Warren G. Harding Lodge

No. 579

Free and Accepted Masons


Organized December 5, 1923

Stated Meeting, First Thursday


306 Members







Ronald E. Miller, W. Master, 512 Southgate Road, North Sacramento, Phone 9-1342

John M. Lee, Senior Warden, 700 Blackwood St., North Sacramento, Phone 9-1416

Carl W. Brainard, Junior Warden, 722 E. Grove St., North Sacramento, Phone 9-4381

Dudley K. Colclough, Treasurer, 1931 Del Paso Blvd., North Sacramento

Henry R. Brown, Secretary, 2303 Rio Linda Blvd., North Sacramento, Phone 9-2845

Robert W. Winters, Chaplain

David Wilson, Senior Deacon

Winfred E. Baker, Jr., Junior Deacon

William H. Lee, Marshal

Ray M. Smith, Senior Steward

Harry J. Hitke, Junior Steward

Robert H. Hague, Tyler





Finance Committee

Raymond S. Duffee, P. M., Chairman

Samuel P. Young

George W. Neeley, P. M.


Auditing Committee

J. L. Missall, Chairman

Peter J. Kramer, P. M.

Beverly Gibson, P. M.


Educational Committee

Harmon Johnson, P. M.

Robert Sackett, P. M.

Charles L. Gilmore, P. M.


Veterans Affairs

Clarence Champlin

Raymond S. Duffee, P. M.

Harmon Johnson, P. M.

Henry Miller

Arthur Thompson

Chief Lecturer

Harry J. Hitke


Assistant Lecturers

James H. Koger

Leland L. Myers


Officers Coach

Harmon Johnson


Sunshine Committee

Carl Brainard, Chairman, and all officers


Delinquent Dues Committee

Master, Senior and Junior Wardens


Entertainment Committee

Steve S. Lombard


Refreshment Committee

The Regular Stewards assisted by the six youngest candidates






Masonic Hall Association of North Sacramento

Incorporated Under the Laws of California

A Non-profit Organization



D. K. Colclough, President

Robert G. Sackett, Vice-President

Charles L. Gilmore, Secretary

William H. Lee, Treasurer





Peter J. Kramer, P. M.

Ronald E. Miller

George Triphon


Regular meetings first Thursday in each month,

Masonic Temple, North Sacramento





Past Masters



1923-1924- Henry R. Brown

1925-1926- Charles Lee Gilmore

1927- Winfred Edgar Peck

*1928- Loren Emmett Crowder

1929- Fred Edwin Carlisle

1930- Peter Arthur Stenberg

1931- William M. McQuaid

1932- Elvin Austin Shoemaker

1933- William Pauli

1934- John Reuben Trussler

1935- Robert Irwin Sackett

1936- Frank Henderson Johns

1937- Carl O. Brusso

1938- Paul M. Norbryhn

1939- Robert H. Hague

1940- George W. Neeley

1941- Beverly C. Gibson

1942- Peter J. Kramer

1943- Harmon Johnson

1944- Thomas E. Douglas

1945- Raymond S. Duffee







Master Masons

† In the Armed Forces



Aalders, William B., 938 Las Palmas St., No. Sacramento

Abels, Joseph L., 722 N. Cumberland St., Lebanon, Tenn.

Allen, Russell M., 5356 15th Ave., Sacto.

Alexander, Lee F., 1619 Orange Ave., Del Paso Hts.

Adams, Roland B., Rt. 2, Box 1340, Del Paso Hts.

Amir, Abcar K., 528 Southgate Road, No. Sacramento

Anderson, A. Stanley, Rio Linda

†Anderson, Charles J., 222 Grove St., No. Sacramento

Anderson, Edgar Clarence, 2532 11th Ave., Sacramento

Anderson, Gothard, 900 21st St., Sacramento

Anderson, Melvin C., 1821 Douglas, No. Sacramento

Apostolos, George Apol, North Sacto. Hotel, No. Sacramento

Arend, William L., 1080 Arcade Blvd., No. Sacramento


Baker, Winfred E., Jr., P. O. Box 842, Sacramento

†Beaumont, Victor, 3101 Rubicon Way, Sacramento

Bell, Gale, 1570 12th Ave., Sacramento

Bergman, Nestor F., Rt. 7, Box 1065, Sacramento

Beutler, Clyde, 2114 30th Street, Sacramento

Black, Harry G., 145 Fernley Ave., No. Sacramento

Black, Lloyd S., 2730 N. 10th St., No. Sacramento

Bloom, Louis, 420 Santiago Ave., No. Sacramento

Boardman, Cedric W., 715 Calif. St., Sacramento

Bohlender, Hugh S., 1125 El Monte Ave., No. Sacramento

Bolton, Henry, Rt. 2, Box 1627, Del Paso Hts.

Brainard, Carl W., 722 E. Grove St., No. Sacramento

Brandt, Boyd O., 501 Oakmont, No. Sacramento

Bries, Joseph, 2558 Del Paso Blvd., No. Sacramento

Brock, John H., 3219 38th St., Sacramento

Brookins, Harry A., Rt. 3, Box 1377, Sacramento

Brown, Delos A., Rt. 6, Box 1583, Sacramento

Brown, Henry R., P. M., 2303 Rio Linda Blvd., No. Sacramento

Brown, Ivan W., 3100 17th St., No. Sacramento

Brown, William L., Rt. 1, Box 832, Rio Linda

Browne, Charles, 3447 57th Street, Sacramento

Brusso, Carl O., P. M., 445 El Camino Real, Vallejo

Burgess, Bertrand R., 300 Redwood Ave., No. Sacramento

Burns, Harry W., 321 E. Cole St., Downey

Byer, Louis A., 532 Broadway, Sacramento


Cantrell, Floyd C., 516 Linday Ave., Del Paso Hts.

Cameron, Robt. L., 507 Garden St., No. Sacramento

Campbell, Richard, Rio Linda

Carlisle, Fred E., P. M., 1024 Del Paso Blvd., No. Sacramento

Carlisle, George, Florin

Carter, James F., Rt. 2, Box 1342, Del Paso Heights

Carter, Lowell S., 2920 I Street, Sacramento

Case, Wilson R., 2109 Del Paso Blvd., No. Sacramento

Celik, Henry M., 3300 J St., Sacramento

Champlin, Clarence A., Rt. 1, Box 605, Roseville

Champlin, William F., Rt. 1, Box 605, Roseville

Chaney, Bert D., Rt. 3, Box 503, Sacramento

Cheesewright, Frank F., P. O. Box 453, No. Sacramento

Cheesewright, Fred, P. O. Box 453, No. Sacramento

Cochrane, Cleveland C., 3500 Land Park Dr., Sacramento

Colyer, Oric O., 516 3rd Ave., San Francisco

Colclough, Dudley K., 1931 Del Paso Blvd., No. Sacramento

Colt, Frank, 2266 Markham Way, Sacramento

Cook, Norval W., 664 Idaho St., Gridley, Calif.

Copeland, Raymond R., 2543 Sacto. Blvd., Sacramento

Corrigan, Francis L., 2543 Sacto. Blvd., Sacto.

Cranmer, Winfred S., 1630 10th Ave., Sacramento


De la Montanya, M. E., 994 Lincoln Way, Auburn

Devine, James H., 7 Canterbury, No. Sacramento

Devine, James, Jr., 7 Canterbury, No. Sacramento

Dodd, Dr. Harrison R., 3317 Grove St., No. Sacramento

Dome, Byron S., 912 7th St., Sacramento

Donsing, Fred L., P. O. Box 8, Rio Linda

Douglas, Thomas E., Rt. 1, Box 3, Rio Linda

DuBois, Frank E., Jr., 2244 Ralston Rd., No. Sacramento

Downing, Glen D., 2733 10th St., No. Sacramento

Duffee, Raymond E., 3032 Del Paso Blvd., No. Sacto.

Duffee, Raymond S., P. M., 3032 Del Paso Blvd., No. Sacramento

Dunn, Walter G., 2720 Norwood Ave., No. Sacto.


Edwards, Clarence P., 2965 Del Paso Blvd., No. Sacramento

Ekstrom, Carl P., 940 Blackwood St., No. Sacramento

Elliott, Harry L., 2711 Grove Ave., No. Sacto.

Ely, Albert E., 2215 36th St., Sacramento

Ennis, James E., 1420 12th St., Sacramento

Ensign, Kenneth J., 300 Forrest St., No. Sacramento

Ertle, Johnnie E., 515 Anthony Court, Alameda, Calif.

Ervin, Samuel J., Rt. 1, Box 49, Auburn, Calif.

Estey, Clyde, 1632 40th St., Sacramento

Eynon, Thos. J., 700 E. Grove St., No. Sacramento


Farrell, Walter R., Anchorage, Alaska

Feige, A. C., 1914 Del Paso Blvd., No. Sacramento

Ferrill, William W., Rt. 1, Box 295, Fair Oaks

Fishbeck, John F., 2608 O St., Sacramento

Fisher, Everett M., Rio Linda, Calif.

Ford, Chester A., 2231 L Street, Sacramento

Ford, Paul M., P. O. Box 334, Sacramento

Ford, Roy B., 2217 J Street, Sacramento

Francis, William L., 1300 Santa Ynez Way, Sacramento

Frazier, William L., 1764 So. Ave., Del Paso Hts.


Gallian, James H., P. O. Box 103, Eldridge, Calif.

Gandy, Alvin E., Rt. 6, Box 5266, Sacramento

Gedeon, Gordon, 1055 Encina Ave., No. Sacramento

Gentner, Joseph, 2101 X St., Sacramento

George, Wm. Roy, Rt. 1, Box 1185, Rio Linda

Gerlinger, George A., 1835 Castro Way, Sacramento

Gibbons, William, 2509 10th Ave., Sacramento

Gibson, Beverly C., Jr., P. M., 1301 11th Ave., Sacramento

Gibson, Beverly, Sr., 1825 El Monte Ave., No. Sacto.

Giles, Charles M., 217 32nd St., Sacramento

Gillette, George H., Rt. Box 2152, Del Paso Hts.

Gilmore, Charles L., P. M., 1144 7th Ave., Sacramento

Gilmore, Ray F., P. O. Box 5, Rio Linda, Calif.

Glenn, Dr. LaVerne P., 229 Fairfield Rd., No. Sacramento (15)

Gordon, Andrew M., 2110 U Street, Sacramento

Granoff, Harman, 508 San Miguel Way, Sacramento

Greenberg, Mannie, 521 K St., Sacramento

Gross, Ollie A., Rio Linda, Calif.

Gross, William G., Rio Linda

Grove, Millard, P., Rt. 1, Box 830, Del Paso Heights

Gunther, Ellis H., Rt. 1, Box 47, Folsom, Calif.


Hague, Robt. H., P. M., 521 Forrest St., No. Sacramento

Halstead, Carl E., 1032 Fremont Way, Sacramento

Hamilton, Elwin H., 3316 Grove St., No. Sacramento

Hammersley, Parker, 4639 Buckingham Way, Sacramento

Hampton, Robert, Rt. 1, Box 1021, Del Paso Hts.

Hanson, James C., 308 Oakmont Ave., No. Sacramento

Harrison, Ira D., 134 Pine St., Auburn, Calif.

Havens, Cecil R., 6615 8th Avenue, Los Angeles, Calif.

Hayen, Walter Everett, Rt. 7, Box 3944, Sacramento

Heidbreder, Gerald A., L. A. Co. Health Dept., 808 N. Spring St., Los Angeles, Calif.

Hendrix, James M., Rt. 7, Box 4950, Sacramento

Herring, William Reed, 1114 Norton Ave., Glendale

Hickman, Chas. P., 75 Maddux Ave., San Francisco

Hill, John B., Del Paso Hts., Calif.

Hitke, Harry J., 3144 14th St., No. Sacto.

Holden, John T. Jr., 1808 Del Paso Blvd., No. Sacramento

Holmes, Henry S., 1318 Cannon St., No. Sacramento

Horak, John H., Rio Linda

Hornberger, Jack J., Rt. 9, Box 1146, Sacramento

Hovey, Avery E., 1001 Las Palmas Ave., No. Sacto.

Howard, Harry H., 600 W. El Camino Ave., No. Sacto.

Hull, Frank B., Rio Linda, California


Jackson, Frederick E., 236 Cantalier St., No. Sacramento

Johns, Frank H., P. M., 1347 57th Street

Johnson, Carl E., Rio Linda

Johnson, Edward P., 518 Guerrero St., San Francisco

†Johnson, Gilbert C., A. B. C. D., Navy 717 F. P. O., San Francisco

Johnson, Meurl W., 3310 Del Paso Blvd., No. Sacto.

Johnson, Harmon A., 223 Santiago Ave., No. Sacramento

Johnson, William W., Rt. 1, Box 555, Rio Linda


Kabakov, Irvin, 2821 ˝ K St., Sacramento

Kay, William James, Rt. 9, Box 2250, Sacramento

Keeley, Charles, 2715 “G” St., Sacramento

Kent, Ray P., 451 N. Pine St., Garden Grove, Calif.

Kerth, William J., 300 Grove Ave., No. Sacramento

Kimbro, Reese D., 1709 Diggs Park Dr., Sacramento

Kline, Theodore S., 518 39th St., Sacramento

Knutson, Alex. J., 918 E. Grove St., No. Sacramento

Koger, James H., 3070 Crandall Ave., No. Sacramento

Kramer, Peter J., P. M., 2711 3rd Ave., Sacramento

Lambert, William J., 562 5th Ave., Sacramento

Langstaff, Edward, No. Sacto Hotel, No. Sacramento

Larkin, George C., 3350 Serra Way, Sacto.

Lawrence, Edward W., 825 Eleanore Ave., No. Sacto.

Lawson, Wilfred, 2657 7th Ave., Sacramento

Leman, Lloyd C., Rt. 3, Box 512, Sacramento

Lee, Edward, 3435 J St., Sacramento

Lee, John M., 700 Blackwood St., No. Sacramento

Lee, William H., 143 E. Bassetlaw Ave., No. Sacramento

Levea, Merrill D., 1720 So. Ave., Del Paso Heights

Levy, Morris, 3881 22nd St., Sacramento

Levy, Robert, 3881 22nd St., Sacramento

Lewis, Woodrow P., 1151 57th St., Sacto.

Light, William T., P. O. Box 535, Fresno, Calif.

Loewe, Louis, 1658 Los Robles Blvd., Sacramento

Lombard, S. S., 521 Southgate Rd., No. Sacramento

Louch, Harry V., 453 Santiago Ave., No. Sacto.

Love, Gilbert S., Rt. 5, Box 5362, Sacramento

Lozier, James C., 1412 57th St., Sacramento

Lund, Carl W., Rt. 1, Box 400, Del Paso Hts.


Mapes, R. O., 2430 Rio Linda Blvd., No. Sacramento

Mapel, Thomas G., Rt. 5, Box 6200, Sacramento

Martin, Charles L., 2756 Del Paso Blvd., No. Sacto.

Marks, Jacob, 1232 43rd St., Sacramento

Mathews, James A., 2520 5th Ave., Sacramento

†McAlister, John R., 1329 F St., Sacramento

McAuley, Wayne M., Rt. 1, Box 240, Del Paso Hts.

McFarlane, Chester A., Rt. 2, Box 2370, Del Paso Hts.

McFarlane, Thomas E., 214 Cantalier St., No. Sacto.

McGee, Ray, Rt. 1, Box 345, Del Paso Hts.

McGee, Wayman E., 2733 7th St., No. Sacramento

McQuaid, Wm. M., P. M., 617 Blackwood St., No. Sacramento

McVey, Henry, Rio Linda

Mellinger, Ephraim K., 2623 Rio Linda Blvd., No. Sacramento

Meyers, Flynn, Rt. 7, Box 5616, Sacramento

Milligan, James B., 925 E. Grove St., No. Sacramento

Miller, Arvin, Rt. 7, Box 1163, Sacramento

Miller, Ronald E., 512 Southgate Rd., No. Sacramento

Missall, J. L., 1325 Lackbrae Rd., No. Sacramento

Model, Albert, 1428 7th St., Sacramento

Monroe, John D., Rt. 2, Box 2376, Del Paso Hts.

Monson, Monrad J., Rio Linda

Mower, Richard S., P. O. Box 1230, Prescott, Ariz.

Murchison, Donald L., Rt. 2, Box 1388, Del Paso Hts.

Myers, Leland L., 1125 47th Street, Sacto.

Myers, Robert L., 304 Santiago Ave., No. Sacramento


Nabhan, Chas., P. O. Box 1855, Sacramento

Nabhan, Ned A., Rio Vista

Neeley, George W., P. M., 205 Dixie Anne Ave., No. Sacramento

Nickless, James, 747 North 16th St., Sacramento

Norbryhn, Paul M., P. M., Rio Linda

Norris, Aubrey H., 3960 D St., Sacramento

Nosler, John F., 617 36th St., Sacramento

Nunn, Garnet A., Grants Pass, Ore.


Ogaard, Louis, 1127 Ward St., Berkeley

Orr, Elwood A., 1427 34th Street, Sacramento

Oswalt, Cecil M., 4001 E. Main St., Stockton, Calif.


†Packwood, Ray, Lt. Col., 2935 Regina Way, Sacramento

Pascoe, Thornley H., 1212 Sonoma Ave., No. Sacramento

Paul, Sam, 1430 Arcade Blvd., Sacto.

Pauli, Wm., P. M., 3169 Marysville Rd., No. Sacramento

Payne, Frank R., Rio Linda, Calif.

Peck, Raymond W., Rt. 9, Box 3546, Sacramento

Peck, W. E., P. M., 5064 8th Ave., Sacramento

Pedrick, Wilbur H., 4881 8th Ave., Sacramento

Perkins, James W., 8311 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, Calif.

Peters, Ralph S., 819 W. El Camino Ave., No. Sacramento

Peterson, George W., 863 Butler Ave., Santa Rosa

Peterson, John R., P. O. Box 42, Rio Linda, Calif.

Pickens, Daniel W., Rt. 2, Box 2289, Del Paso Hts.

Pimentel, Wm. H., Rt. 1, Box 308, Fair Oaks, Calif.

Porter, Wm., 500 Blackwood St., No. Sacramento

Porter, Wm. H., 500 Blackwood St., No. Sacramento

Pretz, Edwin H., Rt. 1, Box 1200, Rio Linda, Calif.

Pringle, Porter H., Kimberly, Idaho

Price, Fred W., 700 Santiago Ave., No. Sacramento

Pugh, Lewis A., 2109 Juliesse Ave., No. Sacto.


Rae, Russell S., 1930 Juliesse St., North Sacramento

Ragsdale, Clarence F., 1817 Discovery Way, Sacramento

Randall, Arthur F., 3267 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento

Rease, Edson O., 1524 El Monte Ave., No. Sacramento

†Reedy, Ray J., Capt., DeWitt Gen. Hosp., Auburn

Redler, Harry, 508 K St., Sacramento

Remme, Stanley A., 3903 17th Avenue, Sacramento

Renner, Charles W., 530 Garden St., No. Sacramento

Richmond, Wayne, 2544 B. Kit Carson St., Sacto.

Ronning, Hans H., 2934 Del Paso Blvd., No. Sacramento

Roork, Alfred H., 458 Jersey St., San Francisco

Rose, William O., 2830 I Street, Sacramento

Roth, Fred J., 616 E. Grove Ave., No. Sacramento

Roth, Arthur, 809 Blackwood St., No. Sacramento

Rowe, Frank S., 1604 El Monte Ave., No. Sacto.

Rouvier, Emil J. M., 5228 G Street, Sacramento

Russell, Milton F., 1104 Frienza, No. Sacramento


Sackett, Robt. I., P. M., Rt. 9, Box 935, Sacramento

†Schindler, Chas. M., 4519 11th Ave., Sacramento

Schlasman, Alfred G., 661 Alcatraz Ave., Oakland

Schlegel, Joseph, 3161 Marysville Rd., Sacramento

Schubbe, John S., 805 Blackwood St., No. Sacramento

Schutt, E. I., 1648 Grand Ave., Del Paso Hts.

Shoemaker, Elvin A., P. M., 2414 C St., Sacramento

Siefer, Donald P., 115 Orange Ave., No. Sacramento

Simmerman, Clarence D., Rt. 1, Box 818, Rio Linda

Smith, Frank T., Rt. 1, Box 228, Del Paso Hts.

Smith, Harold C., P. O. Box 94, Merced

Smith, Marion A., 107 Tinker Way, Del Paso Hts.

Smith, Ray M., 2125 Juliesse St.,  No. Sacramento

Smpardos, John F., 4704 Parker Ave., Sacramento

Soderman, Gordon, 129 B St., Roseville

Sorrells, J. L., 3640 44th St., Sacramento

Staats, C. V. Ted, 2141 36th St. Sacto.

Stark, Ralph W., 47 E. 7th Ave., Eugene, Ore.

Steele, Percy B., 2224 Ralston Rd., No. Sacto.

Steinkamp, Fred J., 625 Southgate Rd., No. Sacramento

Stenberg, Peter A., P. M., Rio Linda

Stevenson, Matthew T., 3151 Ben Ali Ave., Sacto.

Stidum, John C., 1612 P St., Sacramento

Strickland, Jerry H., Rt. 2, Box 152, Del Paso Hts.

Sweet, Arthur W., 115 Grove Ave., No. Sacramento

Swift, Thomas L., 663 54th St., Sacramento


Thiessen, John K., P. O. Box 4, Reedley, Calif.

Thomas, Elmer C., 116 Olive St., No. Sacramento

Thompson, Arthur H., 521 Cambridge, No. Sacramento

Tredennick, Jas. H., Lt., 2850 Wright St., No. Sacto.

Triphon, Geo. J., 2324 Del Paso Blvd., No. Sacramento

Triphon, Ted J., P. O. Box 89, Sacramento

Trussler, John R., P. M., Rt. 4, Box 540, Sacramento

Tucker, Marion W., Rt. 1, Box 1016, Del Paso Hts.

Turcotte, Joseph E., 1845 Castro Way, Sacto.

Turk, Edw. O., 3820 Stockton Blvd., Sacramento

Tvede, Harold O., 585 36th Street, Sacramento


Van Tuyl, Donald M., 816 W. El Camino Ave., North Sacramento

Vogelsang, Stanley, Rt. 1, Box 2335, Del Paso Hts.

Vreeland, Garrett D., 2547 12th St., No. Sacramento

Vrilakas, Mark, 1837 Commercial Way, Sacto.


Wackford, Wm. H., 2985 Del Paso Blvd., No. Sacto.

Wallace, M. Harry, 218 Dixie Anne, No. Sacto.

Walls, Chas., 3300 I St., Sacramento

Wannamaker, Joy F., Rt. 2, Box 1720, Roseville, Calif.

Webb, Frank S., Rt. 7, Box 3911, Sacramento

Wells, Lee A., 624 Southgate Rd., No. Sacramento

Wheelis, Samuel R., Rt. 1, Box 449, Del Paso Hts.

White, Norman H., 728 E. Grove St., No. Sacto.

Wilhoite, Joe, 2701 N. Margaret St., Tucson, Ariz.

Wilson, A. G., Del Paso Hts.

Wilson, David, Rt. 1, Box 266, Roseville

†Wilson, John Neil, Rt. 1, Box 266, Roseville

Winter, Pascal S., 3531 No. 19th St., No. Sacramento

Winters, Robert W., Rt. 1, Box 1175, Rio Linda

Wise, Robert P., 600 Forrest St., No. Sacramento

Wood, Harvey L., 1301 El Monte Ave., No. Sacramento


Young, Irving W., 5141 8th Ave., Sacto.

Young, Samuel P., 450 Barrett St., No. Sacramento












June 16, 1945



August 9, 1945












Transcribed by: Jeanne Sturgis Taylor. 

© 2010 Jeanne Sturgis Taylor. 





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