Sacramento Masonic Lodges

Of The

21st & 22nd Districts

Sacramento, Folsom, & Cortland










Sacramento Master & Wardens Association

Warren E. Munford, President

Hal P. Downing, Vice President

Marion E. Nason, Secretary





Masonic Board of Relief and Employment Service

Otto Rohwer, President

Chauncey C. La Rue, Vice-President

Earle A. Trimmer, Secretary


Masonic Temple, Phone 3-2762

Residence: 624 35th St., Dial 6-1607




The Board is composed of the Masters and Wardens of the Lodges holding concurrent jurisdiction in Sacramento, which contribute but draw nothing from the Board, sojourning Master Masons, their widows and orphans alone being recipients.


The Board meets at Masonic Temple Monthly.


Members are requested to refer all applications for assistance to the Secretary or some member of the Board.


The employment service is available of all Masons and their families.


Masonic District No. 21

Miles J. McClelland, P. M., Inspector

Optometrist, 1011 11th St., Dial 2-7310

Residence: 4433 I Street, Dial 5-8338


Washington Lodge, No. 20

Natoma Lodge, No. 64, Folsom

Concord Lodge, No. 117

Capital City Lodge, No. 499

Three Pillars Lodge, No. 613


Masonic District No. 22

Leighton D. Armstrong, Inspector

Pac. Tel. & Tel. Co., Dial 3-0619

Residence: 2640 Castro Way, Phone 5-6397


Tehama Lodge, No. 3

Sacramento Lodge, No. 40

Union Lodge, No. 58

Franklin Lodge, No. 143, Courtland

Warren G. Harding Lodge, No. 579

Provident Lodge, No. 609

Masonic Temple Association

Incorporated Under the Laws of California

Capital Stock, $500,000.00


Norman C. Gregory, P. M., President

Mark S. Edson, P. M., Vice-President

F. A. Roblin, P. M., Secretary

Business: Sacramento High School

Residence: 945 36th St.

John Robinson, P. M., Treasurer

Jess. A. Riley, Custodian

Office Phone 3-5058



John Robinson, P M.

Evan J. Hughes, P. M.

Wayne M. Tilden, P. M.

Darrell R. Purcell, P. M.

F. A. Roblin, P. M.

Charles L. Pratt, P. M.

James R. Garlick,

N. C. Gregory, P. M.

Mark S. Edson



Regular meetings second Monday in each month, Masonic Temple.


Masonic Cemetery Association


A. B. Oldfield, P. M., First Vice-President

W. Henry Gilbert, P. M., Second Vice-President

Carl Maughmer, President


Drury Butler, P. M., Secretary-Treasurer

Fred W. Arnold, Superintendent-Sexton


Office of Cemetery, Phone 3-8806

Residence: 2219 D St., Phone 3-1231

Regular meetings last Wednesday of each month, 8:00 P. M., Masonic Temple.




Sacramento Valley Past Masters Association



Crawford J. Porterfield, Sacramento, Senior Warden

Dr. A. Sheldon Raney, Sacramento, Junior Warden

J. Neuerburg, Roseville, Master


Chas. G. Johnson, Sacramento, Treasurer

I. P. Bascom Rt. 5 Bx 7515 Sacto. Sec’y






Tehama Lodge, No. 3

Free and Accepted Masons


Organized January 8, 1850

Stated Meeting, First Monday


574 Members



Otto Rohwer, Master

1045 35th St., Dial 6-6706

Capital National Bank Bldg., Dial 2-8901


Hamilton L. Hintz, Senior Warden

Albert O’Malley, Junior Warden

Frederick A. Roblin, P. M., Treasurer

E. Emmett Ramey, Chaplain

Kenneth L. Malcolm, Senior Deacon

Gerald C. McKinley, Junior Deacon

Alfred C. Story, P. M., Marshal

William E. Templeman, Jr., Senior Steward

Myron V. Depew, Junior Steward

Andrew Sorensen, P. M., Tiler

Charles C. Reeves, P. M., Officers Coach

Jeff A. Iliff, Chief Coach



George H. Olmstead, P. M., Secretary

Residence 2049 35th Street, 5-2851

611 J Street, 2-6288


Finance Committee

Roy A. Fisher, Chairman

Darrell Hodge

George J. Sprague


History Committee

Millard W. Young, Chairman

Ralph H. Shaw

C. LeRoy Rudine


Trust Funds Committee

C. LeRoy Rudine, Chairman

Millard W. Young

Hamilton L. Hintz

Visiting Committee

Orrin M. Sitton, Chairman



Service Men’s Committee

Horace M. Witbeck, Chairman



Refreshment Committee

Walter Grosser, Chairman



Delinquent Membership Committee

Frank P. Flint, Chairman

Lodge Tidings

George H. Olmstead, Editor

Hamilton Hintz and Myron V. Depew, Associate Editors.


Delegates to Masonic Temple Ass’n.

Frederick A. Robin, Charles L. Pratt, Edward Adams, James Calvert, Andrew Sorensen, L. Clay Porter, Arthur D. Savage, George H. Haddy, C. L. Rudine, George A. Ambrose, Alfred C. Story, Otto Rohwer, Lawrence A. Mini, Albert O’Malley and Orland E. Buckins.


Delegates to Masonic Lawn Association

Peter L. Olson

W. E. Truesdale, P. M.

Albert O’Malley











Past Masters


*1849–Caleb Fenner

*1850–John A. Tutt

*1851–Thomas A. Thomas

*1852–Addison Martin

*1853–William Shoemaker

*1854-John A. Wadsworth

*1855-John T. Morse

*1856-Aulton T. Nelson

*1857-Aulton T. Nelson

*1858-Aulton T. Nelson

*1859-James H. Culver

*1860-Aulton T. Nelson

*1861-Aulton T. Nelson

*1862-Osgood C. Wheeler

*1863-Edwin T. Taylor

*1864-Aulton T. Nelson

*1865-John Liness

*1866-Robert Collar

*1867-Robert Collar

*1868-Isaac Davis

*1869-Isaac Davis

*1870-George N. Parker

*1871-Joseph R. Webster

*1872-Joseph R. Webster

*1873-William W. Sim

*1874-Robert W. Murphy

*1875-William B. Davis

*1876-William B. Davis

*1877-William B. Davis

*1878-William B. Davis

*1879-William B. Davis

*1880-William B. Davis

*1881-Perrin Stanton

*1882-Robert O. Cravens

*1883-Frederick C. Stober

*1884-Frederick C. Stober

*1885-Peter Durno

*1886-Peter Durno

*1887-Carrol M. Davis

*1888-Clarence N. Nelson

*1889-Clarence N. Nelson

*1890-Clarence N. Nelson

*1891-Clarence N. Nelson

*1892-William H. Davis

*1893-William H. Davis

*1894-Abram J. Vermilya

*1895-Frank L. Thirkield

*1896-Wm. E. J. Baughman

*1897-Wm. E. J. Baughman

*1898-James E. Thompson

*1899-John W. Geeslin

*1900-William O. Girardey

*1901-Charles T. Barton

*1902-Theodore J. Milliken

*1903-Phillip S. Driver

  1904-Frederick A. Roblin

*1905-Richard J. Carpenter

*1906-Egbert A. Brown

*1907-John W. Warren

*1908-Louis D. Ehret

*1909-Louis Geiger

*1910-John McIndeor

*1911-Halleck H. Look

  1912-Henry A. W. Lindgren

  1913-Louis R. Plate



  1914-Henry H. McClain

*1915-Donald McClain

  1916-Albert Greilich

  1917-Edwin D. Carpenter

  1918-John A. Brown

  1919-Robert B. McNairn

  1920-Lester G. Brownell

*1921-Verne A. McGeorge

  1922-Carl E. Miller

  1923-Frank P. Bruner, Jr.

  1924-Wm. E. Truesdale

  1925-George H. Olmsted

  1926-Charles A. Schwartz

  1927-Joseph T. Stacy

  1928-Clarence M. Dorman

  1929-William E. Templeman

  1930-Paul Ehorn

*1931-Edward H. Crussell

  1932-Charles L. Pratt

  1933-Edward Adams

  1934-James Calvert

  1935-Andrew Sorensen

  1936-Frederick E. Holmes

  1937-Carl E. Yeargain

  1938-Clarence G. Briggs

  1939-L. Clay Porter

  1940-Charles C. Reeves

  1941-Arthur D. Savage

  1942-George H. Haddy

  1943-V. Burkett Lansberry

  1944-George A. Ambrose

  1945-Alfred C. Story



Affiliated Past Masters

1900-George A. McPherson, Wadsworth Lodge 25, Nevada. Raised April 11, 1896.




Master Masons


Abbott, John Davis, P. O. Box 818, Madera

Adams, Edward, P. M., 1001 4th Avenue

Allen, George Elihu, 1222 43rd Street

Allison, Edwin Banks, 1100 56th Street

Ambrose, George Ashley, P. M., 1065 Santa Ynez Way

Amick, Lester Everett, 1520 36th Street

Amick, Otto Ellis, Courtland

Anderson, Alf Clarence, 2740 11th Avenue

Anderson, Edwin Martin, 2181 Portola Way

Anderson, Lyle Vernon, 1712 South Ave., Del Paso Hts.

Anderson, Norman Christian, 3008 F Street

Antrim, Albert Wayland, 562 38th Street

Applegate, Carl Edward, 1524 40th Street

Applegate, Lloyd Harrison, 1515 38th Street

Applegate, William Andrew, 1622 F Street

Archimede, Joseph, 2217 Del Paso Blvd.

Arenz, Martin Philip, 719 F Street

Arnold, John Henry, 2171 2nd Avenue

Artig, Frederick Earl, 723 No. Lima, Burbank

Aulick, Carl Holbrook, 700 Santa Ynez Way



Baader, August John, 1741 4th Avenue

Bach, Paul Prytz, 4900 7th Avenue

Baker, George Whitcomb, 410 45th Street

Baker, Irving Carol, 648 37th Street

Baker, William Griswold, 2957 Del Paso Blvd., No. Sacto.

Baldocchi, Edward Martin, 1700 Berkeley Way

Bartle, Clarence Simeon, 1949 5th Avenue

Bartle, John Gregory, 31 Schrader St., San Francisco

Bartle, Leonard Alfred, 1972 3rd Avenue

Batchelder, Leo Jean, 2967 17th Street

Bates, Leonard Ashley, 1414 17th St., Bakersfield

Bates, Walter Egbert, P. O. Box 232, Elk Grove

Bath, Nicholas Haven, 2171 2nd Avenue

Baughman, William Edgar

Beard, Clarence William, 1722 V Street

Beauchamp, Harry Herschel, 2515 Capitol Avenue

Beavis, Robert Arthur Henry, 2145 Shielah Way

Becker, Hugh William, 1700 11th Avenue

Bennett, Clinton Fowler, 314 56th St., Des Moines, Ia.

Benson, Harry Elmer, 910 Oaks Blvd., San Leandro

Bentley, Robert Alvin, Rt. 1, Box 1037, West Sacto.

Berkley, Benjamin Franklin, 921 El Dorado Way

Berry, Robert Henry, 3600 Lincoln Avenue

Bettelheim, Robert Milton, 337 Main St., Watsonville

Biddle, Leslie George, 3450 37th Street

Birch, George Harold, 1616 11th Avenue

Birt, William Randolph, 147 Arbor Drive, Oakland

Black, John Alexander, 414 15th Street

Blackwell, Earl Bickley, 1831 4th Avenue

Blake, Irva James, Jr., 1855 No. Eldridge St., No. Sacto.

Blandin, Howard Clair, 2536 2nd Avenue

Blote, Martin Henry, 817 45th Street

Bolton, Max J., Box 367, Jackson

Booth, Lloyd Mason, P. O. Box 241, Susanville

Bowman, Merle Homer, 820 54th Street

Boyce, Edward Jonathan, 1528 Vermont St., San Fran.

Braden, Wayne C., Susanville

Bradley, Charles Edmund, 942 41st Street

Brashear, Louis Malcolm, Jr., 2673 16th Street

Bray, Walter Kent, Route 2, Box 1090

Bray, Tolbert Thos., 151 11th Ave., Seattle, Wash.

Brenton, James Edward, 2705 13th Street

Briggs, Clarence Gideon, P. M., 1535 Jackson St., Red Bluff

Brooks, Roy Jess, 768 12th Ave., San Francisco

Broughton, Alfred Philip, 511 28th Street

Brown, John Alexander, P. M., 2816 K Street

Brown, Theodore Edward, 901 36th Street

Brown, Thomas, Hotel Manx, San Francisco

Brown, William, 2014 30th Street

Brown, Wilson Johns, 1329 43rd Street

Brownell, Lester G., P. M., 1423 41st Street

Brownell, Lester G., Jr., 1423 41st Street

Brubeck, Leslie Raymond, 2731 17th Street

Bruner, Frank Pierce, Jr., P. M., 2770 19th Street

Bruner, Morrison Averill, 49 Loma Vista Drive, Orinda

Bruner, Warren Van Luven, 2770 19th Street

Buck, Russell Wm., 140 Fernley Ave., No. Sacramento

Buckius, Orland Edwin, 2318 C Street

Burden, James Henry, 662 39th Street

Burns, Charles Victor, 907 18th Street

Burt, John Ivey, 909 45th Street

Butler, Alyn Winfield, U. S. Army

Bynon, Wesley Eugene, 1101 Vallejo Way



Calvert, George William, 3100 24th Street

Calvert, James, P. M., 3854 McKinley Blvd.

Campbell, George Earl, 2012 F Street

Campbell, Reginald Buck, 2548 7th Avenue

Carpenter, Edwin Delos, P. M., 2701 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco

Carr, Howard Arthur, 412 Elefa St., Roseville

Carson, Corwin Clement, 3235 2nd Avenue

Carter, Harold Putnam, P. O. Box 256, Capitola

Carter, Lt. James William, P. O. Box 96, McClellan Field

Caufield, Jacob Silas, 241 Page St., San Francisco

Cave, Richard Johnson, 3014 32nd Street

Chappell, Bertram George, 1615 22nd Street

Chappell, Ernest Raymond, 1232 35th Street

Chase, James Forrest, 3864 3rd Avenue

Cheshire, Louis Leonard, 1005 ˝ E Street

Chisholm, Walter Nelson, 2629 Riverside Blvd.

Christian, Fred Strehle, 917 McClatchy Way

Church, Clarence Edward, U. S. Army

Clark, Edward Daniel, Box 44, Repressa

Clarke, Arthur Almon, 1206 56th Street

Clarke, Thomas Percy, 190 Sea Cliff Ave., San Fran.

Cleveland, Forrest Randall, 3939 3rd Avenue

Cluff, George Franklin, Jr., 2316 N. Street

Cochrane, Kenneth Herschel, 9823 Plymouth St., Oak’d

Coe, George Robt., Trinity University, San Antonio, Tex.

Coe, George Wilson, 2620 Marshall Way

Coffee, Glenn Field, 3452 3rd Avenue

Collins, Ray Bidwell, 1799 Correa Way, West Los Angeles

Cook, Edward Irvin, 2676 6th Avenue

Cook, Floyd Ono, 703 8th Street

Coon, Harry Lynn, 2710 3rd Avenue

Cooper, Alton Leroy, Route 1, Box 2980

Cooper, Clinton Preston, 2979 Govan Way

Cooper, Owen Charles, 5360 15th Avenue

Covington, William Buell, 2660 36th Street

Crawford, Paul Earl, R. F. D. 5, Box 6729

Crussell, Ernest Edward, 12825 Rainier Ave., Seattle, Wash.

Culbard, John Frederick, 2417 T Street

Cunningham, Cheshley Hubert, 1912 15th Street

Curson, David Henry, 450 Coloma Way



Dana, Leslie Vaughn, 2233 No. 9th Ave., Phoenix, Ariz.

Dart, Earl Anderson, 2788 Land Park Drive

Davidson, George Edwin, 3515 College Ave.

Davies, Evans Ellis, 2763 Riverside Blvd.

Davis, Arthur Leroy, 1170 Perkins Way

Davis, Byron Bacchi, 2464 Portola Way

Davis, Charles Harold, 382 Santa Ynez Way

Davis, Clifton, Box 103, Alamo, Calif.

Davis, Earl Paul, Rt. 2, Box 3695

DeBerry, Marshall Henry, 5208 22nd Avenue

DeCoe, Darold Dean, 2512 H Street

Delevan, Darwin Dock, 6352 5th Avenue

Depew, Myron Vernon, 1797 3rd Avenue

Derman, George Walter, 1430 Rutan Way, Pasadena

DeWitt, Frank Elmer, P. O. Box 371, Lincoln

DeWitt, William Winfield, 713 H Street

Dodson, Fred Henderson, 2404 26th Street

Dodson, James Hulin, 320 Caliente St., Reno

Dorman, Clarence Morse, P. M., 2131 10th Avenue

Dorman, George Henry, 2830 Echo Way, No. Sacto.

Dorman, George Martin, 1041 43rd Street

Douglas, Philip Thelwell, 516 23rd Street

Driver, John Arrendall, Box 149, Honolulu, T. H., c/o C. P. C.

Driver, Robert Sample, 2019 21st Street

Duesbury, Aubrey Launcelot, 2422 Byron St., Berkeley

Duhain, Charles Edward, 2622 U Street

Dutton, George Lee, 2612 P Street



Ede, Clarence Leslie, 1733 50th Street

Ehorn, Edward Samuel, 3506 Folsom Blvd.

Ehorn, Paul, P. M., 3841 McKinley Blvd.

Ehret, Louis David, Jr., 2728 Montgomery Blvd.

Eigbrett, Paul Irwin, 2916 P Street

Eisert, Arthur Henry, U. S. Army

Eklund, Rudolph Erick, 2728 14th Street

Ellis, Elbert Elkin, 1105A 65th Ave., Oakland

Emigh, Colby Smith, 2406 H Street

Endicott, George Washington, 1908 46th Street

Engel, William Frederick, 615 34th Street

Engstrom, Carl Oscar, 604 Calif. State Life Bldg.

Ertell, Charles, 88 6th St., San Francisco

Evans, Victor Warren, 901 51st Street



Fabris, Victor Vincent, Elks Club

Fann, Frank Rees, 913 18th Street

Farrelle, Vitold Charles, 2620 P Street

Federspeil, Edwin Andrew, Rt. 1, Box 162, Calistoga

Fehr, Edwin William, 3408 Richmond Blvd., Oakland

Feinberg, Samuel, 2414 C Street

Fellabaum, George Virgil, 824 38th Street

Ferguson, Daniel Frank, 2736 10th Avenue

Ferguson, Franklin Lester, 2863 11th St., No. Sacto.

Finch, Dan Milton, 1071 Euclid Ave., Berkeley

Fishback, William Murphy, 2811 D Street

Fisher, Boyd Otis, U. S. Forest Service, Susanville

Fisher, Henry, 2155 4th Avenue

Fisher, Roy Alvin, 1151 Fremont Way

Fithian, Raymond George, 4033 W. Nichols Avenue

Fleischman, Sam, 1137 42nd Street

Fleischer, Frederick, 2823 Riverside Blvd.

Flint, Frank Pettibone, 1047 35th Street

Flint, Ray Alonzo, 2810 H Street

Forsch, Richard, 3140 14th St., North Sacramento

Foster, Frederick Charles, Rt. 2, Box 2239, Del Paso Ht.

Fraker, William Ashman, 1245 Lucerne Ave., Los Angeles

Fritz, George Alfred, 817 25th Street

Frye, Walter Bradford, 2752 5th Avenue

Fulgham, Burt, 133 Stanford St., Santa Rosa

Geiger, John Henry, 2930 Capitol Avenue

Geiss, Philip Edward, Jr., 2772 13th Street

Gerardy, Floyd LeRoy, 717 El Camino Ave., N. Sacto.

Gerardy, Ivan Glen, 1120 Arcade Blvd., N. Sacto.

Gerdes, Fred Paul, 1361 Vallejo Way

Gerdes, John Ferdinand, 2684 Land Park Drive

Giberson, Ernest Flemming, Rt. 2, Box 275, Brentwood

Gidlund, Albin Carl, Jr., 1314 Tuolumne St., Vallejo

Gillies, William Peter, 1441 Alhambra Blvd.

Grandstaff, Hugh Marvin, 2694 14th Street

Grass, Frederick Alfred, 97 No. 11th St., San Jose

Graves, Rayburn Francis, 160 San Antonio Way

Gray, George Sherlock, 2621 Sloat Way

Gray, Howard Wheelock, 1817 2nd Avenue

Greilich, Albert, P. M., 1648 7th Avenue

Grimes, Leslie Ernest, 4223 J Street

Grosser, Walter, 1040 Sutter Way

Grubbs, Denton Wallace, 3208 Broadway

Gunn, Charles Gerald, 204 Pleasant St., Roseville


Haddy, George Herbert, P. M., 649 Santa Ynez Way

Hall, Arden Francis, 1611 16th Street

Hansen, Herman Heinrich, 1012 24th Street

Hansen, Jack Donald, 5031 San Francisco Blvd.

Harder, Theodore LeMond, R. D. 5, Box 8125

Hardy, Charles Ernest, 888 55th Street

Harger, Lester Davidson, U. S. Army

Harlan, George Lewis, 1411 46th Street

Harvie, Harold Barr, 2215 Oregon St., Berkeley

Haskell, Guy Albert, 1059 Encina Ave., No. Sacto.

Hawthorne, Thomas Gordon, U. S. Army

Hay, Adelbert T., Jr., Sacramento College

Hayden, John Burt, 912 45th Street

Hayden, John Wilton, 912 45th Street

Hayes, William Leete, 3034 9th Ave.

Hecker, Harry Alvin, 1770 9th Ave.

Heglund, Henry Wallace, 5316 K Street

Heilbron, Irving Louis, 1895 Jackson St., San Francisco

Herrod, Charles William, 4073 Telegraph Ave., Oakland

Hiatt, Hiatt Tisdale, 119 State Bldg., S. F.

Higgs, Leslie Bertram, 2501 7th Avenue

Hill, Carl Fred, 437 West 7th St., Los Angeles

Hill, Robert Ernest, (U. S. Army), 3218 3rd Avenue

Hines, Walter William, 2522 V Street

Hintz, Hamilton Lowe, 2548 Marshall Way

Hite, Clifton Stimmel, Rio Oso

Hodge, Darrell, 1433 42nd Street

Holmes, Frederick Edward, P. M., 721 11th Street

Hov, Jens Nikolai, 4530 Country Road, Richmond


Lacey, Stanley Abrams, 4010 McKinley Blvd.

La Due, Cary Noel, 1712 41st Street

Lansberry, Vyvan Burkett, P. M., Lincoln

Lauer, Howard Walter, 2810 Castro Way

Lauppe, Frank Edward, 1323 K Street

Lea, Charles, 2926 36th Street

Leedy, Harold Wieland

Leighton, Guy Porter, 1017 14th Street

Leonhardt, Alvin Dewey, 1064 Santa Ynez Way

Lepetich, Alexander L., 723 30th Street

Lewis, Elmer, 1157 No. Main St., Pocatello, Idaho

Lidgett, Walter, 1317 Pine St., Richmond

Lindgren, Henry August Wm., P. M., Box 987, Hilo, Hawaii

Liles, Fred Julius, 4108 Willow Street

Lindmeier, Richard Warner, Rt. 6, Box 1503, Sacramento

List, Bernard Reid, Jr., 1515 W Street

Livingston, Herbert Gwynn, 1925 10th Avenue

Long, Walter John, 4209 T Street

Lowell, Edwin Davis, 1209 17th Street

Lucey, Edward Cubitt, 2200 Portola Way

Luethy, Charles Leslie, 3017 W Street

Luethy, Frank George, 2708 No. 12th St., No. Sacto.


Mackley, Arthur Thomas

Macpherson, George A., P. M., 864 Santa Ynez Way

Madsen, Calef Arnold, 820 16th Street

Maher, David Robert, 8001 Hillside St., Oakland

Maisch, Edward August, 3133 E Street

Maisch, Ellis Lewis, Rt. 1, Box 1132, Elk Grove

Malcolm, Kenneth Laugenour, 3324 Cutter Way

Mann, Forrest De Vol, 1817 T Street

March, John Compton, 3141 16th Street

Margosan, Martin, 1519 F Street

Marks, Raymond Edward, 3197 Arlington Ave., Reno, Nevada

Mason, Charles Lovett, 1501 8th Avenue

Massey, Horace Andrew, Jr., Box 141, Fair Oaks

Masters, Lloyd Ellsworth, 2976 32nd Street

Matlock, Arnold Denver, 1548 35th Street

Matthew, Raymond, 1501 15th Street

Mayberry, Earl James, 1615 24th Street

McClain, Henry Harrison, P. M., Rt. 2, Box 127, Lodi

McClanahan, Chasten Nelson, 1385 Vallejo Way

McCollim, Jean Raymond, 1019 E Street

McCormick, Frank Eugene, 1304 Marion Drive, Glendale

McCormick, Vernon Berthold, 134 York St., Vallejo

McCumsey, William Harrison, 321 Pleasant St., Roseville


Parks, George Madison, 3417 J Street

Patterson, John William, 901 K Street

Paul, Henry Joseph, Rt. 2, Box 1815

Pearson, David Elwood, 761 Warner Street

Peaslee, John Herbert, 2810 E Street

Peekema, Fred, 1233 ˝ E Street

Pefley, Harry A., Rt. 5, Box 4968

Personius, Earl William, 28 Broadway, Placerville

Phaup, Thomas Lee, Hotel Fairmont, San Francisco

Phillips, Albert, 2924 26th Street

Phillips, Elton LeRoy, 211 Van Ness Ave., Santa Cruz

Phillips, William Henry, 616 35th Street

Piltz, Philip Delida, 135 E. Magnolia St., Stockton

Plate, Louis Reignhardt, P. M., 3004 O Street

Plato, Elken Joseph (U. S. Army), 4425 I Street

Polkinghorne, Samuel Garnet,  P. O. Box 253

Pomeroy, George Grove, 4810 8th Avenue

Porter, Frank Thornton, Rt. 7, Box 5042

Porter, Loyal Clay, P. M., 5200 Santa Barbara Avenue

Pospisil, Edwin Alfred, 1403 ˝ 28th Street

Potter, Richard Verrall, U. S. Army

Powell, Milton Robert, P. O. Box 815

Prather, William Hiram, 3915 Jefferson Avenue

Pratt, Charles Lott, P. M., 1425 Santa Ynez Way

Prentiss, Charles Frederic, Box 839

Prentiss, Harold Burt, Rt. 6, Box 3338

Pressey, Gardner Enoch, Auburn, Calif.

Prittie, Frank Halford, 3953 K Street

Proffitt, Stanley Rubin, 5325 Lawton Ave., Oakland

Prudhomme, Clifford, 2620 5th Avenue

Purcell, James, 3660 22nd Avenue

Purcell, Myron Alfred, Bijou, Calif.


Quiggle, Carl Franklin, Box 62, Marysville


Rablin, Wm. Merton, 523 ˝ 15th Street

Ramey, Elza Emmett, 527 6th Avenue

Randolph, Tipton Wilson, 1701 G Street

Ranlett, Clarence Hall, 1300 Swanston Drive

Reagan, Leroy Barkley, Rt. 5, Box 8115

Reber, Arthur William, 847 52nd Street

Reeves, Charles Colby, P. M., 1425 Robertson Way

Reichert, Robert Raymond, 2410 Capitol Way

Reinhardt, Gustave Adolphus, 820 O Street

Renwick, George Arthur, 2911 F Street

Reuter, Edward Robert, 3009 D Street

Rich, Henry Merritt, 1361 42nd Street

Richardson, Silas, 1420 29th Street

Richert, Michael John, 2625 E Street

Richmond, Ronald Everett, 4308 T Street

Riesenberg, John Fred., Box 1334

Ritter, George, 67 Cook St., San Francisco


Smith, Maurice Frederick, 3951 Sacramento Blvd.

Smith, William Vernon, Rt. 1, Box 2377, W. Sacto.

Smithson, William Oscar, 1431 46th Street

Sollenberger, Harry Ellsworth, 2225 23rd Street

Soost, Earl John, 1134 41st Street

Sorenson, Andrew, P. M., 1109 3rd Avenue

Sponamore, Walter Lee, 4316 E Street

Sprague, George James, 469 Pala Way

Stacy, Joseph Tony, P. M., Pine Grove, Calif.

Standring, Edwin Lewis, 1407 Teneight Way

Stansfield, William Leon, 1400 Santa Ynez Way

Stanton, Ward Miller, 1885 10th Avenue

Staring, Wilfren Warren, Jr., 3987 Georgia St., San Diego

Steffensen, Peter, Jr., 3913 Sherman Way

Steiner, Valentine Werner, 2823 Del Paso Blvd., North Sacramento

Stephens, Archel Rutherford, 1501 10th Ave., Apt. 8, San Francisco

Stephenson, John E., 445 Walnut St., Woodland

Stephenson, Roy F., R. D. 1, Box 232, Lathrop

Stevens, Vernon Wilson, 2130 H Street

Stewart, Leslie Rufus, 2731 14th Street

Stillwell, Wilbur Alston, 1116 47th Street

Story, Alfred Carroll, P. M., 564 38th Street

Stramler, James Harrell, 4308 San Benito Avenue

Studt, Ward Beecher, 1364 41st Street

Sturmer, Simon Charles, 1874 7th Avenue

Suhr, George William, 314 25th Street

Sundborg, Ronald Westman, 3124 T Street

Sweem, Everett Howard, 2787 13th Street

Sweem, Leo Frederick, 1156 3rd Avenue

Sweet, Thomas Mitchell, 2632 17th Street

Taffe, William Shaw, 2827 21st Street

Tellefson, Theodore Wayne, 3174 16th Street

Templeman, Kenneth Eugene, 800 43rd Street

Templeman, William Edward, P. M., 800 43rd Street

Templeman, William Edward, Jr., 2261 Pyramid Way, No. Sacramento

ten Bosch, Adrian, 2018 X Street

Ternocky, Frank, Tiffin, Ohio

Thomas, Raymond Joseph, 1117 34th Street

Tingley, Walter Reddington, 5351 J Street

Tompkins, Omer Jesse, Auburn

Tremaine, Fred Robert, 2614 E Street

Tremp, Joseph Leonard, Jr., Rt. 5, Box 7626

Trimble, Joseph Eugene, 411 45th Street

Troxel, Clarence Marion, 1900 21st Street

Troxell, George Melvin, 3363 Curran Ave., Oakland

Truesdale, William Elmer, P. M., 2116 H Street


Van Dyke, Richard Earl, 35 Willet St., Daly City










January 21, 1945



April 16, 1945



June 16, 1945



July 10, 1945



October 5, 1945



October 12, 1945



December 12, 1945





Transcribed by: Jeanne Sturgis Taylor. 

© 2010 Jeanne Sturgis Taylor. 





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