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            Mrs. Lula (Yancey) Juch, the widow of Arthur E. Juch, resides on the famous Anna Lou apple ranch in Julian, San Diego County, together with her son, Louis Juch, who manages the property.  She was born in Arizona, being a daughter of Joseph Yancey, deceased, one of the earliest pioneers of California, who was agent for the old-time Butterfield Stage between Texas and Oregon.  Lula Yancey was the eldest in a family of nine children, six of whom survive, and all of her sisters and brothers were born in Julian, California, where the family home was established more than six decades ago.  The five sisters of Mrs. Lula Juch are as follows:  Mrs. Della Blake, a separate biography of whom may be found in another part of this publication; Mrs. M. De Arnaz, who resides in Los Angeles and has two children; Miss Anita Yancey, who also makes her home in Los Angeles; Mrs. Edna Otero, who lives in Los Angeles and is the mother of six children; and Mrs. Belle Houle, of Tucson, Arizona, who has four children.

            Lula Yancey became the wife of Arthur E. Juch, June 27, 1886, and five children were born to them.  A review of the career of Mr. Juch, who passed away in August, 1930, together with the record of the children of the family, appears on another page of this work.  The Anna Lou ranch in Julian has been the home of Mrs. Juch since her marriage forty-seven years ago and is now being managed by her son Louis.  It comprises about one hundred and twenty acres of land and is known far and wide for its fine apple orchard.  Mrs. Juch is the capable secretary of the Woman’s Club of Julian and has an extensive circle of warm friends here.



Transcribed by V. Gerald Iaquinta.

Source: California of the South Vol. III, by John Steven McGroarty, Page 39, Clarke Publ., Chicago, Los Angeles,  Indianapolis.  1933.

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