Educational System Change


Stockton Junior College became Stockton College in 1948, with the total student body at just under 2,000 and Dr. Leon Minear as president. The physical change was even more evident, with classes being moved to a 43-acre site just south of College of the Pacific.


The educational pattern also changed, as the Stockton School System restructured into six years of elementary instruction, four of junior high, and four combining the junior and senior years of high school with the freshman and sophomore years of college.


The physical separation of Stockton College and College of the Pacific was followed in 1951 by the resumption of lower division classes at Pacific.


In the next decade, the educational needs of the area became greater than the geographical focus of a Stockton College. Dr. Julio Bortolazzo took charge of the campus in 1952, when the college took on a different approach. It expanded its vocational programs and implemented the 6-4-4 plan.


Dr. Burke Bradley Jr. followed him as president after which San Joaquin Delta College became a successor to Stockton College. Legally separated from Stockton Unified School District in 1963, the college encompassed virtually all of San Joaquin County and portions of three other counties. Dr. Bradley remained as president/superintendent.




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