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Mrs. Emma R. Saylor is a woman whose deep abiding human sympathy and kindliness have transcended mere sentiment to express themselves in definite actions, as attested by the admirable service being accorded by the Fredericka Home for the Aged, of which she was the founder and of which adequate description is given in another part of this work.

            Mrs. Saylor was born in the city of St. Louis, Missouri, and is a daughter of the late Henry Sutemeier, who was for many years a prominent merchant and manufacturer in the Missouri metropolis and who served gallantly as a soldier of the Union in the Civil war.  Mrs. Saylor received the best educational advantages and has the bearing and intellectuality of the true gentlewoman that she is.  In 1900 was solemnized the marriage of Miss Sutemeier to Daniel W. Saylor, for many years auditor in the service of the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railroad, and in San Diego they maintained their home at 1003 West Brooks avenue.  Mr. Saylor passed away April 28, 1929.  He and his wife manifested much of philanthropic consecration in the use of their ample financial resources, and Mrs. Saylor has proved a most able executive in her projection and establishment of the Fredericka Home for the Aged, of which she has had the managing direction from the inception of the noble enterprise.  While still a resident of her native city she had shown herself possessed of exceptional business ability and had established and developed a substantial and successful enterprise as a contractor and builder, her special province having been the erection of residences and apartment buildings.  The Fredericka Home is the child of her thought, her ambition and her generous hopes, and distinction and honor are hers by reason of the great work she has achieved in founding and developing the institution, her services in connection with which have been given without the least financial compensation.  She has proved herself a splendid exponent of practical philanthropy, and her most enduring monument will the great institution which she founded and which shall continue to prove a true home to many persons as the shadows of their lives begin to lengthen from the golden west, where “the sunset gates are open wide.”

            Mrs. Saylor has demonstrated also marked literary talent, and is the author of the following published books:  “The Fifth Wheel”, Esther,” and “The Last Mile Stone,” the last mentioned work having been published by Paul Elder, of San Francisco, and having met with most favorable reception and high critical estimate.  She has also contributed numerous short stories to various magazines.





Transcribed by Mary Ellen Frazier.

Source: California of the South Vol. V, by John Steven McGroarty, Pages 765-766, Clarke Publ., Chicago, Los Angeles, Indianapolis.  1933.

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