Pacific Coast





Sacramento County





Situated on the east bank of the Sacramento river, in the lovely valley bearing the same name, is a handsome capital of the Golden State.  Until the year 1870, she was the Western terminus of the Central Pacific Railway, the nation's grandest highway; but with the construction and immediate consolidation of the Western Pacific with that line, this honor was surrendered to the "suburban city on the bay," and now contents herself with the title of a station, which that event conferred upon her.  However, the possession of the machine shops of the powerful corporation is a source of great revenue, as there are constantly employed about 1, 000 operatives, and through this fact her loss amounts to very little.  Besides the Central Pacific, there are several other lines of roadway which converge and diverge from the city, and they must ever prove valuable factors in the promotion of her commercial interests.  Her position geographically is decidedly favorable, rendering the business men of the city invaluable aid in enlarging their trade, which, in their absence must be circumscribed to very narrow limits by the competition of San Francisco merchants.  By the energy and enterprise of her citizens, who have always been alive to the development of their city, she has reached the second place as a commercial emporium, and we bespeak for her a continued growth and an honored place in the rank of the most substantial cities of the coast.  Her many avenues of trade or are ornamented with splendid structures, well behaved with cobblestones and brilliantly illuminated with gas, while many there are traversed by lives of street railways, and well drained by an excellent system of sewerage.  In the residence portions of the place the roomy yards, studded with palms and ferns, and ablaze in most seasons of the year with rare flowers, there are many objects of attraction.  In the possession of magnificent private homes, Sacramento will compare favorably with any city of the same size in the Union.  The railroad depot, constructed in the summer of 1879, and the beautiful capital building are features of the place that deserves special notice.  The former is composed principally of iron and glass, is upwards of 300 feet in length, and is conveniently subdivided into compartments peculiar to itself.  The latter is a handsome structure, very modest and attractively situated in lovely grounds and surmounted by a dome, 180 feet in hight.  It cost was in the neighborhood of $5,000,000.  The city is also well supplied with daily and weekly newspapers, he "Record-Union," a morning paper, taking rank in age.  The "Bee," an evening journal, is a sprightly sheet and the "State Democrat," a Democratic publication, issued in the morning, and the "Journal," a German semi-weekly, a ably represents the class in whose interest it is published.  The press of the city is a credit to it, and the circulation of the papers show an appreciation that is a commendable.  The construction in the past year of many substantial business houses and residences, and the contemplated investment of capital in similar improvements the present year, is a happy commentary on her future growth.  The population is estimated at 26,000.









Abramovich John, fruits, nuts, candies, etc., Third and J.

Abrams & Tuney, contractors and builders, 401 M

ACKERMAN & CO., crockery, glassware and plated ware, 629 J.

ADAMS C. E., hay and grain, 727 J.

Adams McNeil & Co., wholesale grocers, Front and L.

Agard J. J., insurance 1011 Fourth

Agricultural Park, Allen Roberts proprietor, Twentieth

AITKIN & FISH, marble works, 617 K.

ALBERS CONRAD, saloon, 507 K.

Albion House, Mrs. R. Mazeaux proprietress, 519 K.

ALEXANDER D. E., attorney-at-law and notary public, N E corner Fourth and J.

Alexander Mrs. Mary, tailor, 806 K.

Alexander S., clothing, 806 K.

Alfaro Isidore, saloon, corner Front and P.

Allen David, agent W. U. Tel Co, Capitol

Allen J. F., manager W. U. Tel Co, Second between J. and K.

Allen J. H., bootmaker, 820 ½  K.

ALLEN ROBERT, lessee Agricultural Park and liquors, Twentieth and G

Allmond John D., sewing machines and gloves, 806 J.

Allmond Ms. Katie, photograph colorer, 806 J.

ALSIP E. K., secretary Occidental and Union Bldg and Loan Associations, 1015 Fourth

ALTHOUSE JOSIAH, saloon, 1008 Fourth

American Bible Society, 1023 Ninth

AMERICAN EAGLE HOTEL, T. S. Wilkinson proprietor, J. and Twelfth

Anderson & Berg, painters, 816 K.

Anderson J., merchant tailor, 1018 1/2 Sixth

ANDERSON & JOHNSON, fashionable merchant tailors, 1012 Seventh

Anderson Rev. T. H. B., clergyman M E South

ANDERSON W. A., attorney at law, N E corner Third and J.

ANDREW A., manager Continental Oil and Transportation Co., 67 and 69 Front

Andrews Asa P., secretary Sacramento Pioneer Association, Seventh bet. J. and K.

Annis Thos, wood and coal yard, 426 K.

Arcade Hotel, Thomas Guineau proprietor, Second between J. and K.

ARMSTRONG J. W., attorney-at-law, 322 J.

ARMSTRONG THOS, harness and saddlery, 1104 J.

ARNOLD JACOB, Second Street Meat Market, Second and N

Arnold J. M., insurance broker, 1011 Fourth

Arnold M. R., restaurant, 1019 Second

ASHER J., photographer, 810 J.

ASHER ROBERT W., carriage painter, 1115 J.

Atkinson E. C., president Sacramento Business College, 716 I

AVERY J. M., president Capital Furniture Co., 616 J.

AXTELL FRANK, manufacturer Goodenough Bed Spring, 822 J.





Backus Samuel W., adjutant general, Capitol

Bailey Joseph, agent for theater, 423 K.

Bailey W. H., harness maker, 1030 K.

Baker B., hotel, 818 K.

BAKER & HAMILTON, hardware, agricultural implements, wagons, etc., 109, 111, 113 and 115 J.

Baldwin C. G., grocer, N E corner Twelfth and G.

Baldwin W. H., physician, 1029 Second

Baptiste J. & Co., cigar manufacturers, 326 K.

BARBER M., hay and grain, Eleventh and J.

Barnes Chas, cigars, tobacco, sacks, etc., 910 J.

Baron Chas L., barber, 624 K.

BARRY JNO, liquors, 108 K.

Bartlett J. A., manager Studebaker Brothers Manufacturing Co., 217 and 219 J.

BASLER GEORGE A., proprietor Fountain Livery Stables, 1004 and 1006 J.

BASLER MARTIN, saddler and harnessmaker, 1003 K.

BATCHELOR, VAN GELDER & Co., manufacturers, (for Pacific Coast), Spring Tooth  Harrows and Cultivators, and dealers in agricultural implements, 902 K.

BATES GEORGE E., attorney-at-law, 914 Fifth

BATES GEORGE O & Co., hardware and agricultural implements, 205 and 207 J.

Bauer Brothers, tinners and coppersmiths, 729 K.

Baumie Frederick, cooked meats, 426 J.

Bayer & Co., grocers, Second and O.

BAYER EMIL, grocer, Second and O.

Beals H. S., photographer, 415 J.

Beard M. R. & Co., stationery, news, etc., 312 J.

Bearnson N., stoves, furniture, crockery, glassware, tinware, etc., 829 J.

BEATTY H.O., receiver U. S. land office, Fourth and J.

BEAUMONT DUNCAN, land agent, 1018 Seventh

Beckman William, president Peoples’ Savings Bank, Fourth and J.

BELL & KOLLIKER, druggist, S. W. corner Sixth and J.

Bemmerer August, cutler, 519 K.

BENING BROS., furniture, bedding, crockery, glassware, (new and second hand), etc., 1019 Fourth

BENNETT & HARVEY, proprietor Sacramento Signed Works, 1023 Tenth

Bennett Mrs. H., proprietress Lardner building, Fifth and K.

BENNETT I., fruit, candy, cigars and tobacco, 926 J.

Bennett Miss M., dressmaker,I and Seventh

Bennett Michael, saloon, 807 J.

Bentley Rev. Robert, clergyman, (Methodist)

Berck L. P., grocers, N. W. corner Thirteenth and K.

Bergmann A., pickle and vinegar factory, L.

Berkey T. H., county clerk, Court House

Bernard H. M., blacksmith and carriage makers, L. and Sixth

Bertin Mrs. E., dressmaker, 919 Fifth

Bertin P., upholsterer, 919 Fifth

Bettencourt J. S. A., barber, 1031 Front

Bien Louis, dry goods, S. W. corner J. and Eighth

Biewener & Hagemann, meat market, Fourth and M.

BILLINGS E. L. & Co., wholesale liquors, 417 K.

BINGAY MRS. E. C., teacher of drawing, Ninth and K.

Bishop Chas E., county superintendent schools, Court House

Blessing & Guthrie, proprietor Capital Hotel Seventh and K.

Blue Danl, bootblack, Ale Vaults Barber Shop, 302 J.

Boban J., restaurant, 45 Second

Boeckhoff G., dyeing and cleaning, 524 K.

Bohl Peter, real estate and ins, 325 J.

Bohrer Joseph, liquors, 522 J.

BOND & HUNTSMAN, millinery and fancy goods, 523 J.

BOOTH & Co., wholesale grocers, Front

This is the oldest firm in the city; first established in the Spring of 1850, under the style of the " Foreshee, Booth & Co.," composed of John Foreshee, L. A. Booth and Job Dye, the two latter gentlemen retired in the spring of 1851.  About the same period Charles Smith and Newton Booth established business under the name of Smith & Booth.  After the fire of 1852, L. A. Booth became a member of the firm, which was then known as Booth & Co. Kleinhaus & Co., established in 1852: Theodore P. and D. Kleinhaus, partners.  The latter firm united with the Kleinhaus constituting the firm.  The Kleinhaus retired in 1860, and Newton Booth began entering the firm, L. A. Booth and T. L. Barker retired from the firm in 1862, and J. T. Glover became a member.  This firm still continues, and that, too, with all these surroundings of prosperity.  Its business relations extend not only through the northern and southern counties of the State, but also through the entire State of Nevada.  The firm also do business in San Francisco, under the firm name of W. W. Dodge & Co.


Borchers W. F., brewer, N E corner Twelfth and H.

Bostwick E. R., lodgings and restaurant, 1117 Fourth

Bottomley J. M., Delivery Co..  820 K.

BOWERS & LONGABAUGH, Ale Vaults Barber Shop, 302 J.

Bowers Mrs., physician, 919 I

BOYD MRS. J. W., dressmaker, 505 J.

BOYD THOS, confectioner, 824 J.

Boyle Mrs. Katie, dressmaker, 1014 Eighth

Boyne William, marble works, 712 K.

Brag & Almond, pattern maker and wood turning, 1107 Ninth

Brandt A., ladies underwear, 507 J.

Brannon & Rooney, carriage factory, 1107 and 1109 Seventh

Brendlin A., baker, 1128 I. between Eleventh and Twelfth

BREUNER JOHN, furniture and bedding, 604 2 608 K.

BREWER A., Eagle Hotel, 1319 to 1321 Front

BREWER B. B., dentist, 628 ½  J.

BREWER M. T. & Co., fruit and produce merchants, 130 and 132 J., corner Second

Briggs W. A., physician, 212 J.

BRIGGS W. E., oculist and aurist, 429 ½  J.

Brooklyn Hotel, J. E. Mooney proprietor, 85 and 87 Front

Brothers Misses, millinery, 611 J.

Brown Brothers, blacksmiths and wagonmakers, 920 K.

BROWN B. F., proprietor Bruce House, 1018 J.

Brown Daniel, blacksmith and wagonmaker, 920 K.

Brown I. S., attorney-at-law, N E corner Third and J.

Brown Isaac, saloon, 1214 J.

Brown J. R., insurance, 1006 Fourth

BROWN MISS EMMA, hair goods and hairdresser, 517 J.

Brown Mrs. V. A., ladies’ hairdresser, 1026 Fifth

BROWN W. B. C., attorney-at-law and notary public, 1018 Seventh

BRUCE HOUSE, B. F. Brown proprietor, 1018 J.

Bruner Elwood, attorney-at-law, 628 1/2 J.

BRYDING PETER, Tremont Hotel, 112 and 114 J.

Buckley Henry L., district attorney, Court House

Buckley P. J., tailor, 716 K.

BUCKOW EMIL & CO., wholesale liquors, 725 K.

Budd & Forrest, fish, 5 Front

Bullard Ben Jr., brass foundry and finisher, 918 Third

Burghardt A. D., plaster, I. and Seventh

BURKE M. A., manager for Sisson, Wallace & Co., 129 J.

BURNS D. M., secretary of state, Capitol

Burr E. A., hay and grain, 815 and 817 J.

BUSH ED N., cigars and tobacco, 326 J.

BUSH GEORGE T., gas fixtures, plumbers’ ware and sanitary supplies, 324 J.

Bush Norton, artist, Sixth and K.

BUTTERFIELD & WHITE, grocers, J. and Tenth




Caduc Phil, coal, soda, ale, etc., 1009 Third

Cadwalader Edward & Co., brokers, 229 J.

CADWALADER GEORGE, attorney-freighted -law, N E corner Third and J.

Cadwalader & Parsons, real estate and ins, 229 J.

California House, Frank Schurler proprietor, Frank between J. and K.

Callahan B. E., county treasurer, Court House

CALLIHAN MRS. P. A., millinery, 613 J.

Calvyn & Chipman, sign and ornamental painter's, 1107 Second

Campbell Fred M., state superintendent schools, Capitol

Campbell John, furniture, 409 K.

Campbell M, grocer, 1312 Fifth

Cantwell W. R., attorney-at-law, N. E. corner Third and J.

CAPITOL FURNITURE CO., furniture, J. M. Avery president, 616 J.

Capwell H. C. & Co., picture frames, moldings, etc., 720 8 K.

Capital Hotel, Blessing & Guthrie proprietors, SW Seventh and K.

Capital Ice and Coal Co., 920 and 922 Fourth

CAPITOL SOAP CO., Withington & Bagley proprietor's, Front and O

Capitol Woolen Mills, S. Tryon superintendent, Sixteenth and E., 822 J.

CAREY JOHN T., attorney-at-law, real estate and insurance agent, 1006 Fourth

Carle & Croly, carpenters, 1114 Second

Carroll J. H., warehouse, N W corner Eleventh and B.

Carroll J. & Son, marble works, 1029 Sixth

Cary W. W., watches and jewelry, guns, etc., Second between J. and K.

CASEY & CRONAN, wholesale liquors, 218 K.

Casselli A., bootmaker, 216 J.

Castorf Mrs. L., lodging house, 300 K.

Castro J. M. & Son, wood and coal, L. and Fourth

Castro M, wood, 1617 Front

Caswell & Landsborough, proprietor Sacramento Transfer Co., 524 J.

Caswell William A., city bill poster, 524 K.

CATLIN & HAMBURGER, attorneys at law, 207 J.

CHADDERDON J L, paints, oils, varnish and window glass, wallpaper, etc., 204 K.

CHANDLER L. C., real estate and ins, 227 J.

CHESLEY G. W., wholesale liquors and groceries, 51 Front

CHRISTIAN BROTHERS, conductors of the Sacramento Institute

Christianson & Brother, market, 703 J.

Church & Jones, orchestra, 812 K.

City Hotel, Andrew Noone proprietor, 311 K.

City Water Works, Josiah Johnson Superintendent, Front and I.

Clark & Venable, attorneys at law, Third and J.

CLARK J. FRANK, undertaker, 1017 Fourth

Clark Jno J., architect, 403 J.

CLARK ROBERT C., superior judge, Court House

Clatt William, bootmaker, 206 K.

Claussenius & Co., saloon, 914 K.

CLAYTON M F, physician and proprietor Pacific Water Cure, Seventh and L.

Clinch C, sawfiler, 821 K.

Cluness W. R., physician, 1029 Second

CLUNIE THOMAS J. (Curtis & Clunie)

COLEMAN J.O., exchange office, stocks bought and sold on commission, 325 J.

COLEMAN L., fruits, candies, cigars, etc., 724 J.

Coleman WP, real estate and insurance, 325 J.

COLES J. L. & D. H., Sacramento Ice Co., 1018 to 1024 K.

Coffey P. J., blacksmith and carriage maker, 924 Fourth

COFFIELD NICLES, Park Saloon, 906 J.

Coggins P. H., attorney-at-law and justice of peace, 916 Seventh

COHEN BEN, carpets, oil cloths, curtains, etc., 419 and 421 J.

Cohn Samuel, tailor, 1005 K.

COLLA JULES P., Sacramento Exchange, 1008 Seventh

COMSTOCK W. D., furniture and bedding (wholesale and retail), Fifth and K.

Coney S., second-hand goods, 105 K.

Conrad John, watches and jewelry, 417 J.

CONRAN JOHN, proprietor Eldred House, 1010 K.

CONSIDINE D. J., saloon, Third and K.

Consiglire Louis, boarding house, 117 Front

CONTINENTAL OIL AND TRANSPORTATION CO., A Andrew manager, 67 and 69 Front

COOK A.A., architect, 403 J., N E corner Fourth

Cook T. H., grocer, N E corner Eighth and J.

Cook Thos, barber, 926 K.

COOKE & Son, Pioneer Box Factory, Front and M.

Cooksley___,oculist, O. between Ninth and Tenth

Cooley S. B., laundry, Slater's Addition

COOLOT A., importing variety store and cigars, tobacco, books, stationery, cutlery, etc., 812 J.

COOPER D, saloon, Second and I.

Cooper George, poultry, game, fish and vegetables, 516 K.

COOPER JNO F., fancy goods, toys, music, musical instruments, zephywools, J. and Sixth

Cooper William J., constable, 916 Fifth

Coppersmith J. H., grocer, S E corner Seventh and G.

COPPIN R & CO., auctioneers and dealers in second-hand furniture, 727 K.

CORBIN J. H., liquors, 218 J.

CORDANO JOHN, bootblack, 425 J.

Corrada B., hotel, 1225 Front

Cordes Ernest, hotel, S E corner Twelfth and I.

CORRAL SALOON, Chas Nessel proprietor, 1119 Third

Coss R., stair builder, 1117, Fourth

Counts J.P., attorney-at-law, I. A. and Seventh

Coy Z L, feed stable, 1226 J.

Crane S. S., physician, 1109 Fifth

CRAVENS ROBT O., State Library and, Capitol

Crescent City Hotel, J. E. Dixon proprietor, 621 and 623 J.

Crocker B. R., C. P. R. R. and P. I. store house, 101 Front

CROCKER H. S. & CO., printers and stationers, 208 and 210 J.

CRONIN WP proprietor Golden Eagle Restaurant, 616 K.

CROSS SAMUEL, attorney-at-law and searcher of records, 429 J.

Crowell & Caverly, auctioned and commission, N W corner Fourth and J.

Crowley Jno, saloon, 1419 Front

Cunningham A J., boilermaker, 212 and 214 I.

CUNNINGHAM J., carriage painter, 1110 K.

Curtis Mrs. A. C., schoolteacher, (private), 604 L.

CURTIS & CLUNIE, attorneys at law, 920 Sixth

CURTIS N.  GREENE, (Curtis & Clunie)




Dahringer & Brown, blacksmith and wagonmakers, 1113 J.

"DAILY RECORD UNION" Sacramento Publishing Co. proprietors, Third between J. and K.

DALE & Co., music, toys, zephywools, fancy goods, etc., 625 J., 27th year in business

Daly J. S., saloon, 425 K.

DALY Mrs. J. M., dress and cloakmaker, 1012 Third

Dangler Chas, saloon, 1025 Third

DASSONVILLE FRED, manager Marcus C. Hawley & Co., 213 J.

DAUGHERTY & CO., grocers, 907 and 909 Front

Davis & Hogan, restaurant, 302 K.

DAVIS J F & SON, carriages, 1013 and 1015 J.

DAVIS J. G., furniture and bedding, 411 K.

DAVIS RICHMOND, real estate and insurance, 402 J.

DAVIS S. H., hardware, 704 J.

DAVIS & SMITH, stoves and tinware, 826 J.

Davis William J., official court reporter and notary public, Court House

DeBARNARDI D. & CO., fruits, fish, vegetables, poultry, farm produce, etc., 308 and 310 K.

DeLONGE J B, Diana Saloon, 521 K.

Dennery Alphonse & Co., crockery, 518 J.

Denson S. C., superior judge, Court House

"DENTAL JAIRUS" W.O. Thrailkill editor and publisher, Sixth and K.

DERMAN & ZIEGLER, Sacramento Beer Hall, 407 K.

Deseve J. B., bootmaker, 1011 Ninth

Deuel S. A., physician, 407 J.

DEVINE J. C., Capital Marble Works, 722 K.

DEVINE MARTIN, grocer, S W corner Sixth and N.

Didion John, liquors, 414 J.

Diefenbacher & Newman, barbers and baths, 223 K.

Dierssen D., grocer, S E corner Ninth and L.

Dierssen & Toland, groceries, S W corner Seventh and E.

DIETERLE ED, Fifth Avenue House 1015 Fifth

Dietrich & Rump, proprietor Ebner's Hotel, 116 and 118 K.

Dingley N., coffee and spice mill, 113 I.

Dixon J. E., proprietor Crescent City Hotel, 621 and 623 J.

DODGE V. C., Start Glove Factory, 1005 K.

Dohn Charles, saloon, 908 K.

DOLE NICK, proprietor Oak Hall, four miles from Sacramento

Dombrower S., tailor, 208 K.

Donahue John, grocery, N E corner Twelfth and D.

DONOVAN MISS E., dress and cloak maker, 1020 Eighth

Donovan J., liquors, S W corner L. and Third

Dorney M. L., boot and shoemaker, 1305 Fourth

DORSEY H. W., barber, 1319 Front

Dorsey L. P., Fountain Saloon, 1006 J.

Dougherty Mrs. Ann, lodgings, 122 K.

Doyle John, horseshoer, 1021 K.

Dreman & Shiels, house painter, 1115 J.

Drew N L, & Co.; lumber, Second and M.

DUCK LEWIS, groceries, 420 K.

DUCOING EUGENE, hairdresser, 431 K.

Duffy John H., attorney-at-law, Seventh and J.

DUNLAP ISAIAH, Golden Eagle Hairdressing Saloon, 621 K.

Dunlap Presley, (Dunlay & Van Fleet)

Dunlap & Van Fleet, attorneys at law, 603 I.

Dwinell Rev. I. E., clergyman (Congregational)

DWYER M, liquors, corner K. and Eighth

Dwyer S., general merchandise, N E corner Sixteenth and J.

Dyer Brothers, barbers, 1031 Second





EARL D. W. & Co., forwarding and commission

EASTERBROOKS J. S., drayman and piano mover; furniture and pianos moved with care; order on slate at Singer office, 411 J.

EBERHARDT WILLIAM, gunsmith and turner, 602 K.

EBNER BROTHERS, wholesale liquors, 1009 Fourth

Ebner's Hotel, Dietrich & Rump, proprietors,116 and 118 K.

ECKHARDT HENRY, guns, pistols, ammunition, etc., 523 K.

Edgerton Henry, attorney-at-law, 209 J.

EGL A., fruits and confectionery, 510 J.

Ehler B, grocer, Second and N.

EHMANN CHRIS, grocer, S W corner M. and Second

EICHMAN & HOCKEL, barbers, 517 K.

Eilers D. W., grocer, Tenth and O.

ELDRED E. P., cashier State House Tenth and K.

ELDRED H., proprietor State House Tenth and K.

ELDRED HOUSE, John Conran proprietor, 1010 K.

ELKUS L. & CO., wholesale clothing, boots and shoes, blankets, etc., Front and J.

Elliott Archie, grocer, 302 L.

ELLIOTT C. W., manager for Friend & Terry Lumber Co., 1310 Second

Ellis P., bootmaker, Fifth

Emery E. H., agent Wheeler & Wilson sewing machines, 527 J.

Emmons Miss D. H., millinery, 517 J.

EWERS NICHOLAS, grocer, N E corner Thirteenth and H.

EWERS OTTO, Bank Exchange, Second and K.




Fabian Bros., groceries, 827 J.

FAIRCHILD MRS. S. K., dressmaker, 613 ½  J.

FAIRFIELD MRS. CASSIE, dress and cloak maker, S W corner Sixth and J.

Falkenstein J. A., bootmaker, 525 K.

Farnsworth W. C., superintendent city cemetery, 804 J.

Farr B. A., proprietor Telegraph House, 1222 J.

FARREN JOHN, horseshoer, 810 K.

FARREN JOHN, blacksmith, 810 K.

FARR GEORGE M., proprietor Mint Saloon, 128 K.

FARR G. W., (McFarland & Farr), notary public, Fourth and J.

Felch W. C., real estate and insurance, 1013 Fourth

FELDHUSEN C., groceries, Eighth and L.

Felter Jas. I. & Co., wholesale liquors, 73 Front between K. and L.

FERAUT B. & Co., groceries, Second and N.

Ferguson R. C., whitewasher, 417 M.

Filano P., grocer, Third and Q.

FISH & COLLINS, druggist and manufacturing chemists, 1007 Fourth

Fisher G. S., fruits, nuts, etc., 825 J.

FISHER HENRY, candy manufacturer, 508 J.

FISHER N., machinist and locksmith, 427 K.

FISK R A., proprietor Pacific Electrical Works, Eighth between I. and J.

FLAHERTY PETER, saloon, 624 J.

Fleming Frank, barber, 1008 K.

FLOHR A., guns, pistols & ammunition, 1024 Sixth; parasols & umbrellas, 1022 Sixth

FLOHR Chas, as, pistols and ammunition, 511 K.

FORD & CLARKE, proprietors of "Daily State Democrat," Third and J.

Forester E. H., manager for Scofield & Tevis, 67 and 69 Front

Foster Albert, assistant superintendent C. P. R. R. Co.'s steamers

Foster A. H., groceries, 1118 J.

FOSTER F., book binder, paper ruler and blank book manufacturer, 319 J.

FOUNTAIN LIVERY STABLES, George A. Basler proprietor 1004 and 1006 J.

Fox John, liquors, 1116 Fourth

Fox' s Hotel, F. N. Mertes proprietor, 1115 Fourth

Foy F. M. merchant tailor, 426 J.

FRANK' S, SALOON, Frank Ruhstaller proprietor 422 K.

Frazer W. F., lumber, Fifth and L.

FREEMAN A. C., attorney-at-law, 914 Fifth

FREEMAN & BATES, attorneys at law, 916 Fifth

FREES JACOB, proprietor Belvidere Hotel 1023 Sixth

Friedman L. E., hairdresser, with Oscar Pfotenhauer

Friedman M., varieties, 216 J.

FRIEND & TERRY LUMBER CO., C.W. Elliot manager, 1310 Second & corner Twelfth & J.

FRITZ & MILLER, undertakers 905 K.

Frost A. L., U. S. internal revenue collector, Sixth and K.

Frost ___, clergyman (Baptist)

FUCHS HENRY, varieties, purchasing agency & proprietor Fuchs' Hair Restorative, 529 K.

Fuchs Peter, cigars, 405 K.




Gates M. E., freight agent, S. P. R. R., Front

GATTMANN J. M. & CO., cigars and tobacco, 622 K.

GARDNER D., wood and coal, N E corner Fourth and I.

GARDNER M., physician, 318 J.

Gehring Fred, harness and saddles, 912 J.

George F. S., hairdresser, 1014 J.

George Mrs. Joseph, groceries, Fifth and N.

George Wilbur F., attorney-at-law, 401 J.

Gerber Bros., wholesale butchers, J. and Tenth

GERBER HENRY, Meat Market, J. and Tenth

Gerber William E., county auditor and recorder, Court House

GILES J. W., hairdresser, 104 K.

GIDLUND & DALEY, painters, 1126 J.

Giebel Cornelius, bookbinder and paper box factory, Eighth between K. and L.

Gilligan Miss, dressmaker, 513 J.

Gillis D., livery stable, 917, 919 and 921 Eighth

Gill J. B., Sacramento Telephone Exchange, 627 J.

GILMAN C. H., proprietor Red House, 706 J.

GILMAN J. P. & CO., clothing, 924 J.

GILMER THOS W., justice of peace, 918 Fifth

Ginsburg Samuel, cigars and tobacco, 206 J.

GLASOU L J, agent Domestic Sewing Machines, 617 J.

Gleason J. J., plumbing and gasfitting 706 J.

Gleeson Mrs. Ellen, hotel, 814 J.

Goepel H., bootmaker, 803 J.

Gogings R E, druggist, 904 J.

GOLDEN EAGLE HOTEL, F. A. Hornblower proprietor, N W corner F. and K.

GOLDEN EAGLE RESTAURANT, W. P. Cronin proprietor, 616 J.

Goldman S., groceries, Second and J.

Gonnet A, S E corner L. and Second

GOODELL N D, architect, Seventh between J. and K.

GOODHUE A P, manager Sacramento Lumber Co., Second between L. and M.

Goosner B, billiard table manufacturer, 515 K.

GOTTORSKI W, junk, sacks, metal &c, Fifth and I.

Gottliet S., meat market, Seventh and N.

Gouldin Thos, teacher of phonography and barber, 804 K.

Grafmiller A, feed stable, 1016 Ninth

GRAF M., ivory turner, 1025 Fourth

Grahler John, liquors, 522 J.

GRANGERS' CO-OPERATIVE BUSINESS ASSOCIATION, W. H. Hevener manager, general merchandise and agricultural implements, 1000 K.

Grangers' Stable, Robert Hill proprietor, 1117 Seventh

Grant Mrs., dressmaker, 1015 Sixth

Gray C. A. D., cutler, 319 K.

Greene S. A., feed stable, 1019 J.

Green & Trainor, meat market, 124 K.

GREER E. & CO., groceries, N W corner Ninth and K.

GREGORY J., fruit and produce, 126 and 128 J.

Gregory Rev., clergyman (Baptist)

GREINER GEORGE, piano tuner and repairer, 1019 Ninth

GRIESEL JACOB, harness and saddles, 1022 J.

GRIFFITH S. J., Pony Exchange, 75 Front, between K. & L.

Gross Frank W., clerk of supreme court

GROTH JAMES H., Forest Saloon, 415 K.

Gruhler E & Co., brewery, S E corner Sixteenth and K.

Gruhler and Sellinger, ice and coal, 920 Fourth

Guinean Thos, proprietor Arcade Hotel, Second between J. and K.

Guinn W. H., barber, 1010 Fourth

Gullion D. H., grocer, N W corner Twelfth and I.

Gunn E, blacksmith, 212 and 214 I.

GUTENBEBGER WILLIAM, Sacramento Foundry, corner Front and N.

Guth George, grocer, 1131 Twelfth, corner I.

GUTHRIE BROS., plumbers, roofers and tinners, 127 J.




Hale Bros. & Co., dry goods, 812 K.

Haberkorn W., tailor, 127 J.

HAHN JNO., saloon, 924 Second

HAINES G., justice of the peace, 1018 Fourth

Haller Daniel, saloon, 1014 Third

HALL MRS. J. R., ladies' hairdresser, 525 ½  J.

HALL LUHRS & CO., importers and wholesale grocers, 228 and 230 K. corner Third

HAMBURGER A, dry goods (People' s Store), 600 J. corner Sixth

Hamilton Ed R., cashier Sacramento Savings Bank, Fifth and J.

HAMILTON W H, architect, 627 J.

Hammer L K., music and musical instruments, 820 J.

HAMMER M S, druggist, Fourth and K.

Hamm Mrs. Maggie, liquors, 313 L.

Hanly J. W., Cronk beer, Fifth and I.

HANNAN P., attorney-at-law, 625 I.

Hannon Owen, saloon, 325 K.

Hanrahan M., wood and coal, L and Eighth

HANSON OTTO, merchant tailor, 408 J.

Hardesty, Thos., fruit and confectionery, cigars and tobacco, 830 K.

Harkins Jno. P, poultry, fruit &c., Sixth and K.

HARLEY JAMES, junk, metals, sacks, etc., 918 K.

HARPER THOS, boots and shoes, 323 J.

Harris L. R., liquors, Tenth and K.

Harrison T. E., restaurant, 306 J.

HART ALBERT, Governor’s private secretary, Capitol

Hart A. L., attorney-at-law, Capitol

HARTMAN G. PHIL, Oriental Market, 418 K.

HARTWELL, HOTCHKISS & STALKER, Sacramento Planing Mills, Front and Q.

Harvey Mrs. S. A., Plaza Glove Factory, 1009 Tenth

HASTENPLUG P. J., saloon, S E corner Twentieth and H.

HASWELL, & AMSDEN, Pantheon Saloon, 1022 Fourth

Hatch F. W., physician, 318 J.

Hathaway A., carpet-beating machine, O. and Twelfth

Hawley Mrs. A. M., dressmaker, M. between Fifth and Sixth

HAWLEY MARCUS C. & CO., hardware and agricultural implements, 211 to 215 J.

Hayden C. C., conveyancer, real estate, fire and life insurance, 17 J.

HAYFORD BROS. & CO., general mdse, J. and Ninth

Haymond & Allen, attorney-at-law, Fourth and J.

HAYS BROS., stoves, tinware, plumbers and gasfitters, 1122 J.

Heath J. R., watches and jewelry, 820 J.

Hector John, saloon, 1017 Tenth

Hector J. O., liquors, 314 K.

Heilbron A., sheriff, Court House

Heilbron Bros.wholesale butchers, 619 J.

Heilbron Fred, meat market, 619 J.

HEINRICH CHAS., groceries, 301 L.

HEISEN C., Court Exchange, I. and Seventh

Hellenge W., wood and coal, N. between Third and Fourth

Hellinge Wm., wood, , N. between Third and Fourth

Henessy P.J., grocer, 2330 K.

Henry A. G., physician, Tenth and J.

Henschel J., carriage trimmer, 1111 Eighth

Herman F., liquors, 708 K.

HERZOG PHIL, City Meat Market, 118 J.

HEVENER W. H., manager Grangers’ Co-operative Business Association, 1000 K.

Heyman Arnold, agent Steinway & Son’s Pianos, 620 I.

Heyum H., cigars and tobacco, 602 J.

HICKMAN P. L., real estate and insurance, 1005 Fourth

Higgs Mrs. M. L., lodgings, 419 J.

Hillard C., butcher, Third and L.

Hill & Cornell, grocers, 922 J.

HILL J. F., manufr. of and dealer in wagons and carriages, Thirteenth and J.

HILL ROBERT, propr. Grangers’ Stable, 1117 Seventh

Hines E., varieties, 1028 H between Tenth and Eleventh

HINKSON ADD C., attorney-at-law and notary public, 627 J.

HIRSH MARKS, junk, 813 J.

HOBBY & HARPER, white bronze monuments, filters and coolers, 329 J.

HOCKWELL PETER, Jersey Restaurant, 1317 Front

Hodgdon T. G., attorney-at-law, 625 I.

Hodgdon W., propr. Mansion House, Seventh between I. and J.

HOEHN JACOB, coal, 513 and 515 I.

HOFFMANN A.,  boots and shoes, 609 K.

Hoit N. S., musician, 1021 Fourth

Hook & Falconer, contractors and carpenters, S E corner I. and Seventh

Hook William, carpenter, Fourth between K. and I.

HOLBROOK, MERRILL & STETSON, stoves, tinware and metals, 221 and 223 J.

HOLL S. SOLON, attorney-at-law, Sixth and I.

Holman, Stanton & Co., agricultural implements and hardware, Second and J.

HOPFE HENRY, carriage painter, 1013 Ninth

HOPPER P. J., attorney-at-law and notary public, Fourth and J.

Hopping W. C., postmaster, Fourth and K.

HORNBLOWER F. A.,  propr. Golden Eagle Hotel, N W corner Seventh and K.

HOUGHTON W. A. & C. S., wholesale booksellers and stationers, 615 J.

Houston & Co., employment office, 1112 Fourth

Houston Joseph W., county assessor, Court House

HOVEY J J, jeweler or and watchmaker, 1023 Tenth

Howard House, K. between Front and Second

Howard & Sellers, grocers, M. and Eighth

Howe Mrs. B., dressmaker, 521 J.

Howe Mrs. Lowell, dressmaker, 1107 Eighth

Hoyt W. H., plumber, 1010 Third

HUEBSCHMAN JNO B, Albion Saloon, 519 K.

HUGHSON W. A., physician, 628 J.

HUNTINGTON, HOPKINS & CO.  wholesale hardware and metals, 220 to 226 K.

HUNT J. A. & CO., M.  St. and Planing Mill, M. between Front and Second

Huntoon William F., cashier People' s Savings Bank, Fourth and J.

Hunt W. S., young ladies' seminary, Sixth and K.

HYMAN J. JR., watches and jewelry, 506 J.

Hyman K., jeweler, 404 J.

Hyman M., lamps and varieties, 404 J.




INTERNATIONAL HOTEL, James Lansing proprietor, 320 to 326 K.

INWALL & WALDRON MRS., dress and cloak makers, 417 J.




JACOBS L., second-hand clothing, 317 K.

Jacobs N. M., clothing, Fifth and J.

Jacobs R. P., liquors, S W corner Second and K.

Jackson S. J. & J. M., stoves and tinware, 423 J.

JACKSON W. F., artist, 429 ½  J.

Jeffrey P., groceries, Front and N.

JELLY SAMUEL, watches and jewelry, 422 J.

JENNINGS E. B., insurance, 1012 Fourth

Jermain William, harnessmaker, 1113 Seventh

Johnson A. L., saloon, 904 Second

JOHNSON & BLUE, carriagemakers, 919 Third

Johnson D. A., hairdresser, 726 J.

JOHNSON F. W., livery, feed and sale stable, L. between Sixth and Seventh

JOHNSON GROVE L., attorney-at-law, 920 Fifth

JOHNSON & HIGNETT, liquors, 816 K.

Johnson J., cutter, 618 J.

Johnson Josiah, superintendent City Water Works, Front and I.

JOHNSON MRS. L. A., saloon, 904 Second

JOHNSTON D., land attorney, Fourth and J., residence SE corner Eleventh and F.

JOHNSTON F. H., coffee saloon, 517 K.

Jones C. T., (Martin & Jones)

Jones & Givens, general agents for the Glidden and Patent Barb Wire, Tenth and K.

Jones & Ingram, blacksmith and wagonmakers, 1011 Ninth

JONES MISS L., straw works, 1008 Sixth

JOSEPH & GRIBBLE, groceries, Front and I, liquors, Second and I




Kaerth J., boots and shoes, 425 J.

Kaine Joseph, agent Phil Caduc, 1009 Third

KARNOFSKY & BURTON, hairdressers, (at Capitol Ale Vaults), 302 J. corner Third

KATSCHINSKI B, hairdresser and baths, 508 K.

Katzenstein & Bradley, Millinery, 605 J.

Katzenstein George B., G. W. Secretary I. O. G. T., Fourth and J.

KAY SAMUEL H., merchant tailor, 509 K.

Kearney, Mrs. James, lodging, 212 K.

Keating J. W., grocer, 1731 Eleventh

Keber Jno., grocer, SE corner 14th and G.

Keber Jacob, grocer, NE corner Tenth and F.

Keepers Mrs. J. T., dressmaker, 919 Sixth

Keller W. B. G., attorney-at-law, 429 J.

Kellogg Leonard, stoves, hardware, crockery, furniture, etc., 819 and 821 J.

KELLOGG MISS L. J., physician and proprietor Electro Vapor Baths, I. and Seventh

KELLY MRS. J. M., dressmaker, 605 J.

Kelly P., liquors, 605 I.

KENDEL PHILIP, barber and baths, 217 K.

KENFIELD D. M., state controller, Capitol

KENT MRS. G. F., boarding, I. and Seventh

KERTH J. G., cigar manufacturer and dealer, 916 J.

Kerth & Nicholas, brewers, NE corner 12 and I

KESTNER P. R., wholesale produce, fruits, vegetables, butter, eggs, etc., 322 J.

KESTLER MARTIN, blacksmith and wagonmaker, 1012 and 1014 Ninth

Kidder N. A., harbor master

Kiley William, shirt maker, 1010 Sixth

KILGORE & TRACY, grocers, 913 and 915 K.

Kimberly Mrs. D. C., lodgings, 415 ½  K.

Kimze B., bakery, M. and Ninth

King M. J., groceries, SW corner L. and Second

Kinny Thos, grocer, 1219 Fourth

KIRK H. C. & CO., druggists, 416 J.

KLEBITZ & GREEN, saloon, 1020 Fourth

KLEES JOHN & CO., manufacturers of Nash & Cutts Grain Separator, 824 K.

Klein A. R., saloon, 918 J.

Klink C. F., druggists, Sixth and K.

KLUNE J. B., watches and jewelry, 226 J.

Knauer Lorenz, brewery, Ninth and P.

KNAUTH J, wholesale wines and brandies, 811 J.

KNIGHTS W. R., hides, pelts, tallow, Front and L.

Koenig R., grocer, Fourth and O.

Kohne Henry, saloon, 1006 Fifth

KORN LEWIS, liquors, 528 J.

Kozminsky B., cigars and tobacco, 307 K.

Krebs C. H. & Co., paints, oils, glass, wallpaper, etc., 626 J.

KREUZBERGER L., groceries, 416 K.

Kripp Fritz, barber, 126 K.

Kropff William, carriage painter, 913 Eighth

KUEHNEL M., bootmaker, 928 J., residence Ninth and T.

Kunz Peter, proprietor Empire Nursery, SW corner Third and R.

KUHN WILLIAM, proprietor Central Beer Hall, 604 J.

Kuhule William, carriagemaker, 1114 K.




Lambert J. & Co., grocers, Tenth and K.

Lamet E., bakery, 910 Fifth

Landes F. L., city superintendent of schools, Ninth and K.

Landrum Mrs. J. T., boarding house 1116 Third

Land William, proprietor Western Hotel, 209 to 219 K.

Lang George F., agent and collector, Fourth and L.

LANG JACOB, steam dyeing and cleaning works; country work promptly attended to, 714 J.

LANSING JAS., proprietor International Hotel, 320,322,324 and 326 K.

Laraway O. O., groceries, Sixth and N.

LARKIN JOHN N., proprietor "Sacramento Leader," 208 and 210 J.

Lascano F., cigarettes and tobacco factory, 409 M.

Lathrop H. C., agent C. P. R. R. Co.'s, steamers, foot of K.

Laufkotter C., tinner and roofer, 1007 Tenth

LAVENSON GUS, boots and shoes, Fifth and J.

Lawry Mrs. H. T., dressmaker, 627 J.

Lawson Powell S, roofer, 413 K.

Lee Mrs. F., dressmaker, 1123 Third

LEFAVOR W. F., proprietor Broom Factory, 1027 Front

LEFTWICH J. W., photographer, 521 J.

Leloy Louis, barber, liquors, cigars and tobacco, 222 J.

LEONARD A., real estate, insurance, notary public and secretary Sacramento Building and Loan Association, 1012 Fourth

Leroy J. F., merchant tailor, 712 K.

LESLIE DICK, liquors, SW corner K. and Fourth

Levy M., tailor, 121 K.

LEVY R., fruit and commission, 220 J.

LEWIS I., groceries and liquors, G. and Seventh

LEWIS L. L. & CO., stoves, tinware, hardware, gas fixtures, crockery and plated ware, Fifth and J.

LIEBRICH E. F., physician, 707 J.

LINDLEY & CO., grocers, 212,214 and 216 K.

Lingge Frank, liquors, 122 K.

LIPMAN S.  & CO., dry goods, NE corner Fifth and J.

LITHAUER L J, clothing, 418 J.

Litzberg M., boots and shoes, 314 J.

Llewellyn & Speisser, meat market, L. and Seventh

LLOYD ANDREW, stoves, tinware, plumber and gasfitter, 607 K.

LOCKE & LAVENSON, carpets, oil cloths, tentmakers, etc., 318 J.

Longton & Anthony, proprietors Fulton Market, 428 and 430 K.

LORYA S, clothing, furnishing goods, boots, shoes, hats etc., 207 K.

LOTHHAMMER A, piano and organ tuner and repairer, 1021 Ninth

LOTHHAMMER LOUIS, saloon, 716 J.

LUCE ISRAEL & CO., marble works, 611 J.

Lucey B., liquors, 1110 Second

Luebbering John, insurance, 1011 Fourth

Lussi X, proprietor Helvetia House, 1011 and 1013 Fifth

Lutting F., grocer, Seventh and N.

LYON & BARNES, wholesale produce, 123 and 125 J.

LYON E. & CO., dry goods, 700 J. SE corner Seventh




MACEWEN ALEX W. H., University Publishing Co' s agent for California and agent American Metric Bureau, 610 J.

Maina Marco, Chop House, 1004 Third

MALIN M., blacksmith, 1228 J.

Manning A, attorney-at-law N. notary public, Court House

MANNING F. M., Capital Glove Factory and liquors, cigars, stationery &c, 1007 K.

Mannomy F. A., painting, glazing and paper hanging, 1008 Fourth

Mansfield John, lieutenant governor

Mansion House, W. Hodgdon proprietor Seventh between I. and J.

Markert & Driver, groceries, Eighteenth and M.

Markewitz G., baskets and varieties, 730 J.

Marks Harris, boots and shoes, 722 J.

MARTIN ED M, (Martin & Jones) notary public, 607 I. between Sixth and Seventh

MARTIN J. A. M., hardware, 920 J.

MARTIN & JONES, attorneys-at-law, 607 I. between Sixth and Seventh

Martin Josiah, second-handed books, 605 K.

MASLIN E. W., secretary State Board of Equalization, Capitol

Mason Fred, shirtmaker, 1024 Fourth

Matilda Madam, fortuneteller, 1213 Fourth

MAXWELL GEORGE W. & CO., managers Retailers Protective Union and collection agency, 1011 Fourth

MCCANN H., merchant tailor, 728 J.

McCaragher J., groceries, Fifth and L.

McCarthy Michael, hotel

MCCARTHY MICHAEL, saloon, 515 K.

McCaw James, wood and coal, Second between L. and M.

MCCLATCHY J. & CO., proprietors "Sacramento Bee," Third between J. and K.

McClellan W. B., notary public and real estate agent, 423 J.

MCCREARY C. & CO., Sacramento Flour Mills, 1213 to 1223 Front

McElhany M., horseshoer, 1118 Fourth

McFadden W. F., proprietor Union House, Eighth and J.

MCFARLAND & FARR, land and mine attorneys, Fourth and J.

McGee Bros, livery, 1118 Second near L.

McGinniss C., groceries, Eighth and O.

MCGUIRE JAMES, iron door and shutter manufacturer, 520 J.

McKay D., harness and saddles, 809 J.

MCKEE MAY, dressmaker, 1006 Seventh

McKee S. B., associate justice

MCKENNEY L. M. & Co., Directory Publishers.  Publishers Pacific Coast Directory, including San Francisco, California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Utah and Arizona.  Publishers Business Directory and Railroad Gazetteer of Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Dakota, &c. also publishers City, County and District Directories of California.  Office, 543 Clay street, San Francisco.

McKinstry E. W., associate judge

McKune J. H., attorney-at-law, 401 J.

McLaughlin Chas, saloon, 1022 Fifth

McLaughlin J C, saloon, 527 K.

MCLAUGHLIN WILLIAM, dray and truckman, 123 J.

McManus M., groceries, coffee and spice mills, 609 J.

McMORRY TERRY, druggist, 718 J.

McSweeny Rev. Thos, clergyman (Catholic), NE Seventh and K.

MCWILLIAMS H. H., foundry and machine shop, 913 Front

MEDIUS & CO., wholesale grocers, 109 to 115 K.

Mechanics Exchange Hotel, Jacob Schmid proprietor, 16, 18, 20 and 22 I.

Mechanics Mills, lumber, Taft Totman & Farnsworth proprietors, M. and Fifth

MECHANICS STORE, Weinstock & Lubin proprietors, boots, shoes, hats, dry goods and clothing, 400, 402, 404,406 and 408 K.

Medley J. C., constable, 916 Seventh

MEHARRY WILLIAM, Ophir Saloon, 603 K.

Meierdierk & Co., groceries, Eighth and O.

Meister A., carriagemaker, Ninth between I. and J.

MEISTER JOHN R., druggist, Ninth and K.

Mendel C. J. & J. H., liquors, 412 K.

Mendel J. H., saloon, 1024 J.

Mendel & Warren, liquors 206 K.

Merrall John H., tinsmith and cutler, 714 K.

Merrill Frank, fruits etc., 1028 H.

Merrill W. C., merchant tailor, 516 J.

Mertes F. N., proprietor Fox' s Hotel, 1115 Fourth

METRIC BUREAU, (American) Pacific Coast Depository, 610 J., Alex W. H. MacEwen agent

Metropolitan Theater, 421 K.

Miller Chas, bootmaker, 1227 J.

Miller Frank, cashier National Gold Bank of D. O., Mills & Co.

Miller J. H., secretary Sacramento City Capitol Railway Co., Twentieth and K.

Miller M., livery stable, Ninth between I. and J.

MILLER WM. B., watches and jewelry, 628 J.

MILLIKIN JNO M., wholesale liquors, Third and J.

MINT SALOON, George M. Farr proprietor, 128 K.

Mitchel & Gilbert, painters, 518 L.

Mitchell R. T., fruits, 1620 Seventh

MOHR & YOERK, meat market, 1024 and 1026 J.

MONNIER AUGUST, watchmaker and jeweler, Fifth and K.

MONNIER M. M. E., milliner, 513 J.

MONTGOMERY J. F., physician, 429 J.

Mooney S. E., proprietor Brooklyn Hotel, 85 and 87 Front

MOORE GEORGE A., president Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Co., Second

Moore G. W., liquors, 820 K.

Morris Michael, tailor, 127 Sixth

Morehouse George W., butcher, 724 K.

Morris H., bootmaker, 1025 Fourth

Morrison R. F., chief justice

MORRIS SAMUEL, news, books, stationery, varieties and fancy goods, 406 J.

MORSE O. N., proprietor Morse House, Fifth and R.

MORSE HOUSE, O.N. Morse proprietor

Morton Mrs. Laura E., deputy state librarian, Capitol

MOTT E. B. JR., secretary Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Co., Second

Mott S. C., billiards, Second between J. and K.

MUDDOX GEORGE, capital pottery and vitrified stoneware, Twenty-ninth and K.

MUND CHAS, Mint Shop and Oyster House, 1108 Second

Murphy John, varieties, 613 K.

Murray B. F., carpenter, 1418 Seventh

Myrick M. H., associate justice





Nailor Thos, bootmaker, 1124 Third

NATHAN AARON, cigars and tobacco, 205 K.; (a specialty in photographs of all leading actresses)

Nathan C. P., clothing, 628 J.

NATHAN S. J. & CO., clothing, 301, 303 and 305 K., NE corner Third

Nathan Samuel & Co., clothing, 519 J.

National Gold Bank of D. O. Mills & Co., Frank Miller cashier, J. and Second

NEARY FRED, fashionable bootmaker, 1010 Seventh

Neidhardt W., carpenter and cabinetmaker, 612 L.

Neilsen H. B., groceries, Seventh and N.

NELSON CLARENCE, harness and saddles, 327 K.

Nelson George, grocer, Third and press End.

Nelson H. W., physician, 407 J.

NESSEL CHAS, proprietor Coral Saloon, 1119 Third

Nessel & Garbe, tailors, 1008 Third

NEUBAUER JACOB, ladies' hairdresser and hair goods, 413 J.

NEUBOURG & LAGES, Star Mills & Malt House, 1016 to 1020 Fifth

NEWMAN PETER, Philadelphia House, 1015 Eighth

Newmark J. S., commissioned merchant, 740 J.

NICHOLS & CO., tub, pail and box factory, Second and Q.

NICHOLL N. H. & CO., dry goods, NW corner J. and Seventh


Nixon A. B., physician, 904 J.

Nixon S. S., horseshoer, 618 K.

NOACK CHAS J., watch and jewelry, 614 J.

NOBEL R., groceries and provisions, I. and Tenth

Nolte Henry, pianos and organs, 806 J.

Norton A.  H., saloon, 1208 J.

NOTTINGHAM J., commission, 1012 Fourth




OAK HALL, Nick Dole proprietor, 4 miles from the Sacramento

Oatman Ira E., physician, 627 J.

O'BRIEN M. L. G., attorney-at-law, 626 I. opp Court House

O'Brien Thos, nursery, 721 J. and Twenty-sixth and B.

O'BRIEN W. J., boots & shoes, 607 J.; also lime, 509 I.; so agent for Marble Valley lime

Ochs Mrs., brewery,  n s G between Sixth and Seventh

OCHSNER JOHN, Cooper and tank builder, 721 K.

Odd Fellows' Library, Ninth and K.

ODELL M. F. & CO., meat market, Tenth and K.

ODELL M. M. & SON, wholesale and retail butchers, Tenth and K.

OGDEN G. W., Central Saloon, 316 K.

Ogg Mrs. H. W., lodgings, 222 L.

Oliver W. C., harness maker, 1015 Tenth

Olsson John, jeweler, 1026 Sixth

Orcutt L. J. & Son, wool buyers, Seventh and K.

O'Rourke Robert, bootmaker, 513 K.

Orth Henry, barber, 328 K.

Orth R., grocer, SW corner Twelfth and I.

Osborne H. P., wood and coal, I between K. Eighth and Ninth

OSCHWALD JOHN, liquors, 922 Ninth between I. and J.

Ostrander C. E., Travelers' Supply Department, 827 Second

Ostrander & Moberly, lunch stand and coffee house, NE corner Second and I.

OTTO H. O., saloon, 707 J.




PACIFIC ELECTRICAL WORKS, R. A. Fisk proprietor, Eighth between I. and J.

PACIFIC ICE CO., Jacob Hoehn superintendent, 513 and 515 I.

PACIFIC MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO., George A. Moore president, Second

PACIFIC WATER CURE, M. F. Clayton proprietor, Seventh and L.

PALMER E. B., agent Singer Manufacturing Co., 411 J.

PARKER J. E., harness and saddlery, 518 K.

Parker J. S., woodcarver, 808 K.

Parker Richard, proprietor St. George Lodging House, Fourth and J.

Parke Mrs. S. S., restaurant, Seventh between I. and J.

Parsons James, boots and shoes, 603 J.

Parson John, bootmaker, 318 ½  K.

Parsons, Kilgour & Co., dry goods, 630 J., SW corner Seventh

PATCHEN T. A., watchmaker and jeweler, 1023 Ninth

Paulk H. H., groceries, 814 K.

Payen L., restaurant, 1120 Second, corner L.

PEARSON A.  W., architect with N. D. Goodill, Seventh between J. and K.

Pearson Amsden & Burnett, Telegraph Mill, J. and Twelfth

Peltier A., butcher, 1131 Second, corner and L.

Pendery B. F., physician, SW corner Fifth and J.

People' s Savings Bank, William Beckman president, Fourth and J.

PERKINS GEORGE C., governor of California, Capitol

PERRY MRS. HERMON, principal Sacramento Seminary, 1012 I. between Tenth and Eleventh

Peterson W. F., candy factory, 620 J.

Petrie William M., clothing, 622 J.

PETROCCHI A., bootmaker, 110 K.

PETTIT R. H., cigar factory and cigars and tobacco, 225 K.

PFOTENHAUER OSCAR, city baths and hairdressing saloon, 390 K.

PHILIP ROBERT, general engraver, Fourth and K., over Post office

Pichot & Andriot, grocers, Second and N.

Pieraccini S., ornamental plaster manufacturer, 522 K.

PIERSON H. H., dentist, 415 J.

PIERSON JIM C., civil engineer and counties surveyor, Court House

Pike J. T., groceries, 724 K.

Pike & Seaman, carpenters, 1117 Fourth

Pike & Young, blacksmiths and wagonmakers, Fourth and L.

PILCOVICH BARTOLOMEO, Cosmopolitan Restaurant, 403 K.

PIONEER BOX FACTORY, Cooke & Son proprietors, Front and M.

Pizano Frank, liquors, Third and L.

Politz G., clothing and gents' furnishing goods, 600 K. corner Sixth

Pommer Chas, hairdresser, 606 J.

POSKA SAMUEL, junk, rags, sacks, bottles, metals, etc., 717 J.

Post C. N., deputy clerk Supreme Court, Capitol

Potter P, harness and saddlery, 202 K.

POTTER W. A., flour (new process), 829 K.

Powelson Mrs. J. A., dressmaker, M. between the Fourth and Fifth

Pratt R. H., superintendent Sacramento & Oregon Division C. P. R. R. & Cal P. R. R. and Branches, depot

Pritchard & Miller, Phoenix Flour Mills, Thirteenth and J.

Pritz Jno, liquors, 105 J.

Prytz Jno, restaurant, 918 Second

Prytz Jno, saloon, 908 Second

Putnam George E., grocer, 721 F.

Pyburn George, physician, Sixth and I.




QUANCHI & SIMONI, restaurant, 915 Front

QUINN & BURKHARD,  capital sign works, 321 J.

Quinn D H, hatter, N E cor Fourth and J.

Quinn John, furniture, 405 J.




Rademacher C., saloon, 1011 Second

RADONICH MORRIS, restaurant, 1025 Second

Raetshmer William & Co., plaster decorators and paper hangers, 309 J.

RAPP C W & CO., grocers, 511 J.

Rave C H, locksmith, 1010 Sixth

Raye B V, printer, 1109 Eighth

Ray J R, surveyor, 429 J.

RED HOUSE, dry goods, clothing, shoes, hats, caps, etc., 706 J.

Reeber Gottlieb, bakery, 823 J.

Reed & Brown, barbers, 1027 Sixth

REED W, photographer, 419 and 421 J.

REIFFARTH OTTO, saloon, 1014 and 1016 Sixth

Rice H. H., clergyman, Westminster Pres Church, 1610 Seventh

RIDGWAY S B, druggist, 214 J.

RIVETT E & H, job printers, 1018 Sixth

Robbins N W, carriage trimming, 800 K

Robin Chas, clothing, 702 J.

ROBINSON EDWARD J., attorney-at-law, 628 ½ J.

Roddy James, boot and shoemaker, 1123 ½ Third

ROOT, NEILSON & CO., Union Iron Works, 1405 to 1417 Front

Rose M R, Capital Iron Works, 904 K.

Rosenfeld Samuel, cigars and tobacco, 304 J.

ROSS & ANKEL, meat market, Seventh between H. and I.

Ross & Bauer, furniture, 315 K.

Ross E. M., associate justice

ROSS RUEFF, whitewasher, 1223 Fourth

Rothfeld Bros, dry goods, NE corner J. and Sixth

Roth S, harness and saddles, 619 K.

ROWAN J P, carriage painter, 1111 Seventh

RUHSTALLER FRANK, proprietor Frank' s Saloon, 422 K.

RUSSELL P H, grocer, 719 J.

Ryan J., boots and shoes, 810 J.

Ryan Martin, liquors and lunch house, 114 K.




"SACRAMENTO BEE" (daily and weekly), J. McClatchey & Co. proprietors, “Bee” building, Third between J. and K.

Sacramento Business College, E C Atkinson president, 716 I.

Sacramento City Railway Co., J H Miller secretary, Twentieth and K.

Sacramento Cracker Co., 83 Front

SACRAMENTO INSTITUTE, conducted by the Christian Brothers

“SACRAMENTO JOURNAL,” K F Wiemeyer & Co. proprietors, 305 J.

“SACRAMENTO LEADER,” John N. Larkin proprietor, 208 and 210 J.

Sacramento Free Library, Cary G. Hancock librarian, I between Seventh and Eighth

SACRAMENTO LUMBER CO., O.P. Goodhue manager, Second between L. and M.

Sacramento Mechanical School, Josiah Johnson trustee, L. and Sixth

SACRAMENTO NEWS CO., wholesale news dealers, 1014 Fourth

SACRAMENTO PUBLISHING CO., proprietors “Daily Record Union” and “Weekly Union," Third between J. and K.

Sacramento Savings Bank, Ed R Hamilton cashier, corner Fifth and J.

SACRAMENTO SEMINARY, Mrs. Hermon Perry principal, 1012 I.

Sacramento Transfer Co., Caswell & Landsborough proprietors, 524 K.

Sacramento Wood Co., J. H. Roberts secretary, 165 Front

Safford W. S., governor's executive secretary, Capitol

Saint Joseph's Convent, Sister Mary Vincent sister superior, Ninth and G.

SALISBURY T. G. & SON, wood, coal, hay and grain, depot  H. between Sixth and Seventh

Sanders A. N., bootmaker, 802 K.

San Lung & Co., shirts and Chinese goods, 526 J.

SANTOS J. A., sign painting and advertiser, 808 K.

Sartini J., liquors, 330 L.

Saulsbury & Son, hay and grain, 607 H.

Sawtelle C A, books and stationery, 524 J.

SAYRE J B, Sayre’s Palace, 228 J.

Scanlon Rev. P., clergyman (Catholic) Seventh and K.

Schaden A, grocer, Second and M.

Schaden & Rodegerdts, groceries, 1230 Fourth

Schafer C, Cooper, 89 Front

Scheibel George Sr., saloon, 925 Front

Schepp & Schaumlaffel, butchers, 129 Twelfth between E. and F.

Schindler C., carpenter, 710 K.

Schindler Mrs. H., cigars and tobacco and varieties, 710 K.

Schmaelzle Louis, barber, 620 K.

Schmid Jacob, proprietor Mechanics' Exchange Hotel, 16 to 22 I.

Schmidt Jacob, saloon, 915 Fifth

Schmit Jacob, liquors, 730 K.

SCHMIDT & MENKEN, Plaza Saloon, 928 J.

Schuler Frank, hotel, 1023 Front

Schuler L., butcher, S W corner Fourteenth and G.

Schroer & Bros, Eagle Steam Cracker Bakery, 718 and 720 K.

Schroth & Arnold, proprietors Eagle Flour Mills, 122 and 124 J.

SCHROTH GEORGE, Pioneer Bakery, 122 and 124 J.

SCHWAMB T. W., pictures, frames, molding, news, books, stationery, etc., 804 J.

SCHUMACHER THEODORE, hairdresser, 818 J.

SCHURR C., Empire Bakery, 1003 J.

Schwarz J., bootmaker, 1023 Second

Schofield & Tevis, oils, E. H. Forester manager, 67 and 69 Front

Scott B. B. & Son, manufacturer pure flavoring extracts and California Yeast Cake, Twenty-second between I. and J.

Scott Mrs. L. P., dressmaker, 1018 Eighth

Shriver T. D., livery, Fourth between I. and J.

Sears Bros, barbers, 1006 Third

SEMENZA A., Campi's Restaurant, 125 K.

SENATZ A. J., City Hotel Saloon, 313 K.

SERMONET GEORGE, groceries, G. and Eighth

Severney Antoine, dyeing, 702 K.

Seydel R. A., horseshoer, 1113 Seventh

SHANKLIN JAMES W., surveyor-general, Capitol

Sharpstein J. R., associate justice

Shattuck William, wagonmaker, 1228 J.

Shaw Mrs. W. A., dressmaker, 529 ½  K.

Shear & Brewer, saloon, K. and Front

SHEAR CHAS H., hotel at entrance of Fair Grounds, Twentieth and G.

Sheppard George W., whitener, 1022 Eighth

SHERBURN & SMITH, auction and commission, 323 K.

Shields F. M., dentist, SW corner Fifth and J.

SHULMEIR HENRY, Capitol Railroad Meat Market, Second and O.

SICHEL GUSTAVE, manufacturer celebrated stomach bitters--called the "Life Tonic" and "People' s Favorite," for coughs, colds and hoarsness, and cocktail bitters sour; 1016 J.

SIDDONS W. M., saloon, Occidental Exchange, 204 J.

Siebenthaler P., saloon, K. and Eighth and Twentieth and H.

Silva D. R., barber, Second, between J. and K.

SIMMONS D. J., general auctioneers, 402 J.

Simmons G. L., physician, 212 J.

SIMMONS M. J., real estate and general auctioneers, 412 J.

Simon Mrs. I. H., ladies and children's suits and dressmaking, 617 J.

SINGER MANUFACTURING CO., E. B. Palmer agent, 411 J.

SISSON, WALLACE & CO., general merchandise and Chinese supplies, 129 J.

Skelton Jno, wood and coal, 909 Fifth

SLATER J. F., hatter, 409 J.

Slaughter Jesse, liquors, 1116 Third

Smethurst Mrs. R. M., dressmaker, 1213 Seventh

SMITH A. M., plumbing and gasfitting, 510 K.

SMITH GEORGE D., artist's materials, pictures etc., 725 J.

SMITH G. V., sign and ornamental painting, 423 K.

SMITH J.D., Sacramento Restaurant 321 K.

Smith & Johnston, blacksmiths and wagonmakers, Twelfth and J.

Smith & Vannatta, carpenters, 1011 Ninth

SMITH & WILSON, Center Meat Market, 1024 Third

SMITH W. L., paper hanger, 1023 Fourth

SMITH MRS. W. L., glove factory, 1023 Fourth

SNIDER T. A., physician, SE corner K. and Second

Sonna A, bootmaker, 816 J.

Spencer J., watches and jewelry, J. and Thirteenth

Sperry William, liquors, 1109 Second

SPIEKER J. J., druggist, N W corner Sixth and K.

SPINKS & ACOCK, real estate and insurance, 402 J.

Stanley Lee, livery stable, 1017 K.

Starch J. T., barber, 828 K.

Starr Warren, candy factory, 428 J.

State Board of Equalization, E. W. Maslin secretary, Capitol

"STATE DEMOCRAT," Ford & Clarke proprietors, Third and J.

STATE HOUSE, H. Eldred proprietor, Tenth and K.

Staughter J., whitewasher, Fifth between L. and M.

Steinhardt F., dry goods, 509 J.

STEINAUER B, proprietor William Tell House, 900 J. corner Ninth

Steinauer M, liquors, 802 K.

Steinmann H., jewelry and broker, 209 K.

Steinmeyer F. W., groceries, Fourth and P.

Stein Nathan, barber, 704 K.

STEIN SAMUEL, junk dealer, 805 J.

Stephenson G. A., artificial limb maker, 525 K.

Stevens C. A., freight agent C. P. R. R. depot

Stevens C. H. & Co., dry goods and ladies shoes, SE corner Eighth and J.

Stober Jno, meat market, 921 Sixth

STOLL JOHN T., saddle and harness manufacturing, 610 K.

Stoner W. P., painter, 1117 Fourth

STONE R.  & Co., harness and saddles, saddlery hardware, leather and findings, 520 J.

Strauss Louis, and Concert Hall and liquors, 304 K.

STROBEL CARL, real estate and commission agent and mercantile and insurance agent, 321 J., residence 420 L.

STRONG W. R. & CO., fruit and produce, 106, 108 and 110 J.

Struts Julius, wholesale liquors, 209 J.

Studebaker Bros, wagons, 217 and 219 J.

Sullivan John, chief engineer Sacramento F. D., 1113 Fourth

Sullivan P., bootmaker, 605 K.

SUMMIT ICE CO., Jacob Hoehn superintendent, 513 and 515 I.

Sweeney George, gasfitter, 1006 [no street given]

SWEETSER & ALSIP, real estate and insurance, 1015 Fourth

Swift Elijah, real estate and collector, 210 M.

Swift C. H., President Sacramento Savings Bank, Fifth and J.

SWIFT FRANK, constable, 1018 Fourth

Swinerton G. H., stoves and tinware J. and Seventh





Taft, Totman & Farnsworth, proprietors Mechanics Mills, M. and Fifth

Talbot J., ticket agent C. P. R. R., depot

Talibner C., clergyman, 283 I.

Tartas Louis, bootmaker, 1025 Tenth

Tattersalls___, auction and commission house, 1016 Fourth

Taylor Ed F, reg US land office, Fourth and J.

Taylor L. S., attorney at law, 628 ½  J.

Tebbets F. F., dentist, 527 ½  J.

Telegraph House, B. A. Farr proprietor, 1222 J.

Ten Eyck Mrs. L., lodgings, Third and J.

THIELEN JOSEPH, Chicago Hotel, 310 J.

Thornton J. D., associate justice [no address given]

THRAILKILL W. O., D. D. S., dental depot and publisher "Dental Jairus," Sixth and K.

Tice & Clements Mrs., millinery, 521 J.

Todd J. A., photographer, 318 J.

Todd J. W., bootmaker, 424 J.

Todhunter L. H., meat market, 312 K.

TOWNSEND ISADORE, proprietor Union Hotel, Second between J. and K.

Tracy Felix, agent W., F. & Co., Second between J. and K.

Trarbach John J., clothing, NW corner Third and K.

Trask Mrs. C. M., dressmaker, 1220 Third

TREMONT HOTEL, Peter Bryding proprietor, and 112 and 114 J.

Trigg William E., fancy goods, 515 J.

TROMENSCHLAGER JOSEPH, tailor, 1020 Eighth

Trope A. A. Jr., hatter, 427 J.

Trope Peter, hatter, 427 J.

TROWBRIDGE J. S., druggist, NE corner Second and K.

Tryon S., superintendent Capital Woolen Mills, 822 J.

TUBBS J. C., attorney-at-law, Sixth and I.

TUFTS A C, druggist, J. and Tenth: general agent for Merrell, Thorp & Lloyd's Specific Tinctures

Turner Ben, barber, 803 J.

Tyrrell G. G., physician, 429 J.




UHL FREDERICK, liquors, 210 K.

Underhill H. J., physician, Third and K.

UNION HOTEL, Isadore Townsend proprietor, Second between J. and K.




VALENTINE C. B., (Watt & Valentine) Golden Eagle Saloon, NW corner Seventh and K.

Valleau Mrs. Belle, lodging house (The McCormick House)

VANCE C. J., proprietor Sacramento Upholstery Manufacturey, 1015 Sixth

Van Fleet W. C., (Dunlap & Van Fleet) also notary public

Van Heusen & Huntoon, furniture, 712 J.

Van Orden John, merchant tailor, 1007 J.

Vaughan George W., carpenter, 907 Fifth

Vermyla A. J., county corner

Venable Abraham B., editor "State Democrat" and notary, Third and J.

VERMILYA A. J., undertaker, 410 J.

VICE DAVID, Philadelphia Saloon, 221 K.

Vickers Mrs., ladies nurse

VINNEMYER JOSEPH, merchant tailor, 808 J.

Voeller Herman, physician, Ninth and K.

Vogel & Maier, bakery, 1121 Third




WACHHORST H, watches, jewelry, diamonds and silverware, 315 J.

Wagner J., grocer, NE corner Tenth and E.

Wagner John, livery and feed stable, Ninth and I.

Wagner M., saloon, I and Ninth

WAH SHUNG & CO., shoes and slippers, 525 J.

WAIT G. S., druggist SE corner K. and Second

Wallace W. I, route agent "Sacramento Bee" and supt of Union Telegraph line, 617 P.

WALLIS JOSEPH, attorney-at-law, 322 J.

Wallis T. H., deputy state librarian, Capitol

WARNING CHAS A, attorney-at-law, 627 J.

WASHBURN & REDMAN, stationery, school books, fancy goods and childrens carriages, 610 J.

WASSMAN A, boot and shoe manufacturer, 528 K. corner Sixth

Waterhouse A. G., patent agent, 407 J.

WATERHOUSE & LESTER, hardwood lumber, 708 and 710 J.

WATT & VALENTINE, proprietor Golden Eagle Saloon, NW corner Seventh and K.

WEAVER H. A., book and job painter, 327 J.

Webber R., butcher, SW corner Eleventh and H.

Weber F. H. L., grocer, L. between Twelfth and Thirteenth

WEBSTER J. R., groceries, 1301 J.

Weil John, state treasurer, Capitol

WEIMANN D., stoves and tinware, 914 J.

Weinreich & Bartels, wholesale liquors, 512 J.

WEINSTEIN & LUBIN, proprietors Mechanics' Store, 400 to 408 K.

WEISEL & CO., butchers and pork packers, 218 and 220 L.

Weisel C. & Co., market, 218 and 220 L.

WEIMANN & DAMM, proprietors Pacific Oyster and Chop House, 705 J.

Wells Fargo & Co., Felix Tracy agent, Second between J. and K.

Welty D. W., attorney-at-law, NE corner Fourth and J.

Werner C., bootmaker, 424 J.

Western Hotel, William Land proprietor, 209 to 219 K.

WETZEL M., groceries, Fourth and N.

WHEELER J. S., horseshoer, 1116 Second

WHITE CLINTON L., attorney-at-law, 627 J.

White D.C., feed and sale stables, Tenth between H. and I.

White G. A., physician, SW corner Sixth and J.

White & Spilman, grocers, M. and Seventh

WHITMAN A. T., insurance, 1005 Fourth

WHITTIER, FULLER & CO., paints, oils, glass, doors, windows, wall paper, 1020 and 1022 Second

Wickes Rev.___, clergyman, (Methodist)

WIEDMANN & HROMADA, wholesale candy manufacturers, 419 K.

WIEMEYER K. F. & CO., proprietors "Sacramento Journal," 305 J.

WIEZEL J & SON, horseshoer, 1024 Ninth

WILCOX, POWERS & CO., wholesale liquors, 509 K.

WILKE CHAS, manufacturing jeweler SW corner Fifth in J.

WILKINSON T. S., proprietor American Eagle Hotel, J. and Twelfth

WILLEM J. W., proprietor Central Meat Market, 410 K.

Williams T., bootmaker, 1109 Fifth

WILLIAM TELL HOUSE, B. Steinauer proprietor, 900 J. corner Ninth

WILLIAMS W. G., agent Detroit Safes, with M. R. Beard & Co., 312 J.

Williamson & Co., proprietor Capital Nursery, Sixteenth and U.


Wilson Abe, barber, 1023 Fourth

WILSON J. A., furniture, bedding and upholstery, 415 J.

WILSON J. W., proprietor Central Stables, 318 K.

Wilson M., tailor, 618 K.

WILSON & MITCHELL, proprietor Golden Eagle carriages, stand Golden Eagle Hotel

Winkleman W., liquors, lodgings, 506 K.

Wiseman & Newman, barbers and baths, 227 K.

Wise & McNair, blacksmiths and wagonmakers, J. and Eleventh

Wolfe Jacob, proprietor Poesta Saloon, 828 J.

WOLFE S. A., photographer, SW corner Fifth and J.

Wolleb Chas, notary public and secretary Germania B. and L. Association, 1005 Fourth

WOOD S. H., manager for L. J. Lithauer, 418 J.

Wood William, dentist, 317 J.

Woods D. H., artist, postoffice

Woods Joseph, cigars and tobacco, 229 K.

Woods J. S., liquors, Seventh and K.

WOODWARD F, furniture and commission, 826 K.

Woodward M., restaurant, 1021 Fourth

Woolf George, tailor, 1021 Second

Wright J. B., Supt. Sacramento & Placerville R. R., depot

WYMAN C. H., land and mine attorney, Fourth and J.




YOUNG J D, Supt. state printing, Capitol

YOUNG & YOUNG, attorneys at law, SE corner Fifth and J.

Yuhre W F, grocer, L. and Seventh




Zaeh Mathias, saloon, 316 J.

ZIEMER BROS, dry goods, fancy goods, ladies and childrens' cloaks, 505 J.

Zimmermann C., grocery, SE corner Twelfth and E.

Zoller L, butcher, H. and M.











A.     AITKEN & F. N. FISH

Premium Pioneer

Marble Works

617 J. Street



Monuments, Tombs and Grave Stones




Commission Merchants & Farmers' Agents

Seeds, 4 in and Domestic Fruits, Nuts,

and General Agricultural Produce

130 and 132 J. Street

corner of Second

Sacramento CA





Country Orders Solicited at Bed Rock Prices!

Our TEAS AND COFFEES Unsurpassed!

Standard in Your Orders or Give Us a Call.

North East corner Tenth and J. Streets






321 J. Street



Theatrical Scenery and Fresco Painting





Agents for Am.  Watches

315 J. Street





Attorney at Law


Notary Public

Real Estate & Insurance Agency

I have for sale at all times farms and farming lands in the best grain-producing counties in the Sacramento Valley.  At this time I have for sale several well improved and highly cultivated farms in Sacramento, Yolo, Butte and Colusa Counties.  City property, business and dwellings for sale and to rent.  Rents collected and tax paid for non-residents.


No. 1006

Fourth Street





G. A. Basler, proprietor.

1004 & 1006 J. Street

between Tenth and Eleventh




Edwin Meese & Emil Buckow


Importers, Wholesale Dealers and Jobbers of

Foreign & Domestic Winds & Liquors

No. 725 J. Street

between Seventh and Eighth











Northwest corner Seventh and L. Streets

Being fully prepared to treat all forms of disease on the latest and most scientific principles, we, with confidence, ask for public patronage.




Medicated Baths of all Descriptions.

Separate Baths for Ladies.




Nos. 419 and 421 J. Street




From Factories Of

Carpets, Oil cloths, Mattings, Paper Paintings, Upholstery Goods

And Ladies Curtains & Shades in Every Description.




Dress and Cloak Making

No. 1012 Third Street





Importers and Manufacturers of


Implements and Machines



109, 111, 113 and 115 J. Street



13, 15, 17 and 19 Front Street

San Francisco



State House

Corner K. and Tenth Streets




Board & Lodging

Fine Wines at the Bar.

A Billiard Room Attached.

Street Cars Passed the Doors Every Five Minutes.

FREE OMNIBUS to and from the House.



W. A. & C. S. Hougton

Carry Largest Stock of Wholesale Stationery in the State.

615 J. Street






Manufacturer and Dealer in

Guidance, Arrivals, Pistols, and all kinds of Sporting Materials

523 K. Street



New Rifles Made to Order



Mrs. S. K. Fairchild,


613 ½  J. Street

between Sixth and Seventh





Purchasing & General Business Agency

Anything that you wish to have and do not know where to get it, may be furnished here, be it Merchandise, Help, Work or Information.

Agencies, Commissions and Correspondents either in English or French or German respectfully solicited; also, your Business Card, Catalogs and Price List

529 K. Street

Sacramento, California






And Infailable Hair or Restorative.

Restores the Greatest Hair to its Natural Color,

Removes Dandruff, Prevents or Stops the Hair

from Falling Out.












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