Pacific Coast




Sacramento County






On the C. P. R. R., 10 miles from Sacramento.


Anderson W. G., blacksmith

ASTIL RICHARD, provisions, flour, grain and lumber, postmaster

Bruster D. D., wheelwright and carpenter

Powell W. H., mill and warehouse

Sigins P. V., blacksmith






Lawton John, general merchandise and postmaster

Wallace J. H., agent North Fork Ditch Co.





A post office, five miles east of Sacramento, on the Central Pacific Railroad.


Dunnen E., blacksmith and wagonmaker

FOSTER SAMUEL G., postmaster, justice of peace and groceries

Gothold F., harness maker

Harlow Jno, carpenter

Lockett R. S., prest Distillery Co.

Manlove W. S., physician

Naglee J., liquors

Perkins T. C., secretary and treasury Distillery Co. and liquors

Prosser R., blacksmith and wagonmaker

Pugh S. H., blacksmith and hotel




On the Amador branch Central Pacific R. R., 10 miles east of Galt.


STEELE THOS, general merchandise and postmaster.





A post office on the Consumers river, 18 miles from Sacramento.


Bagwell A. D., hotel

Burritt R, blacksmith

Devoe Albert, hotel

Gibbs G. F., physician

Grimshaw W. R. Sr., attorney-at-law

Grimshaw W. R. Jr., hotel

HOWELL S. A., general merchandise, flour, grain, hay, liquors and wines, postmaster

Jones F. M., hotel

Russell John, blacksmith

Swales William, blacksmith and wagonmaker




A postoffice on the Sacramento river, a few miles from Sacramento; distance from San Francisco by river, 96 miles; population estimated 25; resources fruit.


Burop Nelson, blacksmith

KAHN PAUL, general merchandise and postmaster

Mead Amos, saloon

Mestell D. D., physician and druggist

Meyers Henry, general merchandise, postmaster and agent W., F. & Co.

O'Connor P. D., blacksmith

Osborn J. R., bootmaker

Rodgers M. N., carpenter

Taylor & McDowell, cannery

Winter Luis, hotel


Elk Grove


Is most pleasantly situated on the Central Pacific Railroad, 15 miles from Sacramento.  The country in the immediate vicinity is very picturesque, and the many well-cultivated farms and handsome country residence indicate a prosperous condition, and the augurs favorably for the growth and permanency of the place.


Allen Richard, blacksmith

Andrews J. H., agent C. P. R. R. and W., F. & Co.

Beatty George, flour mills

Bowsfield W., bootmaker

Bradford C. S., physician and druggist

Castello J. H., blacksmith

Chinnick J. T., blacksmith and wagonmaker

Crawford Rev.___, clergyman (Methodist)

Darling Jennie, teacher

Dart Martin, attorney at Law

Dixon Alfred, attorney at Law

Dodge Mrs. J. E., dressmaker

Edgington L. C., grocer

Everson J. E. & Co., general merchandise

Freeman O. S., capitalist

Gage Delos, justice of peace

Gage Miss Jennie, teacher

Hill Jno D., wagonmaker

Jones Mrs. S. A., millinery and dressmaker

Kelley George R., physician

Kempster T. B., harnessmaker

Kennad Cyrus B., constable

Kerr J. H., wine grower

Lawrence Chas, telephone operator

Lewis & Nelmes, butchers

Longenecker A. J., tin and hardware

Longenecker Mrs. C. A., dressmaker

Marr Mrs. William, millinery

Martin H. B., hotel

Martin J. W., hotel and meat market

McKenney G. R., bootmaker

Rassette Joseph, hotel

Rawlings N. W., carpenter

Spring E. W., teacher

Stewart S. C., carpenter

Wittich John, painter




Distance from San Francisco 63 miles by river; population estimated 100; its resources agriculture.


Steele S W, harnessmaker

UPHAM J M, general merchandise




A post office and promising village on the C. P. R. R., 10 miles west of Sacramento, supported by fruit-growing and agriculture.


Alexander W. G., windmill manufacturer and carpenter

Burell & Reese, windmill manufacturer

Crenshaw Leonard, blacksmith

Goddard & Merrill, meat market

Herrick H., wagonmaker and justice of the peace

Jones George, hotel

McCormick Frank, blacksmith

Merrill W., notably public

SUGDEN FREDERICK, general merchandise and postmaster, and agent W., F. & Co. and C. P. R. R. agent





A place of considerable importance at one time, but at present is striving hard to conquer that fate which promises to inaugurate a retrograde movement in her action.  The country surrounding it, however, still recognizes it as the entrepot, and it may possibly assume its former activity before a great while.  The branch penitentiary is under course of construction here, and, when completed, may be a factor of great advantage to its prosperity.  Population about 1500.  Distant from Sacramento 22 miles.



Addison S., lumber and lime

AMERICAN EXCHANGE HOTEL, Mrs. Kate Hamilton proprietress

Anderson H., justice peace

ARNOLD A. E., liquors

Bates B. F., dentist

Benson John, justice peace

BROWN J. O., hardware, stoves and tinware

Burnham J. H., drugs and agent W., F. & Co., banker and insurance

CADY H. W., barber

CENTRAL HOTEL, J. C. Rand proprietor

Cohn S., grocer

Crosett W. C., attorney-at-law

Doll M., hotel

Donely Mrs. Henry, livery

Durant F. C., physician

Ecklon & Gable, butcher

Engesser Philipp, liquors

Fiel Mrs. J. varieties

"FOLSOM TELEGRAPH," Mrs. J. F. Howe proprietress

GERMAN HOTEL, Chas Zimmerman proprietor

Gilman Jno, carpenter

HALEN ALBERT, agent Natoma W. & M. Co.

HAMILTON MRS. KATE, proprietress American Exchange Hotel

Henblein L., saddles and harness

Hoess Frank, tailor

Holz Mark M., barber

Houston George, liquors

HOWE MRS. J. F., proprietress "Folsom Telegraph"

Hoyle Edward, painter

Humphrey Jas, general merchandise and news agent

Hyman Jacob, dry goods and clothing

Joerger Louis, bootmaker

Kay Samuel, lumber

Kinney J., operator W. U. Tel Co. and agent S. P. R. R.

Klump Jacob, bakery

Levy E. R., liquors

Mayer William, lock and gunsmith

McNamee Mrs. Annie, groceries

Miller J., furniture and undertaker

Mueller J. C. G., watchmaker and jeweler

NATOMA WATER & MINING CO., Albert Halen agent (wine growers, etc.)

Nichols & Stegeman, blacksmiths

RAND J. C., proprietor Central Hotel

Rignay Peter, liquors

Rothe John, blacksmith

Shannon John, liquors

Smith J. H., grocer and postmaster

SPAULDING & FENWICK, hardware and tinware

Strobel William A., livery stable and constable

Sturgess J. H., jeweler

Sullivan P. M., attorney-at-law

Townsend E. B., butcher

Vandermark A., blacksmith and wagonmaker

Wible Rev. E. H., clergyman (Methodist)

ZIMMERMAN CHAS, proprietor German Hotel





A post office and agricultural village of 100 souls; 14 miles from Sacramento.


Bloomfield William, blacksmith

Brown Benjamin, blacksmith

Cossy Isaac, stock-raiser

Johnson Joseph, teacher

King Aaron, butcher

Korn Jacob, postmaster

Lytle Frank, Blacksmith

Pickett Edward, saloon

Schlutius H., saloon

Stevenson I., teacher

Wantlin Clinton, carpenter






Is a small town of about 100 souls, 6 miles for Sacramento.  Agriculture is its chief support.




Frick Mrs. Annie, hotel

Greer A., bootmaker

Lee & Kirkland, blacksmiths and wagonmakers

Miller C. R., carpenter

RIEHL GEORGE P., postmaster

RIEHL P. G. & SON, general merchandise






Is a town of 600 population, on the C. P. R. R., distance 27 miles south of Sacramento, and is connected by branch road with Ione City, and from thereby stage with Jackson, Amador and Calaveras Big Trees.


The hotel accommodations at Galt are very good.  The Harvey House is kept by C. W. Harvey, is first-class in all respects, and travelers will find the host a genial one, and full of courtesy to those visiting him.



Adams M., bootmaker

Beckwith J. W., harness, saddlery and horse furnishing goods

Bottimore W. T., blacksmith

BREWSTER JNO, general merchandise

COTNER JAS E., liquors and billiard saloon

Evans Evan, blacksmith and wagonmaker

Farmer & Burkett, butchers

Ferris James, attorney at Law

Fugitt C. C., constable

Fugitt & Mitchell, bakery, confectionery, fruits, etc.

HARVEY C. W., hotel

Harvey Obed, physician and surgeon

Hatch T., blacksmith

Hicks James, liquors

Holmes W. O., agent W. U. C. Co.

Jenks G. W., physician and surgeon

Latourrette P. H., stoves and tinware

Marengo A.  & Co., vegetable peddlers

Martin T., dentist

McKinstry James, livery

Montigue Alex, physician and surgeon

Moore L. A., operator W. U. Tel Co.

Noble G. W., barber

Phelps F. F., watches, jewelry, fancy goods, stationery, picture frames, musical instruments and sewing machines

Pomeroy F. C., agent C. P. R. R.

Ray Don, postmaster

Smith M., justice of peace and notably public

Sparks & Baker, blacksmiths and wagonmakers

Stewart & Armstrong, proprietor Galt Barley Mill

Thompson J. W., bootmaker

Wall John, liquors

Wentworth A A, barber

Whitaker & Ray, general merchandise






Herbert L., hotel and livery

Jefferson W. H., blacksmith

Payne John, blacksmith

Reems Rev., M. E. Church

Swain J. H., liquors

Packett J. M., wagonmaker






A post office on Andrus Island, Sacramento River, 40 miles below Sacramento.



Ames H. M., Cal sugar manufacturer

Armstrong H., butcher

Armstrong H. C., livery and constable

Brown B. B., liquors

California Sugar Manufacturer Co., H. M. Ames proprietor

Carter J. J., liquors

Craner S., general merchandise

GARDINER P. H., general merchandise and agent W., F. & Co.

ISLETON HOTEL, W. H. Johnson proprietor

JOHNSON W. H., proprietor Isleton Hotel

Pool Josiah, postmaster

Vance H., blacksmith



Mahew's Station



Is 9 miles from Sacramento on the S. & P. R. R.



Mayhew L., agent S. & P. R. R. and liquors



Michigan Bar



It is six miles from Latrobe, on the S. & P. Railroad.  It was once a lively mining town but now almost deserted.



Brown & Heath, butchers

Brown W. A., blacksmith

Byam M. S. & Co., general merchandise

HEATH J., postmaster and express agent

Ruman C., saloon and lodging

WEST & HEATH, general merchandise



C. H. WEST, San Francisco

JOHN HEATH, Michigan Bar

WEST & HEATH, (Successors to C. H. West,)



Drugs, Paints, Oils, and Fancy Articles,


Gold Dust Bought.

Goods Delivered.




Mormon Island



A postoffice for miles from Folsom.


Broder Oswold, vinter

Heusten Joseph N., blacksmith

Mettee Henry, vinter

STEPHENSON THOS, groceries and postmaster

Townsend E. B., meat market

Walker James, saloon






A post office on Sacramento river, a few miles below Sacramento.



Latouratte P. H., carpenter

Rublee Alfred, stockraiser

Whitcomb Jas, stockraiser

Williams N., physician



Routier Station



A postoffice on the S. & P. R. R., 13 miles from Sacramento.



Bryan A. W., stock dealer

Carpenter E. G., capitalist

Dougherty W. J., constable and collector

Hicks G. D., miller

Mahew Leon, saloon

Menke A., hop grower

Patterson A. D., justice of peace, postmaster and agent Sacramento & Placerville R. R.

Routier James, fruit and wine raiser

Schmidt Herman, blacksmith

Taylor John B., stock raiser







About three miles south of Sacramento.  Population 250.



Aschenaur George, blacksmith and wagonmaker

DeLange G. B., liquors

Forsman J. G., blacksmith and wagonmaker

GROENEVELD M. F., proprietor Sutterville Hotel

Lincoln J. M., justice of peace

Morlath P., hotel

Sayers William, Halfway House and liquors

SUTTERVILLE HOTEL, M. F. Groeneveld proprietor

Thielen N, brewery




Brainard G., postmaster and saloon

Harrison Jno P., hotel and blacksmith



Walkers Landing



Is distant from San Francisco 78 miles; population estimated at 15.  It is a shipping point for further.



ALLENDER A. T. & CO.  General merchandise, postmaster and agent Wells, Fargo & Co.



Walnut Grove



Alder Joseph, harnessmaker

Bradt & Corbin, carpenters

Brown A., hotel

Holttum W., agent California Transportation Co.

Maack H. Z., blacksmith

RADGESKY L., general merchandise, postmaster and W., F. & Co. and insurance agent

SHARP J. W., postmaster

SUMMERS H. A., physician

town & Wickers, butchers






Patton Jas, blacksmith and wagonmaker

WALSH J. M., groceries, liquors and postmaster





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