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San Francisco Call, June 16, 1910


Diplomas Given to Fifty-four at Commencement Exercises. in Stockton
[Special Dispatch to The Call]

STOCKTON, [California] June 16 Fifty-four graduates of the Stockton high school received their diplomas tonight. The graduating class was one of the largest In the school's history. The commencement exercises were held at 8 o'clock in the high school auditorium, the diplomas having been presented by President Turner of the board of education. The address of the evening was delivered by Judge Albert Burnett. Music was rendered by the high school orchestra and at the conclusion of the exercises the students held an informal reception.
  The following are the class officers and committees that had charge of the various functions this week: President, Stephen N. Blewett; vice president, Helen P. Atherton; secretary, Orrin. L. Gravem; treasurer, Roland B. Doan; sergeant at arms, Walter James Hadden; committee on program Orrin L. Gravem, Alma Clapp Locke, Marguerite P. Salini and Henry Chipman Dodge; committee on play Georgia Strohmeier, Roland E. Doan, Helen F. Atherton and Sollie Sinai; committee on class plate, George Edward Davis and Celeste Langdon Young; committee on printing Evelyn Bonsall Hornage, Mary Kimball Smith and Melvin Charles Mayne.

The graduates:


Helen F. Atherton (same as yearbook listing; middle initial differs from class office above)
Barre E. Barsbacher
Hazel W. Belknap
Stephen N. Blewett
Harriett N. Burnett  (listed as Nadine in yearbook)
Bessie Lee Carson
Josie C. Campodonlco
G. Howard Condy
George Edward Davis
Elvira de Vries
Roland E. Doan
Henry Chipman Dodge  (listed as Chipman in yearbook)
Gladys E. Doolittle 
Ralph Eaton
Barre E. Gersbacher
Edna D. Gianelli
Orrln L. Gravem
Walter James Hadden
Leo B. Hanley
Eva May Harris  (listed as Evva in yearbook)
Hazel Wilma Hoerl
Evelyn Bonsall Hornage  (listed as Evalyn in yearbook)
Eben Harlow Kilmer
Gladys D. Laughlln
Claude Skilling Leffler
Earle Leisy
Will T. Lewis

Rachael A. Libby  (listed as Rachel in yearbook)
Alma Clapp Locke
Melvln Charles Mayne
Frances Flora Merrill (listed as Flora in yearbook)
Vernon M. Morrow
August F. Muenter  (listed as August E. in yearbook)
Paul C. Newell
Joseph Peters
Lottie F. Powell
Fred Reimers
Adelin V. Rlvara
Margueritte P. Salini  (listed as Marguerite in yearbook)
Flossie Simon
Solly Sinai
Dorothy E. Smith
Margaret Grupe Smith
Margaret K. Smith  (listed in yearbook but not newspaper)
Alpheus Stewart
Clarence E. Stewart
Georgia H. Strohmeier
Laura Mae Tatterson
Genevieve M. Trask
Roy Tretheway
Clair V. Wilbur
Anita C. Winder  (listed as Anita E. in yearbook)
Hing Tong Woo
Celeste Langdon Young
Amy Ziegler



Transcribed by Vernon A. Dander.

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