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George L. Gunn, a successful rancher and respected citizen of San Diego County, is actively engaged in the cultivation of a farm of one hundred sixty acres about two miles from Vista, which he has owned in partnership with his brother, Chester D. Gunn, for the past twenty-two years. He is a representative of an honored pioneer family of San Diego County. His brother, Chester D. Gunn, is the present coroner of San Diego County.

George L. Gunn has devoted his attention largely to poultry raising. His farm is plentifully supplied with water from the Vista Irrigation District and is particularly well adapted to the raising of vegetables. Mr. Gunn has been in the service of the Vista Irrigation District in various capacities for a number of years and is now president of the board. As above indicated, he has owned his farm of one hundred sixty acres in association with Chester D. Gunn since 1911, and for some years the brothers leased the property. A hard-working substantial and enterprising citizen, George L. Gunn is meeting with well-deserved success in his undertakings and enjoys the unqualified respect and esteem of the people of the community.

Mr. Gunn was united in marriage with Miss Bartlett, who is a sister of George Bartlett, the well-known postmaster of Escondido, California.




Transcribed by V. Gerald Iaquinta.

Source: California of the South Vol. IV, by John Steven McGroarty, Page 621, Clarke Publ., Chicago, Los Angeles, Indianapolis. 1933.

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