(Second Half of Book)







CHAPTER I - The News. Looking Forward. The Start.


CHAPTER II - Arrival at St. Catherina. American Pluck. The Four Brave Tourists.


CHAPTER III - A Gale. The Ocean Swell. Cape Horn. The Magellan Cloud. The Native Tradition.


CHAPTER IV - Arrival in Callao. The Relics of the Earthquake. The Frolic with the English Officers. Target Shooting. The Calm. Water Spouts. The Shark.


CHAPTER V - The Arrival in San Francisco. Gold Machines. Going to the Mines. The Bullwhacker. Arrival in Hangtown. The View from the Hill.


CHAPTER VI - Business in the Mines. The Various Mining Camps. Physicians in Camp. Dr. Rankin. Coloma. Process of Mining. The '49 Emigrants. Sauerkraut. Female Influence Illustrated.


CHAPTER VII - The Kanakas. The Dry Diggings Deserted. Admission of the State. Scarcity of Reading Matter. The Cost of Letter Postage. The Ingenious Bartender. Prices of Drinks. Celebrating the Fourth of July. Hard Characters.


CHAPTER VIII - Climatic Changes. Appearance of Familiar Herbs. Rats. The true Theory. Fall Emigration. The Johnson Cut Off. The Target. The First Young Lady. A Spartan Mother. The Boys Up a Tree.


CHAPTER IX - Sickness in the Mines. Earthquakes. The Steamboat Men. A Miners' Meeting. Lucky Bill. Kit Carson. The Financial Condition of the Mines. Australian Mike and His Tin Can. Portuguese Jo. The Divining-rod.


CHAPTER X - Where the Rich Placers were Found. Miners' Superstition. The Blue Clay Deposit. Gold Machines.


CHAPTER XI - The Indian War. A Change in the Social Conditions. The Desperado. The Sailors. The Mines Worked Out.


CHAPTER XII - Mining Speculators. The Lost Brother. Gambling. A Generous Gambler. An Important Discovery. Beginning of Fruit Culture and Wine Manufacture in California. The First Church Organization in the Mining Regions. "Old Nick" and His Animals. "Old Syd."


CHAPTER XIII - Emigration of '51. Churches Erected. Mines Deserted. The Chinese Miners. Hill, River and Quartz Mining. Nature Frowns. The Course of Events Change. Fruit Raising. Prospecting. On the Homestretch.


CHAPTER XIV - The Discovery of Silver in Nevada. The Stage Road. Hank Monk. Road Agents. The Parson. The Stool Pigeon. Spirits. The Boys Who Captured the Thief. A Young Dick Turpin. The Irishman and the Road Agent.


CHAPTER XV - Where are the Pioneers? The Overland Stage. Pony Express. The Sound of War. A Wet Winter. The Hotel on the Road. The Railroad.


CHAPTER XVI - The Forty-niner. Syd at the North Pole. The Homes of the Old-timers. The Remains of the Cabins of the Forty-niners. Panning out the Old Cabins.


CHAPTER XVII - Meeting of the Old Timers. The Buckeye Tunnel. The Best as It is. Bozer Who Got Skunked. The Hydraulic Miner. Mike's Explanation.


CHAPTER XVIII - Why are so Many of the Old-timers so Poor? The Uncertainty of Mining. Tex and Barton Lee. Tex and the Hound. Tex on Board the Steamer. Tex at Golgona.


CHAPTER XIX - Tennessee's Letter from Tex. The War in Chili Gulch. Sam Brown and the Chap with the Mild Blue Eyes. Sam Brown and the Policeman. Old Kentuck and Sleepy Ben.


CHAPTER XX - Yank Visits the Old Mining Camp. Yank Seated Upon the Boulder. The First Loaf of Bread. The Bean-pot Comet. How Julius Sailed up the River. Jeff's Plum Duff. The Stone Statue. The Old Miner Who was Robbed on Board the Steamer. The Coeur d'Alene Mines. Coasting.


CHAPTER XXI - Their Names Unknown. The Types of Men in the Mines. Pike Illustration of Missoui Character. Bob the Fiddler. The Power of Music Illustrated. John Kelley the Musician. Joe Bowers. Jeff Visits Pioneer Hall. Old Miners in San Francisco.


CHAPTER XXII -Pioneer Hall. Old Mike Explains. Something Wrong. The Business of Mining. Mike's Philosophy. Yank at the Bay. The Expressman and the Broom Pedler. Lucky Bill and the Gamblers. Sam Plunket the Arkansas Beauty.


CHAPTER XXIII - Bill Burnes Lynching the Colored Man. Dick Arnold. The Mining Regions. The Old-timers Disperse. The Phantoms of the Forty-niners. Forty Years have Passed. The Argonaut's Soliloquy. The Great Changes. The Flight of Time. The Number of Pioneers Now Living.


CHAPTER XXIV - "Good Morning, Williams." The Return. Great Changes.




Transcribed by: Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.

Proofread by Betty Vickroy.

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