolf*

R. Winn

Geo. Winston

F. F. Went

Walter Winn

J. C. Westbay§

Geo. Wheeler

G. Walker

S. F. Wood

C. Williams

F. A. Walby

W. W. Webster†

N. S. Wiseman

J. T. Wooley

J. L. Williams

B. G. Weir†

Geo. Wallace*

Chas. D. Warder

A. D. Wallace

Geo. D. White§

J. Wit

Wm. Wall§

E. S. Wilson

Chas. Wallace

Thos. S. Wood*

R. A. Webster

Jno. N. Washaburn

John Ward

A. S. Wheaton

E. R. Waterman†

A. Ware

Big Williams

C. F. Whitman

C. F. Way

Elbert Weeks§

L. Walton

David White

L. P. Wilson

N. L. Williams

H. W. Wallis

J. S. Whiting

E. B. Whitman

F. Yeiser






Transcribed by Sharon Marie Robinson.

Source: “History of San Joaquin County 1879” by Thompson & West.  Pages 28-29.

© 2010 Sharon Marie Robinson.